The Angel of Equestria

Chapter 1

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"There's nowhere left for you to run, subject! Give up now!" A man in a suit called through a megaphone to another man that was cornered on a cliff.

"WHY, SO YOU CAN TAKE ME BACK TO YOUR FACILITY AND TURN ME INTO A GUINEA PIG FOR WAR EXPERIMENTS, FORGET IT, I WILL NOT BE A TOOL FOR KILLING!" Said the human on the cliff. He was standing at 5" 9', he had short black hair, brown eyes, was wearing a long black leather trench coat, a black short sleeved shirt, black jeans, and black shoes. What was different from him, was he had a pair of black wings on his back. He also had a five foot long red pole with yellow on the ends strapped to his back as well.

The man in the suit had an army surrounding the winged human. Soldiers all had guns trained on him, ready to fire if their prey tried anything. There were also helicopters hovering around with guns all trained on the cornered human. "There's nowhere left you can hide, give up now and make this easy for yourself!" the man in the suit called out through his megaphone. He had a smirk on his face as he felt victory for finally cornering his prey after years of trying to hunt him down.

"I'll never let you take me, I am NOT… a TOOL… for WAR!" The winged human emphasized greatly. He couldn't fly away with his wings or the helicopters would shoot him down, no matter what, he wasn't about to turn his fury on the humans that had him trapped either, he hated killing. He always tried to find another solution out without killing before he resorted to it. Right now, it seemed he had little choice. Then, an idea struck him, he was about to do something he had never tried before. He focused all his magic within him and built it up. He was going to try and teleport away from the scene. He took a stance with his knees bent and his arms at a ninety degree angle, he clenched his teeth and closed his eyes.

"What are you doing?!" The man with the megaphone asked. The other soldiers lowered their weapons in wonder as the winged human started to glow white. The glow got brighter and brighter until his entire body was encased in a white orb of light. Then, in a brilliant flash, he vanished. The man in the suit grew angry upon seeing his prey gone. "WHAT, WHERE DID HE GO?!" He called over to a scientist. "YOU, get over there and analyze the area, I want to know what happened!"

The scientist in a white lab coat grabbed a square metal box with a cylindrical object attached to it by a coiled cord. "Right away sir." The scientist replied. He ran over to where the winged human was and turned on his device and started scanning the area. The suited man paced back and forth angrily, keeping his eyes on the scientist. After a few moments, the scientist returned.

"Well, what did you find out?" The suited man asked.

The scientist was hesitant to give his answer. "Well, sir….um…..I…..couldn't find anything. There's no trace of anything there, it's like he was never here."

The suited man grew angrier at this answer. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT'S LIKE HE WASN'T EVEN THERE?!"

The scientist recoiled and tried to shield himself with his hands. "J-Just like I said sir, there's no trace of him anywhere, whatever he did, we have no way of knowing what he did or where he went…he's gone sir."

The suited man threw the megaphone to the ground in anger. "DAMMIT! WE ALMOST HAD HIM THIS TIME! Are you sure there is no way to track him?"

The scientist was again hesitant to respond. "I'm sorry sir, but he's gone, we have no way of tracking him."

The suited man then turned and slammed the door of his black van in anger. "SHIT!"

The winged human found himself falling through a tunnel of light colors, like a rainbow, they swirled around him as he sailed through. The colors soon coalesced into a white color and he found himself meeting a hard surface. He was so exhausted from his teleport that he couldn't move and was losing consciousness. The last thing he saw was a pair of gold shoes standing before him. His vision was blurry so it wasn't clear. Just like that, he was out.

Light met his eyes as he slowly opened them, it was so bright, it took him a moment for his eyes to adjust, he blinked a few times to try and help them along. He tried to move his hands to push himself up but found them bound by metal shackles to his wrists. "What the hell?" He said to himself. "Great, looks like I'm someone else's prisoner now." He said with annoyance. He pushed himself up and sat on his legs. He noticed his staff was missing as well. He observed his surroundings and found himself in a stone cell. Three walls of black stone surrounded him with a barred window in front of him where the light that woke him came from. He looked behind him and saw that in place of a fourth wall, was more bars and a cell door. He faced forward again and just sat there, waiting for whatever fate was in store for him.

Soon, he heard someone approach the cell, he didn't bother to turn around, he just kept his eyes on the window as the sound of what could be hoofs on stone approach. "Do the guards ride on horses in here, weird." He thought to himself.

When the sound stopped, a gruff voice sounded. "The prisoner is awake, alert the princesses." The guard on the horse then left.

"Princesses huh, great, I'm in some diarchy society, but why the princesses, why not the king or queen." He pushed those thoughts aside for now, as he figured he would get answers soon enough.

He didn't have to wait long, as the sound of hoofs on stone soon was heard again approaching his cell. This time, it sounded like there was four. The sound stopped in front of his cell and the sound of a cell door creaking open sounded. He didn't bother to turn around to meet the gaze of the princesses. An elegant, soft voice spoke up to him. "Can you speak creature?" the voice asked.

The human responded. "Creature huh, that's a new one, yes I can speak, I'm not an idiot." He spoke with a bit of annoyance in his voice.

One of the guards spoke out. "You will show the princess proper respect prisoner."

"Guard, that is enough. I will handle this." The elegant voice sounded. "What are you exaactly?"

"What do YOU think I am?" He asked sarcastically.

Another feminine voice spoke up, this one sounded younger than the first. "We are not sure what to make of you, that is why we asked you what you are."

"Lady, even I'm not sure what I am." He responded back.

"How can you not know what you are? That makes no sense." The younger voice responded back.

"Because you all consider me an outcast, something that isn't the same as you, DUH!" He said with a bit more annoyance.

The older voice spoke with more authority now. "Listen her, I am getting tired of this, you will tell me what you are, right now!"

The human finally decided to stand up. "Look, I don't know how much clearer I can-" He cut himself off after he turned and saw what was standing before him. First, there were two ponies with white coats wearing gold armor on their heads, hooves, and body, holding spears with their forelegs. Between them, two other ponies, but they were taller than the guards. One had a midnight blue coat with wings and a horn, its mane and tail moved about on their own and looked as if they were made out of the night sky itself as they sparkled with stardust. It wore a black crown on its head just above where its horn was, a black necklace with the picture of a crescent moon on it, and it had silver shoes on its hooves. It seemed to stand as tall as he was.

The other had wings and a horn as well. It had a pearl white coat, its mane and tail also seemed to move about on its own and was colored like a rainbow, but the colors were more subdued. It also wore a golden crown with a purple gem, a gold yolk with another purple gem at its center, and had on gold shoes on its hooves.

The human was stunned at what he was looking at, creatures that were supposed to be myth now stood before his very eyes. His jaw hung open as he gawked at the two alicorns before him. "I…..I…wh-what?" was all he said.

The younger one spoke. "Are you all right? You look ill."

"You…..your…alicorns." He finally said.

The midnight blue alicorn spoke again. "Yes, we already know what we are, the question we are trying to find out is what YOU are."

The human finally decided to answer the question he was presented with. "Um, human…..I'm a human….sort of."

The two alicorns looked at each other with confusion, they turned their attention back to the human, the older one asked with an eyebrow raised. "What do you mean…sort of?"

"Well…um." He was still in shock at seeing creatures that were supposed to be myth, but he was pretty much their prisoner, his magic was still gone after the teleport he attempted. "I could be considered human, but there are two things about me that make me not human."

The older alicorn asked. "And what would those be?"

To emphasise, he spread his black wings out and pointed to his left one with a thumb. "These, for one, humans don't have wings."

The other alicorn then asked. "And what is the other thing."

"I am capable of performing magic, it's because of those two things that I am labeled a monster in the eyes of other humans. So…..if I may ask, are you real, or am I dreaming this?"

The younger alicorn answered. "I can assure you that you are not dreaming, why would you think you are?"

"Well, because where I come from, creatures like you don't exist, your just myths, I'm sure you can understand my confusion earlier."

The older one gave a slight chuckle and a smile. "Hm, I think I understand, you thought we were of your own species, which is why you were sounding so confusing to us earlier. We have never seen a creature like you before either. Which brings up my next question, where are you from?"

"I'm guessing that, given the circumstances, I am no longer on my own planet, I come from a planet called earth, I don't suppose you've heard of it?"

The older alicorn answered. "I have not. Perhaps we can continue this talk under more…..comfortable conditions. Guard, remove his shackles please."

The guard on her right responded. "Yes your majesty." The guard approached the human with a key and undid the shackles on his wrists.

The human rubbed his left wrist with his right hand once his bonds were free. "Sister, are you sure this is a good idea, he could still be a threat. What about that mention of magic he made?" The younger alicorn whispered to her elder.

"It is allright little sister, I do not sense any malice within him, if he does possess magic, it is very weak within him, almost gone for the moment. I believe he will behave himself." The older one whispered back.

"I hope your right." The younger sister said.

The alicorns turned their attention back to their guest who had switched wrist rubbing. "Come, follow us to my chamber, we will talk more there." Said the elder alicorn.

The human stopped rubbing his wrist and responded. "Of course ….your majesty." He gave a quick bow.

Celestia and Luna smiled at a sudden show of respect. The two alicorns led the human out of the prison with the two guards trailing behind, keeping a close eye on the human. When he started following the princesses, he noticed they both had some kind of marking on their flanks, the younger one had a black splotch with a crescent moon on it. The elder had a picture of the sun on her flank. "Huh, I wonder what those markings are?" As he walked through the castle, he admired the décor, there were stain glass windows lining the walls, letting in sunlight and coloring it in beautiful shades and hues. The group travelled up a few flights of stairs and long hallways until finally, they came to a pair of large double doors with engravings of the sun. There were two unicorns at the door with the same armor on.

They gace a quick bow and lit up their horns, the doors opened as they were surrounded by the same color of aura as the unicorn guards had on their horns. The human took notice of this. "So they have magic here too." The guards that followed were dismissed and the human followed the two princesses in to the room. The door closed behind him as he entered.

The princesses made their way to the center of the room and sat on cushions on the floor. "Sit, come and join us." Bade the white alicorn as she pointed to a cushion on the floor in front of her. The human walked in and sat on the pillow with his legs crossed. "Now then, why don't we get introductions out of the way. My name is Celestia, and this is my younger sister, Luna."

"It is a pleasure to meet you human." Luna said.

"Thank you your majesty." Was all the human said.

The three sat in silence for a moment, before Celestia grew a confused look then finally asked. "And what is your name human, I would like to know."

The human looked away to avoid eye contact. "Well, you see, I don't have a name really."

The princesses looked at each other in confusion. They looked back at the human and Luna asked. "How can you not have a name? Every pony has a name. Do humans not have names for one another?"

The human looked back at the princesses. "We do have names, it's just that…I was just never given one. And because of my situation, I never needed one anyway."

Celestia began. "Does it have something to do with what you mentioned earlier about being considered an outcast?"

"Yeah, it does, if I ever had a name, I don't remember what it was because no one ever called me by it in years."

"What about your parents? Don't they ever call you by your name?"

The human looked away again. "I…I'd really rather not talk about that, if you don't mind."

Celestia and Luna took on a look of pity as they realized they may have come across a touchy subject for the human. "Our apologies, we will not discuss such things then." Luna apologized. "But then, if you do not have a name, then what are we supposed to call you?"

"Since we do not know about human names, why not give yourself one so we have something to call you?" Celestia suggested.

The human looked to the side in thought as he contemplated Celestia's words. "Hmmm, well, I do remember hearing this one name I liked the sound of."

"And what name would that be?" Celestia asked with a smile.

"Charles, from now on, you may call me Charles."

"I like the sound of that name, I've never heard one like it, but it sounds nice." Luna said.

"Very well then, Charles, now on to other matters. How exactly did you get here?"

"Well, as I said, I am capable of performing magic, I tried to use my magic for something I have never attempted before, a teleportation. Me ending up here was a fluke really. Since I've never teleported myself before, I wasn't sure how to do it properly, or how much magic I would need for it. I just gathered as much of my energy as I could and ZAP, next thing I know, I wake up in a stone cell speaking with creatures that are supposed to be myth… offense." He quickly added.

Celestia and Luna chuckled. "None taken." Said Celestia.

"Same here." Added Luna.

"Well, now that you're here, what do you intend to do, do you wish to find a way back home?" Celestia asked.

"Actually, your majesties, I'd rather stay here, if it is all right with you that is. I am a capable warrior and I would be willing to offer my strength to you should you have the need for it."

Luna then chimed in with a worried expression. "Do you not wish to return to your friends and family."

Charles then looked solemn at that. He turned away again. "There's nothing for me back on earth." Was all he said.

"Are you sure about that?" Celestia asked.

Charles then looked back with a bit of a glare. "Don't you remember what I said earlier, I'm considered an outcast on earth, I'm always chased away by others or spat on or insulted or anything else you can imagine that would drive someone away, despite the fact that I never did anything to hurt anyone at all, I'm not welcome there." His gaze then softened. "I'm sorry, it's just that, if your behavior towards me is any indication of what your subjects are like, then I may have an easier time to fit in here then I did on earth, despite my outlandish appearance."

"I understand, and I am sorry for the way you were treated." Celestia offered.

"You have nothing to apologize for, that's just how most humans are. If I may ask a question of my own your majesty?"

Celestia smiled at Charles. "You may refer to me as Celestia, and yes, you may ask a question."

"Well, I was just wondering where the king and queen are of the land, by the way, what is the name of this place anyway?"

"First, the land you find yourself in is the country of Equestria, the planet is known as Equis. As for our parents, they retired a long time ago and left us in charge. So I'm afraid you won't get to meet them." Celestia answered.

"I see, and as for my request to stay here?"

"Before I make that decision, I do have one more question for you."

"Of course your maje- I mean, celestia."

"What sort of diet do you have, what foods do humans eat?"

Charles was a little hesitant about that as he was afraid as how the princesses would react to his answer. "Humans are….omnivorous beings, meaning we eat a diet of fruits and vegetables, as well as….meat."

Clestia and Luna recoiled at the answer. "But I don't eat meat!" Charles quickly added. "I respect life too much, Humans can be strictly vegetarian as long as they can get something with protein and such for their bodies. I stick to a vegetarian diet, so as long as there is no hay, grass, or flowers in it, I can eat what you can eat."

Celestia and Luna were relieved to hear this. "That is most reassuring, we thank you for your honesty Charles." Luna stated.

"Indeed, since you have been honest with us in our questioning and given us no reason to think you have ill intentions toward our subjects, we will allow you to stay in our fair country.

"Thank you princess Luna, princess Celestia." Charles then got up and rested on his right knee, straitening his righ arm with a fist to the ground while resting his left arm on his left leg that now rested at a ninety degree angle. "I, Charles, do herby pledge my loyalty to princess Luna and princess Celestia of Equestria. My strength is your strength, my weapon is yours to command. I swear that I will serve under and protect the crown and all those who serve under it, I will give my life, should it be called for, to protect the innocent. This I swear."

Celestia and Luna had never heard of such a pledge of loyalty before, they weren't sure what to make of it. Celestia finally found words. "Well…that was…interesting. I had no idea you would be willing to commit so suddenly, nor have we ever heard such a touching and moving pledge. I thank you for showing us such."

"Indeed, that was a most admirable pledge, do all humans make pledges like that?" Luna asked.

"I just thought it sounded appropriate." Charles then sat back in his original position.

"Well then Charles, since you wish to serve under us, I will need you to be well versed in how our society works, since we have plenty of guards here, I don't think we need a soldier here. I believe that the best place to station you would be at a little town called Ponyville, there aren't that many guards there, and I can put you up with a pony who I know will be most capable of helping you learn our ways. You will be staying with her, she is a personal student of mine named Twilight Sparkle. She is very knowledgable and would be more than thrilled to get to know you and learn about you and your kind."

Luna then chimed in. "And since you wish to serve as one of our guards, you will be receiving a salary as well. But before you go, I would like to see how good you are in a fight, I am curious about that stick you had, what was it?"

Charles answered. "It's called a bow staff, It is my main choice of weapon because it isn't deadly, I hate killing, I only do that as a last resort, and as such, my staff has an ability that I've never had to use in a combat situation yet, thankfully."

"And what ability is that?" Celestia asked.

"Perhaps a demonstration is in order, if you'd like, I'd be honored to give you an example of what I am capable of, and I can show you what this other ability is."

"Very well, we shall head off to retrieve your staff and head to the training grounds for this demonstration. I am most eager to see your skills." Said Celestia. So the two princesses led Charles out of the room to retrieve his weapon so he might give them a sample of what kind of abilities he has as a worrior.

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