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Angel went the nightclub to see her. He didn't know if she'd come or not, especially with how 'off' she seemed to be acting, but he thought it was at worth the try.

When he got there, Angel noticed Xander and Willow there, but not the blonde. He decided he'd wait for awhile still, see if she showed up later on.

And when she did, he noticed, his eyes darkly looking the girl over.

They met and she jumped right in. This new attitude of hers showing through right off the bat. He didn't really understand it, had some ideas though.

When she walked off, he mentally cursed. More so as he watched her lead that dark-haired Xander boy out on to the floor.

And proceed to practically make love to him on the dance floor.

He felt an array of emotions. Mostly, hurt, anger and jealousy.

And from what was coming off in waves from the redhead, he wasn't the only one dealing which such.

He almost missed the girl as she finally spoke to her dance partner, but he got in tune with his vampire hearing perk and concentrated. Feeling his stomach want to drop out.

She walked off the floor, grabbed her things, walked past the vampire without a word.

His eyes followed her, burning holes into her backside.

He was determined to figure this out.


Buffy's emotions upon seeing Angel were very different from the ones she let on. Her body tingled upon the sight of him, her heart racing as she watched him mentally drool over her.

It was amazing how powerful he could make her feel.

But as soon as she opened her mouth, this other side of her came out. And she began to feel it overpowering too. Anger was a strong emotion in a slayer.

She walked off, then had the urge to do something.

She led her friend out on to the crowded floor, knowing Angel was watching. She smirked. She could feel his eyes on her, with every move she made.

She barely even recognized Xander was there, the vampire was overpowering everything.

She wondered how jealous this would make him, how angry. If he could be hurt, maybe not in the same way as her, but maybe close to the same amount. Hurt that she couldn't seem to shake from the night of the Prom.

Buffy danced for him, in her twisted little way.

Then, she was done.

Xander was getting a little too, er, hard to ignore... his need poking at her and all. So, she teased, then had enough of this, and decided to leave.

As she walked past the broody vampire, Buffy felt a pang of guilt though. The passing look she got from his face.

She felt bad... until Cordelia followed her out and the sound of the cheerleader's voice just fueling the fire threatening to rage inside of her.

It didn't help that the brunette was actually hitting the target with her words.

And when she mentioned Angel...

Yeah, it was time for her to get away from all of this.