"A demigod with fire powers." Artemis said in awe as she looked at Percy who was surrounded by flames. She could feel power rolling off him in waves and his aura was red and green. She wondered if he was a son of Hephaestus who was somehow a fire user. But as she looked at his jet black hair and flaming eyes she knew he wasn't, the last fire user never had fire for eyes anytime he was angry. Not to mention his eyes were a sea green, like Poseidon's. How is this possible?

"Who is your godly parent boy?" Artemis asked once she got over her shock. The five year old boy glared at her and the fire grew, Artemis mentally faced palm for calling him boy. Zoe pointed her bow at him but stopped once the fire died down and ceased.

"Godly pawent?" He asked in confusion. His eyes turned back into a normal sea green color. Artemis was pondering about his parent and then wondered if he was a young godling.

"I'm his mother." She looked up to see a 20 year old hearth goddess in roman form. She was shocked and saw Percy looking at his mom wide eyed.

"M-mommy? You'we weally hewe(here)?" Tears spilled down his cheeks and Vesta smiled at her son sadly.

"I'm here my boy, I'm here for you." There was a gasp from the hunters as they thought Vesta had broken her vow. Artemis looked at Vesta in disgust for having a man steal her heart. The boy ran to his mother and embraced her and sobbed loudly. Vesta kissed his hair and rocked him in her arms. His eyes, Artemis noted and saw the red ring around the iris. Percy suddenly yanked back from Vesta and glared up at her, his eyes burst into flames.

"Why did you leave me? Whewe's(where's) daddy? How did you get hewe?" He asked a series of questions angrily. Artemis and the hunters stayed quiet and realization hit her, Percy was roman.

"I'm so sorry Perseus, I left you because my brother Jupiter would try to kill you if he knew of your existence. Your father is Neptune and he doesn't know I'm with you right now, I'm here now because I'm a goddess." Percy's eyes widened along with the hunters.

"You gave birth to a god! You broke your vow for Neptune?" Artemis roared and felt betrayed that Vesta would do something like this. Vesta glared at her menacingly.

"You truly think so little of me niece! Neptune and I made Percy from the hearth and he is a demigod, I did not break my vow." She hissed and Artemis raised her eyebrows at her and then looked down at her feet in shame for her assumptions.

"I must keep him hidden from Jupiter, Artemis can you keep him with you and the hunt? Jupiter would never expect for him to be with a group of man haters, please." There was an uproar of protest from the hunters, Percy glared at all of them and he hugged his mother again making her smile. While the hunters and Artemis loudly conversed, Vesta told Percy about the gods and about his powers from the sea and the hearth. She told him how he could summon food and speak to sea creatures, horses, and cranes. She told him about his father and that she loved Percy very much. Artemis looked over at Percy and saw the happiness in his green eyes. She decided to listen in on the conversation.

"Percy, if Artemis accepts you then you must respect her and her hunters." Vesta instructed firmly.

"Oh I will mom, one of the couples that adopted me taught me all about wespect fow women and that men and women awe equal. I only showed Awty wespect because hew fwiends awe big fat meanies." Though she would of killed anyone else for saying that she couldn't help but laugh at the five year olds pouty face or the adorable lisp he had. He had called her Arty and she knew it was because she knew he couldn't pronounce her name correctly.

Phoebe heard this and chuckled,"Aw common guys! This kids adorable! Plus he's only five and we could teach him how to be a good guy. Humble, kind, smart, wise, fast, strong, and cool. Not to mention he has fire powers, that's freakin awesome." Half of the hunters nodded in agreement and the other half scowled.

"It doesn't matter! He'll be like every other man on this planet." Zoe growled and Phoebe glared at her.

"Zoe he's only five. Give him a chance." Before Zoe could retort, Percy and Vesta walked back over hand in hand and he looked at Artemis timidly,

"Mommy says you'we a Gweek goddess that hates men. I will stay out of youw way, I pwomise my lady." He said solemnly and bowed to her. Vesta smiled warmly at her son and noticed that he had her traits of keeping the peace. Artemis eyes widened at his politeness and she admittedly felt bad for making a five year old scared of her.

She crouched down so she was eye level with him and smiled,"Percy, you have nothing to fear. I owe it to Vesta to make sure you become a great warrior. And I will do just that." She surprised herself and her hunters with her kind words and Percy smiled at her. He let go of his moms hand and engulfed Artemis into a hug. Artemis tensed and wanted to pull away but Percy was only five. He wasn't a grown man or an evil one, he was a child. Everyone froze and Artemis hesitantly wrapped her arms around the little boy's small frame. She felt something that she had only felt with her hunters, closeness. The hunters gasped and Artemis pulled away and smiled at Percy and then Vesta.

"I will allow Percy to join the hunters, I won't make him immortal unless he can prove himself worthy, but the time for that will be later." Zoe and the other hunters opened their mouths to protest when Vesta glared at them.

"Touch my boy and not even Artemis can protect you from my wrath." She snarled and the ones who had wanted Percy gone flinched and Percy stuck his tongue out at them making Phoebe and Artemis chuckle.

Vesta turned back to her son and smiled,"Goodbye Percy, be good and be polite. But don't let them push you around, stand up for yourself. I will visit you if I can and so will Neptune, stay strong Percy and never lose hope." She gave him one last hug and vanished in flames.

Percy's eyes widened and he grinned,"Cool! Can I do that too?"

Phoebe laughed and ruffled his hair,"Maybe Perce, maybe." He smiled up at her and when she turned around he jumped on her back. She stumbled slightly and was shocked at his boldness.

"Piggy back ride!" he cheered and Phoebe laughed and raced to the camp leaving surprised and bitter hunters behind.

"Next thing you know she'll find a boyfriend." Zoe hissed earning and angry glare from Artemis.

Truth be told Percy reminded Phoebe of her brother that had died a thousand years ago. Phoebe had been in the hunt for a long time and left her little brother behind to join. She never regretted joining the hunters but missed her brother who was only eight at the time. Once they made it back to camp Percy's eyes widened in amazement, there were two large tents that were silver. Wolves were sleeping in a large group and Percy was even more amazed. He slipped off of Phoebe's back and raced towards the wolves.

"Percy no!" Phoebe cried but it was to late, Percy had tripped and came face to face with a large black wolf. It's eyes snapped open and his dark eyes looked at Percy curiously. Phoebe was freaking out, no one had been able to tame Alpha. Artemis could barely control him, Alpha was wild and savage and Percy had just awoken him. Percy looked at the black wolf in awe and slowly reached out his hand to pet it. The wolf tilted his head to the side but let Percy stroke it's fur.

Percy grinned and remembered how his mother told him about summoning food. He thought about a big grilled steak and felt a familiar tug in his gut. Suddenly a warm steak was in his hands and he sat up and held it out to the wolf. The wolf looked surprised but gobbled it up in and instant. It licked its lips and gave Percy a wolfish grin, Percy smiled back and the wolf licked him. Phoebe watched the whole thing in shock and her mouth was agape. The hunters showed up to see Percy playing with Alpha, he was riding the wolf like a horse and cheering as the other wolves woke an began to run with them.

"What the Hades!" Zoe snarled and glared at the son of Vesta who was easily loved by the wolves. Artemis was in shock as she watched the five year old ride the untamable wolf. The wolves all howled and Percy howled along making her chuckle, she didn't know how he did it but she was highly impressed. Vesta's loving nature protected the boy and made him easily like able.

"Perseus, come here. We need to get your tent set up." Artemis called and Percy whispered into the wolf's ear. As if understanding Alpha trotted over to her and Percy slipped off his back and scratched him behind the ear. Alpha stood a little taller then Percy and bent his head down so he could be scratched. The wolf gave Percy a lick on the cheek making him giggle.

"Percy, we will set up your tent. You are going to help us." Percy tore his gaze from the wolf and asked,

"What's the wolfs name?" Artemis smiled,

"His name is Alpha."

"That's a cool name, Alpha is my wolf!" Artemis raised her eyebrows in surprise at Percy's claim but the wolf looked pleased.

"Let's set up your tent." She was about to grab his arm but Alpha growled menacingly and she quickly withdrew it and Percy pet him. Artemis was so close to smacking that stupid mutt but contained herself and settled to glare at Alpha.

"It's fine buddy, Awty is my fwiend." Percy followed Artemis and Alpha stayed by his side the entire time.

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