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Alexis Winchester

Chapter 37 – The Battle of the Barn: The Return of the Beast

"I feel like that went well." Castiel said quietly to me as we stepped away from the Impala. I knew we were out of ear shot for Dean, but Micah and Nate could eavesdrop if they wanted… I just hoped they didn't. Our reunion with Micah had been brief and curt, his mind evidently on Maya. Currently, both he and Nate were preparing to stage a "covert" take down of the barn house behind us. Dean was on the phone with Sam, allowing me some alone time with Cas. He and I were doing a round of the perimeter of this farmland for reconnaissance. Neither Cas nor I were experiencing the same levels of stress that other three clearly were… well because we didn't know Maya that well, but that didn't mean we weren't stressed at all. All our lives were at risk if we proceeded with this infiltration, and this part of the job – the collecting information for strategy planning – helped calm my nerves.

"Sure. Sure. Dean seems more upset with you than me and I will take that pleasant surprise with open arms." I nodded as we entered the tree line. I did not comment on the tensions present between me and my ex-lover, Nathaniel, as I felt it was still a sore topic for Castiel. I knew it bothered him that Nate had broken up with me and not the other way around. I could understand that. There was a fear in Castiel that I was still in love with Nate – a fear that had surfaced several times over the past year. Sometimes the insecurity manifested in small ways like Castiel deciding to provide Nate with updates over the phone rather than let me do it. Other times, his insecurity manifested in more problematic ways like asking me if I was thinking about Nate in the middle of sex. That one had shocked me, and we had needed to stop to talk about his fear. I had reassured him endlessly that I only ever thought about him. I had explained numerous times that mentally, I had disengaged with Nate months before he made the call. I was simply too much of a coward to end it and Nate had needed to do it because I was young and naive. Needless to say, I had learned about and become accustomed to Castiel's mild jealously and possessiveness over the past year.

"It's understandable. Dean and I are friends. I imagine I've betrayed him in some sense of the word, by becoming intimate with you." Cas held out his hand to me as we approached a dip in the ground, in an effort to assist me with the uneven terrain. A year ago, I would have slapped his hand away in disgust and insult, but a lot had changed in that time. I reached out and placed my hand in his, gripping him as I stepped down. As my feet met the mulch below, I began easing my grip on his hand only to be surprised by Castiel tightening his grip on mine. I looked up at him and was met with a cheeky smirk, his stoic expression nowhere to be seen. He brought my knuckles to his lips, offering them a soft kiss, before swiftly pulling my arm so that I went barrelling into him. I barely threw my other arm out in time to stop from chest bumping him, not that he would have minded it seemed. In fact, it appeared as though that was his original intention as he turned us around and pushed me back against a tree trunk, the bark grazing my jacket. Castiel hovered above me, his crystal blue eyes shining as he looked down into my own. I felt his light and warm breath on the bridge of my nose as he pushed further into me, pinning me to the tree.

"Hello there." I breathed, containing my surprise and the smile playing on my lips. Castiel wasted no time, his lips connecting with my neck and making me gasp as he planted gentle yet firm kisses from my collar bone to the base of my ear. Then, to my utter surprise, his course hands found my waist, slinking under my shirt and travelling up gently until he was cupping the underside of my breasts.

"Cas-" I breathed cautiously, aware that we were in the vicinity of my brother and our friends, and not in the safety of our hideaway home hundreds of miles away. Cas' thumbs pushed past the underwire of my bra and he gently grazed my nipples, making me shudder beneath him. "Jesus." I heard myself breath.

Cas' forefingers quickly moved up and I felt both my nipples being pinched… quite hard I must add. My knees almost buckled at the sudden pain and my eyes fluttered open, looking to Cas in surprise.

"Not Jesus." He growled against my jaw, "Castiel." He demanded, the drive in his eyes almost animalistic. I was so taken off guard all I could do was stare at him. He wasn't too impressed with that because his pinch tightened, making me half gasp, half moan, my knees buckling further.

"Castiel!" I gasped loudly. It was all he needed to finally let go and my hands quickly moved to my chest, holding the soreness. Cas' eyes lightened slightly, as he reached down and put his hand around my throat, holding me steady so he could give me a deep kiss.

"Good girl." He murmured into my lips as he pulled away. I stood there in shock at his audacity. He held out his hand and nodded his head back towards the perimeter. "Shall we?" he asked. Now it was my turn to narrow my eyes. I pushed off the trunk and put my hands up to tighten my ponytail. Cas' face fell as he took a cautious step back. "I'll just go ahead." He said quickly. I began trudging towards him as he broke into a staggered, backwards jog.

"Oh, now you're going to be a little bitch." I scoffed, launching into a roundhouse kick, and connecting straight with his ass. It hurt me as much as it hurt him given, he had the indestructible body of an angel, but I was using my own power to ensure he felt some of it at least.

"Oh, come on." Cas winced a little but was also laughing to himself, my actions making it clear he'd had quite the effect on me.

"That was NOT funny." I hissed at him, crossing my hands over my still aching chest.

"I'm sorry." He smiled, walking back towards me, and tucking me under his arm. He kissed the side of my head as he directed us back around the perimeter. "I promise to kiss them better once we're done here."

"That was a given." I said with venom, "You better hope I don't pinch anything sensitive of yours in the meantime." I threatened. Perhaps Castiel stiffened slightly beside me, or perhaps I imagined it.

When Nate and I had been together, we had made passionate love. In the early stages of my relationship with Cas, we too had taken the slow and passionate route, but not too soon afterwards, I had been surprised to learn that the still waters of innocent Castiel ran deep.

Lovemaking became an energy depleting adventure for the both of us. Much of my anxiety, depression and stress left my body anytime Castiel decided to take me rough and hard. He was somewhat of a sadist, but I had welcomed his character as each time he took control of the situation, I was afforded the opportunity to lay, or sometimes hang, back and relax. Moreover, any opportunity to have me bound or secured was welcomed in our partnership as it allowed Castiel the freedom to ravage me for his pleasure and for me to take pleasure in… being ravaged.

On any other day, his actions would be welcomed by a very horny and heightened… well me, but he was forgetting my older brother was no further than a hundred feet from us. This was not the place nor was it the time to get hot and heavy handed with me as all remnants of my lady-boner had disappeared the second I learned Dean was standing in my house.

We finished scouting the perimeter and agreed on the two separate locations we would station ourselves for the attack. Micah had traced Maya to this location and surely enough, we had seen an abundance of movement inside the extraordinarily large dwelling. However, it had not escaped our notice that contrary to most demon hideouts, there were no patrols external to the barn. We had speculated that this meant the demons did not believe we would be able to track them and even if we did, they believed we would not have the courage to pursue them. The alternative was that they were expecting us, and this kidnapping was a trap intended to desolate us. The second option sounded more promising.

For this reason, it had seemed like the logical course of action would have been to wait for Sam and Adriel, but both Dean and Micah were restless to bust down the doors and remove Maya from the grips of Corson and Raim. I could not blame them for wanting to protect her. The sole reason for allowing them to proceed with their straightforward plan… was me.

They had me at their disposal, and I was powerful beyond measure. Nate had seemed conflicted, arguing that Corson was smarter than this and that he would have factored in that I would be on the forefront of this battle. He believed that Corson would have prepared for me and that my life could be in danger. Micah, perhaps clouded with worry for Maya, argued that everyone, including Corson, had their slip ups. He posited that both Castiel and I had not been heard from in close to a year, with any demons that did cross our path, decimated, due to my power. It was unlikely that any representative of hell believed I was still in the game. As such, Micah believed me to be our secret weapon. I could tell neither Nate nor Cas were completely sold on the idea of Corson having a "slip up", which is why both had requested we wait for Adriel. They were fearful that Corson would snake his way up the ladder of chaos and snatch me away in the deep of night.

Micah had become candid at that point.

"I have watched them roll in trays of equipment. I've seen them soundproof that barn. They don't intend on killing her quickly. They must know how mentally strong she has become, and they are going to work on her slowly until her mind unravels itself. The type of torture required for mind manipulation is not light, is not easy, and is not rapid. They would have already started working on her which means she's already been under the light for at least a week. I'm scared the longer we wait, the less of Maya we'll be returned."

There had been a quiet acknowledgment from everyone else other than me, as Nate, Cas and Dean had all experienced this type of psychological abuse before. I did not feel comfortable speaking up to remind them that Adriel and Sam would bring a hefty advantage to this operation, and that waiting for them was the smarter thing to do. All I saw was desperation in Dean's face. He clung to the innocence of Maya, the type of innocence I no longer possessed. I hadn't been Dean's little girl in over a year, but Maya had been. She had faithfully taken my place in his life, and I understood better than anyone how ardently Dean would fight to protect her. I would not stand in the way of his love for her.

The compromise had been that Micah and Nate would enter the barn and bomb out demonic entities with angel power. The assumption was that Corson and Raim would possibly be able to withstand that type of force, but the rest of the demons were likely to bail quickly after the first blow. Castiel, Dean and I would be stationed at the perimeter of the property – Dean by my side and Castiel at the opposite end – all of us blocking any escape routes. Any demons, in the form of black smoke or on foot, would be struck down by myself or Castiel. Dean was required to watch my back and grab Maya if she came running out. If she didn't come running out, he was to wait for a signal from Micah or Nate telling him it was safe to come inside.

It was not a fool proof plan, but I had few objections. I had faith in my ability and that's all I needed.

"Ready?" I asked Dean as he rolled his shoulders. He nodded, eyes filled with worry and fixed on the barn. "Okay, good. I'll stay down here with you, but don't freak out if you see me levitate upwards later." Dean shot me a surprised glance and I chuckled.

"I forgot you can fly." He said mostly to himself.

"I mean, I don't stick my fist out like superman." I said quickly, earning a smirk from him. "It's more a Scarlett Witch kind of vibe. Very elegant and floaty."

"That is insanely awesome." Dean chuckled to himself. "Have you practiced posing?" He continued to watch Micah and Nate approach the barn. I never got the chance to answer because before we knew it, the barn doors had flung open with a loud bang. Dean and I both tensed, turning our bodies fully to the barn. "And it begins." He said in a low voice.

Nate and Micah stuck out their arms in defence as a black whisp of air darted out and snaked around them.

"They can handle that." I said quietly, knowing Nate was about to clear the air in one breath. He was so incredibly skilled; I had no doubt he'd be fine.

White flashes erupted from within the dark smoke, and I felt a proud smile painting itself on my face. Micah's body burst forward, disappearing into the barn like a bullet fired from sniper. Nate on the other hand, dissipated the smoke around him, stretched out his arm towards the barn and flexed while clenching his fist. I could almost see the definition in his biceps from where I stood.

An animalistic, deep roar echoed from within the barn, followed by savage scratching. I could hear the wood shredding beneath nails as something moved from within the dwelling. I stood tall as Dean lowered his gun in shock.

"Is that-"

"Yes." Dean replied before I could even ask.

Raim was here. And Nate was pulling him out into the open battlefield. The sound was absolutely blood-curdling, as if the predators of hell itself were emerging from the barn for their first hunt in millennia. I finally caught a glimpse of the beast – and he really was a beast this time – some form of transfiguration allowing him to stand on all fours and at the height of a moose. It was at this point that I realised that Nate was not necessarily pulling Raim out of the barn, but more holding Raim at bay as he securely brought him out of the barn. It appeared as though Raim may have been the one to bust open the barn doors as a precursor to charging at the angels. His long hair formed a bushy brown mane around his massive canine-like face and his limbs housed long, sharp claws on their ends. He was even more terrifying than when he'd killed me. I saw Dean's face go white as he secured his gun.

Nate paled in comparison to Raim, standing at only half the beast's height when it was on all fours. Despite being smaller in stature, Nate was a sight to behold. His chest was broad as he stood tall, not an ounce of fear on his face. He embodied the force of a smug heaven. A glow began emanating from around him and then with a flash, Nate's silver wings erupted around him, on display for the beast who continued to snarl and claw as he was dragged out by the invisible force of Nate's power.

"Should I stay quiet?" I whispered to Dean. "Because I have a lot to say about whatever the fuck Raim is now."

"You and me both kid." Dean replied, tension lacing his voice. "Lex, he's going to be a bitch to kill." Dean said to me, his eyes not leaving Raim.

"Don't worry Dean. I can take him." I said with confidence. My eyes met with Dean's and I noticed no absence of fear for my well-being. I guess some things never change. "I'm not kidding Dean… there will be no Raim by the end of this night. I'll destroy him." I said it with such certainty that even Dean seemed to believe me. Good. He needed to know I could throw my own punches.

Suddenly, a bright white light flashed from within the barn, shattering all the barn windows in a triumphant boom. Dean's arm instinctively went over my head as he shielded us from the glass that flung all the way to the edge of the property, closely missing out faces.

What the fuck was that?

Raim's savage roaring was the only sound heard after the boom, as Nate pulled the beast further and further away from the barn, most likely leading him to the middle of the fields where they could battle it out properly. Back at the barn, nothing moved, and the eerie silence continued.

Suddenly, a blue flash of light was shot from the other end of the property. Dean and I followed the light with our eyes high into the sky where it began illuminating a dark movement. Lightning struck and crackled, the noise startling the both of us, as we realized Castiel had shot down his first demon runner.

"It's go-time Lex." Dean mumbled, eyes falling back to the barn windows.

Then chaos erupted.

Black smoke burst from all the shattered windows in record speed, the force creating pockets of wind all around us. All the demons it seemed were vying for an escape after having seen Micah's power. Castiel and I moved at the same time, both of us shooting into the air like bullets, illuminating the space around us. While Castiel used his extended arm to aim at the escaping smoke, my power did not work that way. I shut my eyes and let my fire unleash from the centre of my chest. The silver flame flashed outward in the form of a sphere, growing larger and larger, illuminating all around us as it sucked in all the demonic presences, burning them once touched. I pushed and pushed further, requiring little effort, feeling their essence dissipate and return to the void. Castiel moved further and further away from my sphere, helping to secure and destroy any demons that had managed to escape my grasp. Down below, I knew Nate would use my light to illuminate Raim and choose his battle tactic. I also knew Dean would be staring in disbelief given he had not seen the extent of my power in over a year. Part of me was proud that I could show off my strength to Dean.

I felt cracking sparks at the edge of my fingertips, which forced me to look around and see Castiel shooting blue lightning at my shield. It was his way of telling me the task was over and I could release my power. I dropped the sphere immediately as he shot to my side in the sky.

"I'll take Dean into the barn. You help Nate." Castiel said quickly, as he scoured the fields for the flashes of fur on light. It was hard to miss. While Nate was powerful, it was not easy watching him go head-to-head in combat with an animal. My heart dropped slightly, worry seeping in for his safety. I didn't wait to confirm with Cas, panic seeping in and my concern for Nate growing. I simply moved.

My speed shocked even me as I landed in a fury beside Nate, not a moment later. He was bloody, but all limbs were intact and he was moving. The feeling of relief that washed over me felt like cool water at the end of an El niño summer. Although there was no smirk on his face, I could see that Nate was not yet threatened by Raim. Fortunately, he had all been training during out time apart, and it showed today as he swiftly evaded the giant mutt. Raim was large but he was also quick. He only seemed to show a dip in grace when required to change direction. This was because he was unable to stop his body in time and would often skid in a fury through the dirt.

I could work with this because I on the other hand, was the queen of agility. I took a step forward, knowingly keeping Nate somewhat behind me. Raim snarled, his eyes setting on me, his foot… or paw… or whatever you want to call it, digging into the dirt as his target changed from Nate to me. I felt Nate go immensely tense beside me and from the corner of my eye, noticed him inch toward me. He should know better than to stand between me and Raim. I was about to incinerate the beast that took my life.

"Nate… run." I said, without breaking eye contact with Raim. "Get out of range." While I expected him to heed my demand and make haste, he did the opposite. I clenched my jaw in annoyance, feeling his presence behind me, poised to continue fighting Raim.

"No." he said without hesitation.

Raim charged and I grabbed Nate the same time he reached for me. I gripped his wrist and swung him with all my might, out of the way. Raim roared as he pushed his claws into the ground, turned direction and lunged for us again. Before I had the chance to defend myself, Nate shot a blinding white light at Raim, forcing him to change direction once again. I turned quickly to face Nate and saw him wince in pain as his arms dropped.

"Don't say it." He breathed, catching his breath, and standing to his full height again. He was trying to fool me into thinking he wasn't hurt. It dawned on me that he must have done the same thing when I arrived by his side. How many hits had he taken?

"You fool." I breathed, closing the distance between us. Instead of trying to reason with him, I took the time to analyse him properly. This seemed to make him uncomfortable. The jig was up.

"I'm fine." He said, mostly to himself, his chest heaving slightly. I didn't say anything. I simply stood in front of him, my back to Raim.

"You're fine?" I asked calmly. Nate kept glancing between me and the beast slowly getting to its feet behind me.

"All good." He replied, watching Raim carefully as he braced himself for another potential attack.

"Are you fine, or do you simply not want to leave me to the… wolf?" I asked, crossing my arms over my chest. I kept my back to Raim and instead watched Nate's face. Drop your guard and tell me the truth.

"The former." He said, concern growing in his eyes. "He's up." He warned me. I kept my arms crossed.

"That's fine Nate, I know you're more than powerful enough to protect me." I said, locking eyes with his. "You won't let him hurt me." I knew I was taunting him to admit he was hurt so that he'd leave, but something stirred in my chest at my own words. I could have been mistaken, but I thought I saw the same feeling flash over Nate's features for less than a moment.

An untamed growl travelled through the ground and reverberated in my body, half a second before I felt the thundering steps behind me. Nate didn't hesitate, wincing as he lunged forward, his arms outstretched on either side of me. White light burst behind me as Nate threw up a mighty shield of power, halting Raim. I could feel Raim's snarling breath on my hair and from the panicked look on Nate's face, it seemed Raim had gotten a little too close for comfort.

An unearthly growl emanated from Nate's chest as he strained his muscles and pushed the light back. I felt the ground tremble as Raim's body evidently was flung backwards and bounced on the uneven field. Nate stopped himself before he collapsed onto me. Regardless, I put my hands on his chest and helped him up, his racing heartbeat sending my own into a flurry.

"I know you can do this." I said gently. "But I need you to leave now." I told him. His gaze locked on mine and I almost forgot that we were mad with each other.

"Be here when I get back." Nate's voice was stern, but I heard the fear beneath it.

"I'm not that easy to kill these days." I said lightly. "Now, go." I heard the hint of desperation in my own voice.

I turned to focus on Raim again before he charged unexpectedly. Too late. He had charged forward and was onto us in less than a heartbeat. I could not use the extent of my power with Nate beside me but none of that mattered right now because all I could see was the giant paw slashing down from the left, aimed at cutting Nate in half.

Game time.

I burst forward, arms out with a silver force shield slamming into the hand before it could touch Nate. Before Raim could fall back, I clasped onto his right arm with my own arm and focused in on the joint between his arm and shoulder. I slashed my palm through the air eliciting a deafening and chaotic roar from the beast. He thrashed in my grip as I burned through his flesh and bone, severing his arm from his body. He collapsed onto the floor, growling before scrambling backward. His arm was still in my grip and I let it fall to the floor, my face smug and triumphant.

I locked eyes with Raim and felt my pupils' glow as I set the whole arm up in silver flames. I was not challenging him with my glare nor was I asserting dominance as I had planned. I was seething, my chest heaving in wild rage as I snarled back at him. It was a territorial taunt. How dare you even try to touch him.

"I will be here when you get back." I said slowly to Nate, without looking at him. "Nate, please. Let me finish him." I whispered.

"Alexis-" He breathed, clenching his teeth. I felt my heart go tight and my fingers go numb.

"Nate-" I felt Raim charge before he was even upright. I shot upward into the air and used my force to pull Raim with me, and away from Nate. Raim growled and slashed aimlessly beneath me as I slammed him back into the ground. Before he had time to respond, I descended like stone, arms dripping silver flame as I slashed at Raim's jaw. Once again, I severed it completely, removing it from his face. Raim no longer growled but it seemed he could whimper – or make some sound that resembled a whimper.

I looked up at Nate who watched wide eyes as I incinerated the severed jaw.

"I need more space to do the whole body. Please, just step away. Raim is no challenge." I told him softly. Nate nodded carefully, backing away from me as I turned back to the pitiful mutt of hell. The beast looked up at me. Was that fear I detected in his eyes?

"Is this how you felt when you ripped out my throat?" I asked quietly, moving to stand near his head. Raim bared his upper teeth at me. "I must thank you for taking my life, Raim. You allowed me to acquire so much power. The very same power that was your undoing tonight. I guess what does not kill you, does make you stronger… and I always hated that saying." I scoffed.

Raim tried to reach out his left paw to swipe at me but missed poorly as I darted out the way. That didn't require Rima power… that was just plain old hunting reflexes.

"I pity you, beast." I whispered. "I want to believe you were once a good soul, so let me take the time to tell you this." I crouched down near Raim's ear and he went still. "My power is the type to destroy all the evil that has festered within you. When you burn, I release you from your earthly bonds and grant your soul peace. Whatever role you were sent to play in this story, has been fulfilled. Be free."

The beast, that had been savage in his nature at every encounter, quietened for a second. He stared at me, a mix of fear, anger and desperation flooding his face. Underneath it all, I saw a small sliver of something I hadn't seen in the eyes of demon… ever.


I placed my hand on Raim's head and shut my eyes, allowing the sphere to take shape and expand. I could feel it growing tall and wide, the air around me burning for everything but me. Raim went up in flames, yelping only for a second before the flames engulfed him and dissipated to nothing, leaving no trace of hell behind.

I felt my soul lighten and I smiled to myself. He was gone.

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