(a/n - just a little plot bunny I had when watching tv... My first crossover fic! Eek! Hope you enjoy.)


"I've made a decision! I'm being a model!"

"Oh, nice."

"Bog off, Onslow."

Rose made her way into the modelling office in Liverpool, where she would have a test shoot. Once in there, she saw the photographer and smiled, and wondered if he was single. Then wondered if he was married. Either way, she didn't care. As she sat down, another girl clattered in, with a skirt and heels to rival those of Rose.

"Sorry am late but I had to buy some new stockins didn't I? Coz I'm a model, aren't I?" She tottered over to the front of the camera and began posing with the sunscreen that had already been set up. Rose smiled at the other woman. She would ask her for tips.

Once the girl had finished modelling, she came and sat next to Rose, as the cameraman announced that he'd be setting up some backgrounds for Rose. The other woman grinned at her.

"Hey, who're you?"

"Rooose. And you?"

"Aveline. Aveline Boswell. Ima model, you see."

"I am going to be a model soon! Do you have any tips?"

"Just smile like me. Aw, hey, you've got lovely earrings, you have."

"Thank you! They were a gift from mr Helliwell!"

"Is he you're boyfriend then?"

"He was, but his wife found out!"

"He had a wife?!" Aveline gasped and wobbled on her chair slightly.

"Oh, yes, they usually do! Do you have a gentleman friend?"

"Well, I have Oswald..." she giggled slightly. "And he's lovely. He's a vicar. But he's proddy. Me mam doesn't like him much. But me brothers, they do." She smiled. Rose looked up eagerly; she had been daydreaming about the dishy vicar at her church.

"Brother? How many? What're they like?"

"Well there's our Joey, he's a proper gentleman, like. Everybody loves our Joey, but he had problems with that cow Roxy, so he doesn't really have anymore girlfriends now." Rose looked pensive as Aveline continued, "And then there's our Jack who's been to America and he's an antique specialist, he is. He just bonks women though, he isn't meaningful like me and Oswald..."

"Carry on."

"Aw, yeah, there's Adrian - he writes poetry and had Carmen, but she was annoyin' and just wanted his body... And Billy, he's got a baby with Julie, but he's going through a divorce, so he's a bit nervous... Oh, and there's cousin Shifty. He ain't a brother, he's a bit strange. He's out o' prison now, though, still gets into trouble. He was with the DHSS lady, and then Celia next door, but they never last. Do you have any brothers?"

"No! Just 3 sisters."

"Sisters?! What're they like?"

"Hyacinth's bossy, and drives Richard mad. Violet's rich and argues with Bruce. And Daisy's caring and pampers lazy Onslow. But back to your family... Can I meet them?" Rose had a sparkle in her eye, as she tried to picture a house full of various men she could try and flirt with.

After the photoshoot, Rose called Daisy to let her know that she would be staying in Liverpool for a little longer, as she had made a new friend. Then, she went back home with Aveline, who had told her mum that Rose would be coming round.

Rose's first impression of Boswell life was rather uneventful, to be truthful. There was no dog barking from an old car, no father marching around the building, and no Daisy trying to seduce her husband. There was just a plain old front door which opened into a modest house. Aveline led her through to the kitchen, where the family were sat. She gestured for Rose to sit next to her at the end of the table. Rose looked at all of the males around her. And smiled. She was going to enjoy her short trip to Kelsall street. Oh, yes she was.

(a/n - so my plan is to write Rose with each of the Boswell boys. And perhaps some of the Bread characters with other Keeping Up Appearances characters. If you've got any suggestions, let me know, for I shall get inspiration from them. This is going to be a fic as and when I can, it will take forever to write. Please don't expect hurried chapters, as I have none planned. That's where you give me the inspiration. Don't give me plot ideas though, just the couples. I'll take the challenge of writing them into the plot. Yeah, I am stupid. All couples suggested must be crossovers between the two shows. This is going to be more of a rom com crossover than a serious romance crossover. Okay? Bye for now _)