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This Chapter Has Been Rewritten on the 28/07/2013.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Supernatural series or any of the characters which appear in the series including Sam and Dean. Alexis Winchester and the term 'ankle biter' is taken from "Alexis Winchester's Story" written by sammygrrl00. The character is my own but I wanted to keep the same name because out of all the stories I've read, hers stood out to me the most and I felt if Sam and Dean did have a sister, she would be Alexis.

Please check out sammygrrl00 story about Alexis, it's an awesome story and I follow it closely

Alexis Winchester

Chapter 1 – Visit From Ruby

We had been travelling for four hours and I was about to doze off. Dean was sleeping in the passenger seat and Sam had taken over driving two hours ago. I could see Sam drifting in and out so I decided to lend my help.

"Hey Sammy, you want me to drive?" I asked him from the back seat.

"And let Dean kill me for letting you behind the wheel? No thank-you." He replied keeping his eyes on the road.

"You know that I'm an awesome driver and I wouldn't dare risk the Impala. Come on, I can see you're about to drop." I persuaded him. Sam stayed silent, thinking up my offer. He slowly pulled over and hesitated before giving me the keys. I was ready to bolt out the door and into the driver's seat but Sam stopped me.

"Jump over. If we open and shut the door, he'll wake up."

Twenty minutes later I was cruising down the highway with Dean snoring peacefully next to me and Sam fast asleep in the back seat. We were heading to Eagle River, Wisconsin to hunt a Jinn. It was some kind of genie and Dean had fallen victim to it once before. We weren't going to make that mistake again. This hunt we had to stick together.

I thought about the alternate reality that Dean had been sent to. Mom and Jess were alive, dad had died, Sam was a hotshot lawyer, Dean had a life; a girlfriend who happened to be a nurse, which was way classy for him and I lived with Mom, a few blocks down from Dean. I didn't like the fact that Dean and Sam didn't get along per se and that Sam lived in California but hey, Mom and Jess were alive.

I wasn't so sure about the hunting. I hated losing mom and dad to it and I hated that Sam and Dean's lives were in danger every time they hunted, but it brought us together as a family. Dean was right, if we hadn't hunted, we wouldn't have been as close as we are. I imagined myself in that life. I'd probably have a boyfriend seeing as Dean would be preoccupied, I would have done the whole school thing properly and I'd be onto making a career for myself.

I wonder if I would have given Jess and Carmen a hard time before they got close to Sam or Dean. If I wasn't close to the boys in this alternate reality, maybe I wouldn't have cared who they date. At least I knew that in the real world I hated anyone who hurt Sam or Dean and that was something I could hold onto. For example Cassie; I wouldn't let her near Dean again. I wished I could see it… or at least had some time with mom. Out of this whole mess, which we called our lives, mom is the one thing I miss the most. Never getting a chance to meet her hurts me more than anything else ever has.

I wondered what she would be like. Dean had the best memory of her and Sam had close to none but it was different for me. I never knew her, but I am one hundred percent John and Mary. I was often confused as a child as to why I was born without a mother. Mary Winchester died on November 2nd 1983, the day Sammy turned six months old. Dean is eight years older than me and Sam is four. How was I born three and a half years after my mother's death?

Yeah, this is where it gets a little crazy. I was delivered from beyond by my mother. Turns out I was destined to be in the family and mom was two months pregnant with me when she died. I was born in some supernatural plane three and a half years later. If mom had been on earth, it would have taken another seven months and then pop, out I came.

Two months worth of me was developed but after mom died, her spirit took time to reassemble her body and it took six months for every average month left to develop the rest of me. That is seven months multiplied by six months for each so it turned out to be forty two months, which happens to be three and a half years.

I was born with crazy written all over me and I'm guessing mom was a little scared that I wasn't all her child because I had tanned olive skin and black hair. It just happened that because my mother was a spirit, I could inherit less of her features and more of my father's. So because she focused on making me look beautiful and as feminine as possible she didn't realise that this meant I'd be giving up her golden hair. She settled for the black and she gave me her strong yet petite frame, her nose, her cheeks and her lips. When my father found me on the doorstep at the age one day old with a letter from my mother he took me in without a second glance.

Sam and Dean often marvel at my tan skin complexion and my dark curls. My brothers don't exactly look like twins but I certainly throw people off with my dark hair. However, though we are different, if you lined us up you wouldn't doubt that we were related. I don't know what people see but they just know that we are a family.

Anyway, back to mom. Dean said she was the kindest mother you could have and we recently found out that she was a damn good hunter. I didn't doubt what he said at all. When Dean told us mom had grown up as a hunter, I had been over the moon. I was a great hunter; just like my brothers but being a girl meant I lacked physical strength in comparison to Sam and Dean. This meant I had to be a better fighter than both just to level with them. I guess I inherited part of my fighting nature from mom. Sam and Dean trained me to use my body as a weapon which could weave out of almost any situation, so that the supernatural strength which monsters possessed wouldn't be my downfall. Over the years I had become an expert in evasive fighting. I also had a love for weapons… be it daggers, knives or guns; I had trained myself to become agile and precise with them. It was essential when people were in trouble.

I'd had my fair share of fights… actually in honesty I'd probably had more than Sam or Dean. My brothers had learnt over the years that I was very willing to throw myself head first into a fight and it became their job to restrain me when my brain stopped working. I often forgot that I wasn't invincible when I had to fight and I remained oblivious to all injuries until after everything was over. It was a bad habit.

Dean was stirring next to me; I hadn't realized how long I had been thinking for and how far I'd driven. We were fifteen minutes from the where we needed to stop. False alarm, Dean was still asleep. Twenty minutes later I pulled into a nice motel and went to get us our rooms. A woman in her late forties was at the front desk with a kind smile plastered on her face. She had beautiful brown hair and was wearing a nice floral dress.

"What can I do for you sweetheart?" she asked kindly.

"Could I get two queens or three singles for two nights?" I asked reaching into my jeans for a credit card. She started typing away.

"Sure hon. Where's the rest of your party?" she asked glancing up. I smiled thinking about Sam and Dean sprawled inside the Impala.

"My two brothers are knocked out cold in the car. Can't blame them, they did most of the driving." She looked past me and must have spotted the Impala.

"Where have you come from?" she asked with soft curiosity.

"Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It's been one hell of a ride." I replied trying not to think about the angel-demon confrontation we had just run from.

"I'd say so! Your family on a road trip?" She asked. I laughed to myself… if you want to call it that.

"Yeah, it's been a while." I replied handing her the card.

"I know what you mean. I need to point a gun to my husband and sons heads to sit for a family dinner. Credit or savings?" she asked swiping.

"Credit thanks. Where are your folks?" I asked wanting her to stop focusing on me.

"Hubby's gone on business with my eldest and my younger one is out back fixing the pool. Sweetie will that be one room for the three of you?" she queried. I looked up at her. Hadn't I been clear?

"Yes thanks."

"Well I'm going to bump you up to a nice spacious room since you've been such an angel. It's hard to get a decent conversation around here." She offered smiling. Sweet!

My mouth had other ideas.

"No, sorry, I couldn't do that to you." I rejected her offer mentally slapping myself.

"Business is slow around here and I get most of my income from my husband's company so it won't matter to me. Don't be daft, just take the room." She scolded as she offered me the keys. I took both sets and smiled at her.

"Thank-you. You're very sweet. I'd better get back to my brothers." I said quickly before she revoked the offer.

"Your brothers… let me guess, knocking the boys that line up in front of your doorstep out the park?" she asked almost giddy at the thought.

"How did you know?" I smiled uneasily.

"You've got a pretty face and they're all the same, if they don't want you, they need to keep you safe. It's one or the other." She said knowingly.

"Spoken wisely, by the way, my name is Alexis." I stuck out my hand. She reached out and shook it.


"I'll see you around Helen."

I left the reception and headed back to the Impala. Sam and Dean were still out which was unusual. They always woke at the smallest of sounds and I guess I didn't realise how tired they actually were.

The motel was nice. It was in the middle of the country but Helen had turned it into somewhat of a resort. We were on the second floor overlooking the pool. I dropped the bags off and ran back downstairs to wake Sam and Dean up. The quicker Sam and Dean hauled ass, the more time I got to spend in the pool.

"Sammy, Dean, come on, get up, we're here ."

"Where's here?" Sam replied groggily from the back seat. I reached out to the steering wheel and hit the horn. Both my brothers jumped up in shock and groaned out loud.

"The motel. They have a beautiful pool and I'm jumping in with or without you guys."

"Geez Lex, did you have to?" Sam groaned holding his head. Dean shook his head until he had regained his eyesight and then he fixed his gaze on me.

"You drove my car." He stated. I shrugged. This usually wasn't a problem so I was a tad confused.

"Well Sam was sleepy and I didn't get a scratch on it so we're good right?" I asked cautiously. Sam opened the door and got out from the backseat. Dean was still sitting in the passenger seat with the window down.

"We would have been good if you hadn't busted my baby's horn." He replied coldly. Sam was stretching with a smile forming on his face.

"Yeah, about that..." I started moving away from the car as Dean got out looking very cool. He looked calm but he was walking towards me at a determined pace.

"Drop it you two... I wanna get some rest." Sam interrupted. I was pretty hungry and I knew the boys wanted some sleep, so I did the logical thing.

"Fine, you two get some rest, I'll go get the food." Dean locked the Impala and nodded.

"I can live with that. I want a cheese burger with large fries, onion rings, a vanilla milkshake and M&Ms." Dean shamelessly ordered.

"Dean, you're going to get fat." Sam retorted stretching his arms.

"I have my ways of working out." He winked. I so did not want to know.

"Eww... anyway, Sammy, what do you want?"

"Chicken burger, caeser salad, and lemon water thanks." He replied. Those two were complete opposites.

"What, are you on a detox or something?" I asked skeptically. If he wanted to detox… there was a lot I could say about demon blood.

"Eating healthy isn't a crime Lex." He retorted. I turned around and started walking towards the exit.

"Aren't you going to ask for the Impala?" Dean asked.

"Nah, I'll walk, I need the sunshine."

"Yeah, coz you're so pale." I heard Dean mutter.

"Vitamin D Dean, not everything is about tans you know."

I walked happily to the local diner and ordered what the boys wanted. The lady serving looked like she had been picked out of a 1930's magazine. That hairstyle was nice but way too old.

"Anything else?" she asked politely.

"Depends, what other food places are in this town?" I asked, curious to know and tired of burgers.

"We got pizza, more burgers, pancakes & waffles and sushi."

"Sushi?" I hadn't had sushi in ages. "Leave it at that for now, I'll be back in ten. Where is the sushi place?" I asked her. She ripped the piece of paper off the pad and stuck it on the pin board, then turned around and pointed out the window.

"Two streets over, three streets down. Its right at the edge of the town, people usually mistake it for a laundry because of the pink colour." She instructed.

"Are they any good?" I asked reaching for my money.

"As good as sushi gets. You here alone? Not that this town is dangerous or anything but a single gal travelling alone always attracts unwanted attention. Just a warning." She told me mysteriously. I gave her a strange look and left. People were weird in this town.

She moved off to start on the orders. I'd heard that enough times and I was sure that some trouble would find me on the way to the sushi place. So, instead I wondered around the back of the diner and followed the path which lead to a small park.

It was small and cute, fairly busy and a nice place to sit and think. But let's face it; I'd already done enough thinking. It was the perfect time to dig for information on the Jinn. I spotted a woman in her late twenties helping who I predicted was her son, onto the monkey bars.

"They grow up so fast don't they?" I asked her as I approached her from behind. She looked up at me as she let go of the cute toddler, who at the moment was given freedom from his mother, sprinted across the bars and then up the stairs on the other side.

"They do, four years and he can swing from bars. Always what a mother wants." I laughed, generally amused.

"Alexis." I announced as I held out my hand. She eyed it, then shook it replying,

"Mandy." She turned back to oversee her son. "Are you new in town, I don't remember seeing you before."

"Yeah, just got here today, doing a lunch run for my drivers." I replied keeping my eyes on her energetic kid.

"What brings you to this small side of the world?" she asked. I thought about having some fun.

"Thought I'd travel while I could, before I pop." I smirked, imagining Dean's face. She turned her head around and glanced at my stomach with widened eyes.

"I didn't even notice, you seem so young." She blurted out, "Excuse me for asking, but how old are you?"

"Eighteen. Only two months though. I've been eating like crazy." I lied. Fortunately I could pass off for eighteen.

"You really can't tell. Is the father with you?" I think she seemed a little nervous. Why? I don't know.

"Nah, he's on trial, has to stay in sunny state of Florida." I replied pulling out a story from my ass.

"Trial? For what?" she asked confused.

"My rape, what else? You think I want a kid at eighteen?" I asked her. She looked embarrassed and looked away.

"I'm so sorry." She told me sweetly.

"What for? You didn't do anything." I said shrugging off her remark. This teenage character was easier to play than I cared to admit. Not a good thing.

"Question to a local." I asked moving forward.

"Shoot." She replied her eyes on her son.

"How long do you suggest I stay here? I mean, how many days does it take to get a good look at everything?" I stretched next to her.

"If I were you, I'd leave as soon as I could." She grabbed her son and tucked his shirt in before letting him loose again.

"Why's that?" I asked nonchalantly. Finally, something useful.

"A whole bunch of people have gone missing in the past three weeks. Five to be exact and no clues as to where they've gone. This town is getting dangerous and if I could, I would leave but raising a kid by yourself is a pretty tight job. I've got no money for food let alone gas." She told me.

Now I felt bad. I was playing but she was serious. Being single and raising a kid would be difficult and I was making fun of that. I wasn't going to blow my cover but I would definitely try and help her out.

"Sorry to hear that. Thanks for the help but I got to run. Drivers orders." I winked at her and walked back to the diner.

When I got back, Dean and Sam were up and both had their eyes glued to the laptop screen like they had hit some sort of jackpot.

"Good morning, I hope you both slept well." I said to them as I put the food down.

"What is up with you?" Dean asked clearly surprised at my attitude.

"In the span of an hour, I've had three conversations with three lovely ladies." I told them sarcastically.

"Any that helps with the case?" Sam asked as he walked over to the food.

"Kind of, one young mother told me about the disappearances so nothing new there but another lady did tell me to keep conservative because a single gal, like me, travelling alone always attracts unwanted attention." I stated repeating her advice.

"What? Who told you that?" Sam's expression mirrored Dean's, quizzical.

"The lady at the diner." I replied pulling out Dean's pie.

"Do you know if she was a demon?" Dean narrowed his eyes.

"No, but now that I think about it, her eyes were awfully black..." I replied seriously as I sat on the bed.

"Your sarcasm and ridiculous sense of humour is going to bite you in the ass someday." Dean threw my bag at me and went for the food. I rushed over and picked up my muffin before he got his hands on it but luckily he was already working on the pie.

That night we started asking the missing people's families about the disappearances. Sam and Dean decided to be private investigators so I stuck to my job of staying in the car and keeping watch. That happened to be when Ruby came to pay me a visit.

"So squirt, how've you been?" I jumped forward in surprise as she opened the Impala door and sat beside me. I reached for my gun immediately.

"What the fuck! What are you doing here?" I had my gun pointed at her head but all she did was smile.

"You know bullets don't work on me, so why do you try?" she asked placing her hand on my gun. I hit her hand away.

"Because you're still a dumb bitch; we hunt the supernatural and these are rock salt bullets." I smiled as she growled.

"I came here to warn you about something." She told me suddenly becoming serious and keeping an eye on the house in which Sam and Dean were in.

"I'm not going to believe a word that comes out of your filthy mouth." I informed her cocking the gun.

"You might have to. It's about Sam." She directed at me. I lowered the gun a little. "See this is one of Lilith's latest plans. There is no Jinn, just Lilith killing a bunch of innocents to lure Sam out here so she can kill him." My heart dropped. Not Lilith…

"How can she find us? We got the protection to ward her off from Castiel?" I asked confused. We were protected from Lilith, she shouldn't be able to find us.

"You think that works on you? Even hell doesn't know how you came to be so obviously there are a whole new set of instructions that go with you." She spoke to me like I should have already known that.

I thought through her accusations for a while and tried to come up with a logical solution. Ruby was shifty, but when it came to Sam, I did tend to trust her information. She was ridiculously fond of him or as Dean and I preferred to say she was 'warm for his form'. This situation wasn't all that bad; there were things we could do.

"Fine, I'll just get Sam and Dean, we'll call Cas and find a new way to shield me."

"I've done my research cupcake, there is no way to shield you from Lilith, not after she's drunk your blood." My mind wandered back to that horrible night when Meg had held Dad captive, when we went to save him, when Meg took a vial of my blood. It must have been meant for Lilith. We all thought Meg was a crazy bitch then for taking my blood but now it made sense. Lilith wanted to hone in on me whenever she could.

"So then why are you here?" I asked. Ruby's presence unnerved me, no matter what the reason.

"Well aren't you ungrateful." Her eyes kept darting back to the house… she didn't want my brothers to know she was here. "Now I want Sam alive as much as you do and I want him to be able to destroy Lilith. That can't happen while he's near you because Lilith will keep interfering. So for Sam's sake, you need to disappear." She begged.

I laughed outright.

"You're joking." I chuckled. "I'm not going to leave Sam." I told her.

"And what happens when Lilith finds Sam because of you and he isn't strong enough to defend himself. He may have survived before but Lilith's power is growing and you've stopped Sam from drinking demon blood. Who's going to save Sam then?" she asked me. What, did she forget that we had angels on our side?

"Castiel." I said to her. "Castiel will save Sam from Lilith." I argued. She smiled.

"The same Castiel who threatened he would stop Sam if Dean couldn't? Yeah, trust him to save Sam." She pointed out. It really pissed me off that she knew that, meaning Sam had told her.

"So what…I move away from Sam so if Lilith ever finds me, I won't lead her to him? Fine, Dean and I will organize some-"

"And what makes you think Dean will let you leave?" she interrupted. I paused. Would Dean let me leave when there were demons crawling around everywhere? I doubted it. But there had to be a way. Maybe I could keep Castiel with me. No, Sam and Dean needed Cas more than I needed him. Anna was on the run… so I was alone. I was of no value to the angels… so why would they offer one of their comrades down to protect me?

"Alright, so I leave… alone," I scoffed not believing it would ever come to that, "and then what happens when Lilith finds me and draws Sam and Dean out? Did you think about that? I can't leave. I'm better here with them than I am on my own. I can help them here and they can focus when I'm not missing." I told Ruby. She nodded, expecting this argument.

"Well there's more to it. Look I know you hate me and I really don't like you but you have to listen to me. This is for Sam and if you care about him, this is the only way. You have to run away, without Sam and Dean following you. When you're on the other side of the world... before Lilith finds you and tortures the answers out of you... you have to kill yourself." She revealed abruptly.

Whoa, just hold on a second. It took me a while to comprehend what she had just said to me.

Kill myself?

Let me get this straight. As I sat there in the front seat of the Impala with a loaded gun pointed at her head, Ruby was telling me to leave the two people I loved more than anything else in the world and then end my own life. Wow, bitches get stupid in hell.

"I'm going to blow your brains out." I spat at her and cocked the gun.

"Wait!" Before I could do anything she grabbed my arm, cut me with her knife and then held it over her hand. I was pissed about the invasion of personal space but I was too entranced by what my blood did to her hand.

It was like a drop of acid, just sizzling away on her skin and it didn't stop. She writhed in pain as it destroyed her skin, muscles, bones and veins and then the drop fell through her hand and onto the floor. Ruby held her hand close to her chest.

"Your blood is marked with evil. You can't escape it. Now that Lilith has your blood in her system, you are marked." She said pressing on her wound. I just stared at her holding my own hand, trying to stop the bleeding.

"You have to leave; she'll kill him and no one will bother bringing him back. She'll find him because of you and you have the power to save him. Lilith is going to kill Sam and then she'll kill you. The angels won't bring either of you back… only Dean matters to them. Then Dean will be left here without you or Sam… what do you think that'll do to him? You are the weak link; get rid of the weak link Alexis, you have to. Then Sam can live and Dean won't be alone." She begged her eyes once again on the house.

I was baffled.

I couldn't stay with Sam because I'd lead Lilith straight to him and I couldn't tell my brothers I was leaving because they'd stop me from going off on my own in this dangerous time. Worst off, I had to kill myself because there was nobody left to protect me and if I stayed alive… Lilith would draw Sam out. Was this really happening? My eyes moved to the house and I imagined what my brothers could be doing inside.

"Um... I can't run away from Sam and Dean, they'll just call Cas and he'll find me. He can do that, no matter what I am." I told her. Attempts to flee would be futile with Dean ordering Cas to find me.

"Yeah, Sam told me about that. I came prepared." She told me, "This bracelet shields you from angels. As soon as you've worn it, you're off the grid." She held out a silver charmed bracelet. "Are you going to do this?" I just stared at her. I put the gun down and took the bracelet.

"I...I'm." I didn't know what to say.

"Look, I know you'll come around eventually, I know how much you love you Sam and Dean. But please, the longer you take, the more likely Lilith will come. Do the right thing Alexis." She said quietly and then she was gone.