Author's note: Alright here's the ending. I wanted to point out that the hairpin from the last chapter was an allusion to the fact that Harry was not the only person Tom had done this too. I never found a good place to work that in but I wanted to make it known. Enjoy and let me know how you feel.

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"I was walking back from Ron's a few nights ago. He grabbed me and knocked me out. I woke handcuffed in a room. He 'visited' a couple of times before I found a hairpin under the bed. I picked the lock to the handcuffs and retrieved my pants from the other side of the room. He hadn't checked my pockets this time. I took out my knife and was about to leave when he came back. I stabbed him and escaped." Harry recited. After his confession he had been taken to the police station. He was now sitting in an interrogation room, the officer from the Weasley's house and a female officers sitting across the table from him. They had sent someone to collect Tom's body and assess the crime scene.

"What did Tom do when the 'visited'?" The woman, Officer Tonks, asked.

"Every time Tom managed to catch me he would restrain me somehow and rape me." Harry said emotionlessly. He was completely detached. "He would keep me there until I managed to escape."

"Every time?" the man, Officer Shacklebolt, asked. He had just arrived at the Weasley's when the boy had shown up so he hadn't gotten the story from them except that their son's homeless friend was missing.

"Tom has been hunting me since the first time he had me when I was ten." Tonks gasped. Harry moved his eyes from their spot on the table to stare at her. She wanted to cry at the dull, sad look in them. Just what had this child been through? "He always somehow found out where I was staying and would come for me. Sometimes I got away, sometimes I didn't. Normally when he caught me he just tied me up where ever I was staying but this time he took me somewhere."

"Why were you living on the streets?" Shacklebolt asked.

"My parents are dead. I was sent to live with abusive relatives. It became too much and I left when I was nine."

"Okay, Harry. I think we've asked enough questions for now. Tonks is going to take you to the hospital and get you checked out."

Tonks led him out of the room and Shacklebolt went to talk with Moody, who had been checking out the house the boy had said he'd escaped from. Moody walked out of the room behind the two-way glass to meet Shacklebolt in the hall.

"His story about the house checks out." Moody said sadly. "The dead body of Tom Riddle was in a bedroom. There was blood and semen coating the sheets of the bed and handcuffs attached to the headboard."

"God, that poor kid." Shacklebolt sighed.


Tonks walked in to the hospital room where Harry was being treated. The doctor had been in to check him over and had told her she could go in while he got the supplies he needed to treat the boy. Harry was sitting rigidly on the edge of the bed in a hospital gown. Tonks was horrified to note the dried blood trailing down his legs. Harry's eyes were glazed over and he didn't give any sign that he even knew she was in the room so she just stayed back.

The doctor came back with a cart of medical supplies and an IV. He looked sadly at the boy then turned to Tonks. "He is very malnourished and dehydrated, in addition to physical and emotional exhaustion. I'm going to hook him up to an IV and sedate him. It will also make the next part of the exam easier on him." The doctor hooked Harry up to the IV and had the boy lie back on the bed. As the drugs were taking affect he cleaned and wrapped Harry's wrist that had been cut up from the handcuff.

"He will sleep until tomorrow. If you have any more questions they will have to wait until then." The doctor said once Harry was asleep. "I have to see how much damage was done by the rape. I will send a medical report with my findings to the station when I'm finished." Tonks left him to his work and went back to the station.


Harry woke the next afternoon to find Remus sitting in a chair next to his bed. "Hey buddy." The man said giving him a small smile.

"Hi Remus." Harry said hoarsely. Remus handed him a cup of water. Harry took a drink. "Thanks."

"How are you feeling?" Remus asked.

"I'm okay." Harry said quietly avoiding Remus's eyes. They sat in silence for a few minutes.

"Why didn't you tell me you were living on your own?" Remus asked. Harry stiffened. "You could have stayed with me."

"I couldn't have a permanent residence." Harry whispered. "Tom was already after me. Every time I stayed somewhere too long he caught up to me. Plus I didn't want to put you in danger. I couldn't risk you getting hurt because some sicko wanted me."

"Oh Harry." Remus said sadly. "Well he's gone now. I have a guest room. I would like for you to have it if social services will let you."

Harry looked devastated. "Please don't let them send me back." Harry pleaded. "I can't go back to that."

"You won't." Remus assured him. "They have already looked into your relatives and proven them unfit. Apparently they never cleaned out your 'bedroom'." Harry looked at him in confusion. "Ron told them everything, Harry. The police found large traces of blood in the cupboard under the stares. Your uncle was arrested and the police will come to take a statement from you later." Harry nodded. "Now I have already put in an application with social services to foster you. If you don't want to stay with me you don't have too. But if I'm approved I would love to have you."

Harry looked at him in surprise. "I-I would like that. But… Why?"

"Because I care about you." Remus said. He leaned forward and took Harry's hand. The boy flinched but didn't pull away. "Harry, I just want you to be safe and happy."


Three days later Harry was out of the hospital and staying with the Weasley's until Remus's paperwork was cleared. He was still jumpy and on edge but knowing that Tom couldn't touch him any more gave him some peace of mind. He had finally convinced Mrs. Weasley to let him go back to the bakery and get anything he had left behind. She made him take Remus with him.

Harry and Remus walked around to the back of the bakery where Harry hopped onto the dumpster and crawled in through a window. Remus followed him carefully. Remus looked around sadly at the conditions of where Harry had been living. There was a sleeping bag and a heap of blankets in a corner. Harry quickly began folding them into a neat pile. Aside from some scattered remains of food wrappers there was nothing else that would lead you to believe a small boy had been living here for the past 2 months. Harry had told him that he kept everything in his backpack or in his locker at school but he wanted to get the blankets Ron had snuck him to give back to the Weasleys.

Harry walked up to Remus with the stack of blankets in his arms. "Okay that's everything. If I crawl out can you hand me the blankets. I'm afraid I'm not tall enough to give them to you."

"Of course." They climbed out and walked back to the Weasley's.

When they entered the kitchen Mrs. Weasley smiled at them. "Remus," she said. "Social services called while you were out to tell Harry that you were approved." For the first time since he killed Tom, Harry smiled.

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