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Percy's POV

I had to have a demigod dream, didn't I? I mean seriously! We had just defeated Kronos and his army barely a month ago but apparently the Gods refused to give us demigods a break!

In my dream the Goddess of magic Hecate decided to pay my friends and me a visit. Yay! Notice my sarcastic enthusiasm.

I dreamt that my girlfriend Annabeth, Nico di Angelo, Thalia Grace, and I were standing in a grassy but otherwise empty clearing. Behind us a magnificent medieval like castle stood high above. The moonlight danced behind it causing long shadows that reached out across the clearing. A woman stood before us in dark robes holding twin torches in her hands, her dark hair billowed behind her. The moonlight illuminated her pale face. She had a powerful aura that made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.

"Lady Hecate" Nico said bowing stiffly and the girls copied. I didn't bow, Hecate had fought for Kronos in the war and personally I didn't want to show her any respect.

"Greetings brave demigods," I heard her voice but her mouth didn't move. "I have come to you, some of the bravest demigods ever known, to do me a great service"

"What do you mean Lady Hecate?" asked Annabeth her voice shook slightly her eyes darting back and forth from the castle behind us. Annabeth loved architecture; you see she is the official architect of Olympus, so it was no surprise her eyes barely left the castle taking in all its features.

"I am offering you a quest, godlings, a quest to a far away world one where magic wielders exist"

"Magic wielders?" I blurted out "Like wizards and witches in mortal fairy tales?"

"Indeed, Percy Jackson," Her misty voice floated across the clearing.

"But Lady Hecate," Interrupted Thalia, who had remained silent until now "Aren't they just myths, stories that parents tell their children?"

"Of course not, Daughter of Zeus, Remember that, according to mortals, you are nothing but mere myths to," Hecate paused looking for any objection, when she got none she continued. "I ask this of you, you must travel to this world, attend a school called Hogwarts-"

Nico snorted back laughter "Who names a school after some kind of pig disease?"

Hecate glared at him "My four children did, Mr Di Angelo, as I was saying I want you all to attend this school undercover as American exchange students and protect a boy named Harry Potter"

"If I may ask, Lady Hecate, why this boy is so important?" questioned Annabeth.

"I was getting to that ,Daughter of Athena, The boy is very important in stopping one of the darkest wizards ever known, Lord Voldemort," as Hecate spoke the air seemed to grow colder around them. "He has started to grow in strength; He will stop at nothing to kill the boy"

"But Hecate, why send us? We aren't even wizards; surely we will not blend in?" Thalia asked the question we were all wondering.

"I believe you are the only people with the power to protect the boy and do not worry, demigods, I have blessed you with magic" Holograms of twin torches flickered above our heads. A green backpack appeared at Percy's feet. "This backpack will contain everything you need, ambrosia and nectar, drachmas etc. But it will also contain your magic wands and other magical items. The headmaster is the only one who knows what you truly are. He is one of my demigod sons. Do not reveal your identities unless truly necessary" Hecate paused "This is all I can tell you, you must figure the rest out on your own. Do you except my quest?"

I exchanged a looked with my girlfriend and our friends and we spoke as one "We except," And with a blinding flash, I jolted awake.