Authors Note: Definately most likely AU / OOC.

Trigger Warnings for self-harm, depression... basically mental illness related issues.

Dsiclaimer: I don't own TWEWY.

Doctors and nurses rushed past a small hospital room, bringing medical equipment or medication to the appropriate patient. The teenage boy who occupied the room was immune to the noise – in fact, he wasn't awake.

A doctor stood by the boy's bed, monitoring him as he slept fitfully. As he kept a watchful eye on the messy-haired ginger, the doctor reviewed his notes for the boy's admission into the hospital. He was a common case, but what bothered the doctor was that nobody seemed to know why this boy had done what he did – not even his parents, whom he spent the most time around. It wasn't uncommon for parents to be oblivious to the signs of a depressed teenager, especially with the already imbalanced hormones – most would sign it off as puberty of teenage mood swings.

"Dr. Kitaniji? Neku's parents have dropped off his possessions. I've already stored them away."

"Thank you, Konishi. Did they have anything to say?"

The blonde woman adjusted her glasses and shakes her head. "I believe they're still in shock – the mother especially."

Dr. Kitaniji made a noise of acknowledgement before returning to his notes. Neku was going to need all the help he could get.