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Chapter 31 - The Finale.

Blaine sat down in front of the camera, his curls bobbled on top of his head as he sunk into the black leather computer chair. The sunlight streamed through the window behind him, leaving a slight glare on the lens. But despite the lighting faults, he still managed to look breathtakingly handsome.

"Hey guys," he started, his smile lazy, his eyes tired and a slight hint of early wrinkles threatening his forehead.

"I sincerely hope you're all doing well," Blaine paused. A dark glaze swept over his eyes, a sad twitch turned his smile into a frown for just a second before he caught it. "This is a pretty big announcement, so please bare with me." He sighed.

"Over the past eleven years, I've had the honour of sharing my life with you. This thing I started, a few videos here, me singing a few songs there, I never in a million years thought I'd be where I am right now because of it." Blaine knew he was gesticulating wildly, his hands uncontrollable as he poured every last ounce of emotion into his words.

"There have been times where I've generally thought about quitting YouTube," he paused, and looked down, his gaze resting where the jeans he wore pulled tightly over his knees. "Some days it felt like a weight pulling me under. But you guys, you made it worthwhile." He glanced back up, his eyes connecting with the shutter; they were filled with a hidden sadness and betrayed the smile he put on. "You gave me hope and love and everything I needed to pick myself up again."

"I have loved every single moment I've spent with you, I've loved doing the challenges you created, singing the songs you wanted to hear, answering any and hopefully all of your questions." He gulped down the lump in his throat and fought the tears threatening to tear at the surface. "It's been an honour to meet you, and take pictures with you and believe me when I say I appreciate all the time you guys have given me. I really love you guys."

Blaine held a hand to his heart, and felt it contract under where his palm pressed into the thin cotton of his button-down. He'd tried to dress smartly for this video, but he also wanted to be casual. It was one of the most important videos of his life, which explained the hours he spent trying to script it and find the right look.

"I'd like you to remember that, to remember everything I've ever done here, and everything we've ever done together, because… because this is my last video. At least from a YouTuber perspective." He felt the weight lift from his shoulders, but then the deep dark press of sadness forced him further down into his chair.

The words had been heavy on his tongue for several videos over the past few weeks. Coming to the decision wasn't easy, and after countless conversations with Kurt, with Nick, with Jeff, the decision was made and the announcement had to be too.

"I'm thirty years old," he continued, looking honestly into the camera, hoping and praying that the people on the other side of the screen knew he was struggling with this, knew that this wasn't easy for him to do.

"I'm married now and I have a child, none of which would have been possible without this channel. We were number one on the billboard album chart for nine weeks. NINE! And I've toured the country with your support and encouragement." The scripting hadn't gone very well, which was evident in Blaine's constant pausing and loss for words. He couldn't describe the way he felt, he couldn't bring those emotions to the surface, and to the world, without breaking down.

"It's so hard to put into words the reasons behind this decision, because there are many. It's not because I don't want to share things with you, because I do. I'd like to tour the world and release more music, which is most definitely something I want to share with each and every one of you. But," There it was, the dreaded word that brought him to a stop.

"But…" he said again, but paused. He could only imagine the expression on his face as he looked anywhere but into the camera. But what? Why was he stopping? Because of Kurt and their kid, because of time he should spend with his family, because he has the opportunity to expand on this and have everything he's every dreamed of.

"I can't."

He was weak. Or at least he felt weak, the feelings were running quickly through his veins, the emotions quickly rising in his throat and he fought, he fought hard to keep them away from the camera. But eventually, his tears appeared. His eyes glazed over, the bright shine of his emotions now suddenly very clear when he looked back into the lens.

"I want to explain, I feel like I should've waited, but you see, these past few weeks, these past few months, the videos I've been making I feel are below par. It's the right time." Blaine's subconscious was throwing thoughts aggressively around his head, arguing with every single word that left his mouth.

"Hopefully one day in the future I'll have words for you, I'll have the reasons. I just think it best, there are countless talented young people coming through on YouTube right this second, whom I encourage you to take under your wings. Because they need it, they need the kind words and the love, just like I did.

"I need you all to know, that the frizzy haired eighteen-year-old boy who started videoing his friends and singing will forever be eternally grateful for your support, and I need you to know that this thirty-year-old man, will forever hold you dear in his heart." For emphasis, he put his hand over his heart once again and made a fist, gripping his shirt in the process and letting a few tears slip through his protective barrier.

"It's been incredible, it's been absolutely and one hundred percent crazy. Never, in my wildest dreams, did I expect your reaction to this and… and I wouldn't have had it any other way." He swallowed to rid his throat from the raw feeling of emotion; of sadness. He could hear it, as he spoke, the way his voice was cracking on some words, the way his drying throat was croaking.

"I love you guys, I'm… just thank you." He looked once more into the camera, his eyes filled with more tears and a real, not bright, not happy, just a real smile took over his lips, and although he didn't know it then, the sincerity on his face was soon to bring hundreds of thousands of people to tears.

The camera clicked off a few seconds later and the screen went dark.

Tears rolled down Blaine's cheeks as he sat, head rested against the back of the chair and his hands threaded into his curls. He'd done it. He'd told the world, he still had to post the video, but it was filmed. He wouldn't edit it, it felt wrong to do so.

So he pulled himself from inside the emotional bubble to post the video, he linked it to all his Social Media, and waited just a few seconds before pressing upload. It would take a while before going public but, it was done.

He was officially an ex-YouTuber. The thought brought both relief and ultimate sadness, he sat there, in his chair, for God knows how long. Until he heard Kurt come home, until he heard the all to familiar voice of his child, or their child, chattering away.

He tried to force himself from the chair to greet them, but he found he didn't quite have the strength. Blaine heard Kurt's laugh echo through the apartment, and then felt a bubble of hopeful happiness rise in his chest.

"You best not be freaking out on me," Kurt said through the phone, Blaine was laid on the bed of his hotel room, Nick and Jeff staring at him from the other side of the room with knowing looks covering their faces. His suit was hung up and hanging from the wardrobe door, and a giant grin covered his face as he lay talking to his fiancé.

"Never." Blaine responded, his eyes fixed on the lines of the ceiling as he talked to the other man.

"Is there a rule against talking to your fiancé on the day? Or is it just seeing them that brings bad luck?" Kurt mumbled, his voice sending chills down Blaine's spine.

"I don't really think either matter here, my love."

"We have to follow tradition, Blaine! That's why we're in different hotels, silly." Stupid tradition, Blaine thought. He hadn't seen Kurt in over twenty-four hours, and he was worried about how his body was going to react when he did finally see him.

"I'm just saying, it killed me not being able to see your gorgeous face this morning, or give you a morning kiss." Kurt's face appeared in his mind as his eyes slipped closed. The mesmerising blue eyes of his were staring at him, so bright, so stunning. "I'm just imagining your face right now, you're still as beautiful as when I first saw you, maybe even more so."

"Stop it. I know this is a plan to make me come to you,"

"I would never do such a thing." Blaine slapped a hand on his chest in mock offence, even though the other man couldn't see him.

"Dork," Kurt said and Blaine could only stay silent and listen as Kurt's laugh faded into his ear and his heart skipped a few beats. "Two hours. Two hours and we'll be married, is that crazy?"

"A little, I think it's crazier you were able to plan this in a month, with little to no help from me, and make our suits, which look amazing by the way."

"I've been planning this day since I was old enough to read wedding magazines, Blaine, I've had our outfits designed since I was twelve."

"And that's why I love you, always so prepared,"

"Can you just make sure Jeff doesn't lose the rings?"

"He might be a complete idiot sometimes, but I think we can trust him." As if sensing the direction of conversation had turned to him, Jeff's expression dropped into a scowl, and he was about to argue his case but he was cut off by Nick shushing him.

"Blaine," Kurt said, his voice quiet and apprehensive, the older man knew what was coming. "Do you know if Cooper's coming?" Blaine swallowed down the hurt he still felt because of his brother, before he replied.

"I don't know, my mother said he'd told her he didn't want to ruin our day, but he didn't even reply to me, so I don't know. We invited him because… he's family, if he doesn't show that's fine with me, if he does, that's also no problem, we'll act like adults because there is no chance in hell he's ruining this day, Kurt. I won't let him,"

"I love you, Blaine," he said softly.

"I'll see you there, my love." Blaine hung up the phone and smiled. Cooper was the least of his worries today… he still had to remember his vows.

The very corners of his mouth had turned up just slightly into a curved smile, thinking back over that day: it was, still is, one of the best days of his life.

He tilted his head back against the chair again, and waited, he waited until Kurt burst through the study door, child in his arms and few tears gathered in his eyes.

"You…?" He asked, his eyes completing what he wanted to say. He looked from Kurt's face to their beautiful boy's face, who seemed confused and saddened to see both his parents almost on the verge of crying.

All it took from Blaine was a simple nod, before Kurt rushed over and pulled him up and into a hug.

It was as his arms encircled Kurt's waist, as he kissed their child's head, and as his husband squeezed him tight whilst they held each other, that Blaine finally realised why he'd made his last video, why he'd made the decision to quit.

"Oh he's beautiful," Rachel said, her voice laced with emotion as she stood on her tip-toes, head resting on Kurt's shoulder, looking down on the new-born baby boy. Finn stood off in the corner, with India, and both Carole and Burt were trying to wipe tears from their eyes without being caught.

Blaine, however, was sat down looking up at his husband holding their boy. Kurt's face had lit up, it was so full of love and compassion that Blaine's heart was struggling to take it.

Kurt's eyes met his as he looked up from the baby, and his lips stretched into a grin. The two men just smiled at each other, as their dreams came true. This is what they'd always wanted: a family, a tiny little human to look after and bring up.

Kurt cautiously handed the baby to Rachel, who reminded him, in an offended tone, that she had had a baby. And with an eye-roll, he shuffled over to Blaine and sat down on his lap, allowing Blaine's arms to wrap around his waist and hold him tight.

"What time are Cooper and your mother getting here?" Kurt asked, smiling gently as Blaine's fingers softly stroked his hip under his shirt.

"Soon, I think." The older man replied, distracted by Kurt's close proximity.

"We need a name," Kurt said softly as he looked up and twirled some of Blaine's curls around his fingers. They thought in silence for a few minutes and watched their family tickle and coo over their child.

"How about Indiana?" Rachel asked excitedly. She was bouncing a little on the balls of her feet, but quickly stopped when Kurt gave her a glare. Blaine, to be fair, was also worried for the safety of their child in an excited Rachel Berry's arms.

"We are not having matching baby names, no way." To make his point known, he fixed a pointed stare on Blaine, and raised his eyebrows until the older man nodded and agreed with him. The laughter erupted around the room, and Blaine thought he heard a vague 'whipped' come from Finn's direction.

"Name him Finn," the tall man prompted with a grin.

"No," Kurt replied quickly, and Blaine had to hold his laughter as Finn pouted. "And no offence, Dad, but I don't really think naming him Burt would be a good idea." Burt chuckled, before he removed his cap and rubbed his head obviously deep in thought.

Blaine caught the action, and once he'd caught Kurt's attention he nodded in Burt's direction.

"Do you have an idea, Dad?" They watched the older Hummel, as he replaced his cap and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Your mother wanted to call you Alex, we went through thousands of names but Alex stuck, until she saw you and thought of that Sound of Musicals thingy."

"The Sound of Music, Dad." He laughed, but then hummed and turned to face Blaine with a shrug.

"I like it," Blaine commented. "But maybe Alexander? He could always shorten it if it's not cool enough for him,"

Kurt got up out of his lap and Blaine followed, his arms wrapped around his husband's waist as the younger man carefully took the baby in his arms.

"Alexander," there was a pause where Kurt contemplated the name, before he caught Blaine's eye over his shoulder and said: "Its perfect."

Blaine pressed a kiss to Kurt's shoulder and smiled into the fabric of his shirt. Everything was perfect.

Beyond all of the reasons, the excuses, there was one more important, or two even; the two men in his arms were the reason. Everything he wanted to share with the world visually, was out there, and everyone he wanted to prove wrong had been proven just that. He'd shown all of the menial homophobic assholes that a gay man can live happily ever after.

And standing with his arms around the two most important men in his life, he couldn't have dreamed of a better ending.

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