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Rose POV

I blurt out the words, "I'm sorry," before I even think. My eyes meet Dimitri's for the first time in three days. My plane landed about twenty minutes ago and the ghost's effects, though I've learned to control them more over the years, still took a lot out of me. "I'm not looking for a fight." No. This is the only person on earth who can read me so clearly. I know he's searching for the truth in me; his gorgeous brown eyes taking in my every moment is only the first clue. I know him. I know his character. It's just the Dimitri thing to do.

He smiles before leaning down to kiss me. "I know you're not, Roza."

Thank Vlad.

I wrap my arms around him and bury my head in his chest. The last few days were absolute torture. First I get woken up in the middle of the night and called off to court with distinct orders not to tell anyone. Not only could that have been incredibly dangerous, but I had to leave behind a certain naked Russian and a warm, comfortable bed at two in the morning.

I am definitely not a morning person.

After a pretty rough flight that was full of visions of my past I got called in to the queen's chambers to be bitched at for no justified reason whatsoever. I made the mistake of visiting my mother, which though it was completely unorthodox since she was behind bars and she's still pretty mad, it was still the most time I've spent with her in years. To top it off I had to fix a few minor mistakes made in the name of the revolution. It wouldn't have been so bad if it didn't take so fucking long.

Don't even get me started on all the paperwork.

"I wouldn't have left like that if I didn't have to, Comrade," I respond softly as I let him go.

He pushes my hair out of my face, resting his hand on my cheek. "I wish you would tell me what's going on. You're an open book, Roza, except for this."

"I'm trying to protect you." Why can't he see that? "Please don't push this."

"I will never push you into anything, Rose." He looks at me lovingly. My heart starts racing. Is it weird this still happens after all these years? "Besides, I don't think anyone could ever push you into doing anything you don't want." A smirk forms on his face and I playfully punch his shoulder. "Next time do you think you could leave a note? Maybe make a phone call telling us you're not dead or worse?"

I don't want to lie to him. I don't think I could, anyway. So, I give him the best answer I can. "I'll see what I can do."

He smiles at me and I know I'm forgiven. Standing on my tip toes I crush my lips to his. "I don't deserve you, Comrade."

"Mmm," he mumbles. "Damn straight."

I laugh as we start walking aimlessly hand in hand. I might be exhausted, but I will always have time for things like this, even if it kills me. It's Saturday. I like Saturdays. Big temporal tipping points when anything's possible. The campus is also kind of deserted on Saturdays. Students are busy sleeping, playing video games in their rooms, eating, hanging out, sometimes even cramming for tests or getting into fights, so things are pretty calm until meal time. Unless you have kids like me sneaking off and breaking school rules. I've been known to break a few of them in my day, which reminds me- "Where's Vlad?"

His smile turns into a full out grin. "He's spending time with some new friends."

They grow up so fast. "Please tell me it isn't Jesse's son." I thought I'd taught him better than that.

Dimitri shakes his head. "Nope."

I try to raise my eyebrow, but like always, I fail. I don't even know why I try anymore. "Then who?"

"Melody Dragomir-Ozera."

"Are they like a thing now?" Oh my Vlad! I can't believe I missed this!

He nods his head. "It's official."

My little boy is growing up! "Does Lissa know?" She can't know. I would have felt it through the bond.

"No. Though I'm sure she'll find out today. Melody will probably tell her before the gossip spreads to court."

I still can't believe it! Lissa's daughter and my son! What if they end up getting married? Liss and I could plan everything! "Rose?"

I pull myself out of my head only to find the adorable amused look on Dimitri's face. "Yes?"

He laughs, pulling me closer to him in the process. "Let me guess, you're already planning their wedding?"


He laughs again and this time so do I. "You're a horrible liar, Roza."

"So I've been told." I grin at him and he rolls his eyes. Somehow we ended up in front of the guardian dorm, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Maybe I can take a nap after all.

Dimitri opens the door for me like the gentleman he is and we head towards the stairs. Both of our rooms are on the second floor but in opposite directions. "When Lissa finds out I'm sure you two can plan it together," he teases me as we climb our way to the second floor. I stick my tongue out at him and instantly feel better.

We end up going to Dimitri's room since it was closer. I instantly walk over to the double bed, kick off my shoes, and throw myself onto it. I wait for Dimitri to join me, but he doesn't. I glance over to the door to see him standing there having a mental debate. Why, I have no clue. "You don't know what you're missing, Comrade," I try to persuade. "This feels like heaven." He gives me a soft smile before walking over. He takes off his shoes, duster, and finally his shirt before joining me on the bed.

He pulls me into his arms and kisses me. "You're right, Roza," he says, his accent slightly heavier than normal. "This does feel like heaven."

I can't stop myself from grinning as I lean forward to whisper in his ear. "Forever and always."

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