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The First part of this chapter is set in the last chapter when the demigods came back with torn robes.

Nico's POV

Man, even here we don't get a break. The others and I were just casually strolling around in the forest, as you do, and a random empousa leaps out at us! Yay for being a demigod! Notice my sarcasm.

Maybe I should explain, see Thalia had this bright idea that we should explore the grounds. She claimed that it 'would help us defend the school and Harry if we know our surroundings' Please, I bet she was just missing the Hunt and had to be near the forest again or something. Anyway we agreed, rather stupidly, and we snuck out before breakfast.

I knew in the back of my mind that the 'Golden Trio' would be suspicious about our disappearance but hey, demigods got to do what a demigods got to do. Thalia and Percy were up front enjoying themselves and joking around while Annabeth was looking around for possible threats and I was just following with my hands in my pockets and head down.

The forest its self is very eerie. The tall thick trees shoot up towards the sky, the canopy barely letting any light filter through. Branches and leaves snapped under our feet and even though I didn't look it, I was on alert. McGonagall had informed us about the dangers of this place, werewolves, centaurs, giant spiders were only some of what occupied this vast place. I was personally hoping we wouldn't run into any giant spiders, I'm sure Annabeth's reaction would have been scarier than the arachnids themselves.

It was then that I heard a twig snap from behind us. Annabeth and I wiped around, my hand on my sword hilt and her dagger drawn. Thalia had seen us turn and had drawn her own bow while Percy held Riptide, in pen form, in his hand.

"Who's there?" Thalia called. A long and echoing hiss answered her voice and she let loose an arrow towards the sound. "Empousa." Thalia growled to us.

"Very good, huntress" hissed the voice as the empousa stepped into view. The empousa's fiery long hair cast an even eerier glow on the trees. The monster wore a long skirt and long sleeved white blouse.

Thalia let loose an arrow but the monster ducked, however Thalia hadn't been aiming for her body. The arrow caught her sleeve, pinning her to a tree. Four more arrows and the monster was restrained.

"Give us one reason we shouldn't blast you to dust," I threatened the Empousa, thrusting my black sword under her chin.

The monster laughed, "Because the Dark Lady, Hecate sent me, you demigod fools."

We froze unsure, why would Hecate send a messenger and one she was sure we would attack? Finally Annabeth steeped forward.

"Alright what's the message then?" Asked Annabeth, her dagger still in hand.

"She sent me to warn you, Voldemort has begun to suspect your existence, it is reported he has been doing his research on all things Greek." The monster hissed, "And that isn't all, The Dark Lord has been reported in taking an interest in a certain, slumbering primordial Goddess, one who would end us all."

My friends and I were silent. I could literally see the gears turning in Annabeth's head. Our pause was enough for the monster, she smirked and broke free of her bonds. Slashing at our robes for good measure, she was gone in the blink of an eye.

"We should head back to the Castle," Percy said, breaking the silence as he began to head back the way we came.

-Time Skip to After the Last Chapter-

"Annabeth do you have any ideas about what the monster was saying?" asked Percy as we gathered around the warm fire in the Gryffindor common room. He leant forward and intertwined their hands as Annabeth chose the seat next to him.

"She mentioned a primordial goddess," Annabeth said while thinking hard, "There's a few it could be, but as the monster said one who was slumbering…" Annabeth trailed off.

Thalia was fidgeting with her hands, she looked up as Annabeth trailed off, "You don't mean…"

Annabeth nodded, "She was probably talking about the earth goddess. Gaea."

We were silent for a minute as this began to sink in.

"What's so bad about Gaea though?" Percy asked and even I rolled my eyes.

"Percy have you ever heard of the Gigantomachy?" asked Annabeth seriously and he shook his head.

"Kelp Head, it was the battle between the Olympians and The Giants. Gaea was angry when the Gods defeated the Titans, and spawned a new race with Tartarus, the Giants," Thalia said with a sigh.

"The giants could only be defeated by a hero and a god working together, and since the second Titan war happened last summer, we can assume a second Gigantomachy should happen." I finish as I fiddled with my silver skull ring.

"But what has it got to do with Voldemort?" Percy asked, "What could he have to gain from waking Gaea?"

"That we don't know Percy," Annabeth said with a sigh and we sat in silence again.

I rubbed the back of my hand, where the scars from Umbridge quill were engraved. "That's not the only problem we have" I said to the others

I saw Percy's eyes flash angrily, "That stupid woman and that stupid quill, she can't get away with it," Percy growled and he started rubbing gentle circles on the back of Annabeth's scarred hand.

"She won't Percy," Annabeth replied, "But for now we should worry about just staying under cover."

"Come on, we should be getting to bed." I said finally and the others nodded in agreement. Thalia and I headed up our separate staircases as Percy gently kissed Annabeth on the forehead, I could just hear them whisper goodnight to each other as I reached the bedroom.

-Next Day-

I paced the Gryffindor common room as I waited for the others to come down so we could go to breakfast. I had a peaceful, deep sleep last night, which struck me as odd considering all that was going on yesterday.

I raised my head as I heard a group coming. Oh it was just the 'Golden Trio.' They looked at me suspiciously and I watched Harry lead them out of the room.

"What are you looking at Nicky?" said a voice behind me and I spun around.

"Gods, Thalia don't do that," I said, rubbing the back of my neck. She rolled her eyes at me. "Where's Annabeth?" I asked.

"She's just coming," replied Thalia as Annabeth descended the stairs into the room.

"I'm guessing Percy's still sleeping," Annabeth said as she walked up to us, rolling her grey eyes.


"I'll go wake the Seaweed Brain," Annabeth said and she disappeared up the stairs.

"Let's just go to breakfast, I'm sure Annabeth can wake him up," Thalia said with a sly smile and I rolled my eyes.

We walked down to the breakfast hall and we sat a few places down form the trio and got stuck into breakfast. I didn't mean to but I couldn't help eavesdropping on the threes conversation.

"This is getting ridiculous, that toad isn't teaching us any defence magic!" fumed Hermione.

"Well what can we do about it?" Replied Ron. We didn't hear the rest because Percy and Annabeth had appeared behind us.

"You woke him up then?" said Thalia with a smirk.

"It wasn't too hard," Annabeth replied as she slipped in next to Thalia. "Eat up we have Divination first thing."

We ate our breakfast, picked up our books and headed towards the Divination classroom.

The room itself looked a lot like an attic. It was packed full of small circular tables with two soft looking arm chairs on either side. The first thing that hit me was the smell, the fire which burned in the fireplace gave off a sickly sweet perfume that made me feel like gagging.

"Ah, hello everyone," came a mysterious voice from the shadows, "My name is Professor Trelawney and I will be teaching you the art of foreseeing the future, Divination."

The body that belonged to the voice appeared from the shadows, she was a thin woman, draped in a long shawl and she wore a long beaded necklace around her neck. The oddest thing about her was her thick glasses, which magnified her eyes so she looked a lot like an insect.

"Take a seat, my dears," she said as she drifted to her desk. Thalia and I sat down at a table while Percy and Annabeth sat behind us. Trelawney placed crystal balls in front of us and had all of us take out our books 'Unfogging the future.'

We were instructed to look into the foggy crystal and try to see something. I put my head in my hands and stared at the ball.

"What is the point of this?" I muttered to Thalia and she rolled her eyes.

"Heck if I know," she replied. I turned around to look at Annabeth and Percy.

Annabeth was staring into the ball, a frustrated look on her face while Percy had put his head in his hands and was falling asleep.

I turned my eyes back to the crystal and I focused, I saw a brilliant white flash and I looked closer. I saw a faint image of a woman sleeping, engraved in a mountain. Streams of dirt rolled from her face in waves. I jolted back to reality as Percy was talking to Thalia.

"So far the only thing I've predicted is that we're going to get a lot of fog," he was saying and Thalia grinned.

Trelawney drifted over to us with a frown on her face, "Has your Inner Eye seen anything yet?" she asked.

"Our what?" I said and she sighed in exasperation.

"Your Inner Eye!" she repeated impatiently.

"Oh, um then no, nothing." I replied, knowing I shouldn't tell her anything.

Trelawney pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration. She headed towards Percy and Annabeth, who had both snapped out of their dazes and were laughing and making funny faces at each other through their now clear crystal ball, leaving me to stare into my own crystal ball. I could vaguely hear Thalia complaining but I blocked it out.

Had I actually just seen Gaea?

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