Hello Sherlock. –JM

What do you want? –SH

You, of course. –JM

What do you want with me? –SH

Be with me Sherlock. –JM

No. –SH

Sherlock huffs and puts down his phone. He grabs his gun and fires a bit at the wall out of boredom.

"Sherlock!" Ms. Hudson exclaims, "I just got the wall fixed!"

"I'm going out. Tell John I'll be back soon." He says and grabs his scarf and coat.

"Where are you going?" She calls after him but, he doesn't answer. Sherlock hails down a cabbie but, is blown off. He rolls his eyes and begins to walk.

Baker Street was other wise empty besides an occasional car or two. The sky was cloudy and promised rain, he should hurry so he wouldn't get caught in it. He walks swiftly to an old abandoned train station out of town. He knew Moriarty would be there. Before he could open the door, his phone buzzes with a text from John.

Where are you? –JW

Out. –SH

Out where? –JW

Sherlock didn't answer. He pries open the old rusty doors, made to look like no one has been in recently but they couldn't trick Sherlock's observing eyes.

"Oh Sherlock, you found me." Moriarty speaks, stepping out of the shadows.

"Wasn't that difficult." Sherlock says blankly. He wanted to get right to the point.

"What do you want me for?"

"Myself." Jim smiles devilishly. Sherlock is taken aback.

"I have John." Sherlock scoffs.

"You can't 'love' Sherlock." Moriarty's smile fades.

"That makes you think I would ever 'love' you?"

"You won't. Rule the world with me Sherlock." He proposes.

"No one can rule the world."

"I didn't want to have to do this but…" he says and presses a button he held in his pocket.

"The game has begun Sherlock. Time to choose. John's life, or all of England." Moriarty says before the room goes black.

"MORIARTY!" Sherlock yells after him. The lights turn back on and the room is empty. He curses under his breathe and runs out. As he is running he texts John.

Are you okay? –SH

Yes why? And where the hell are you? –JW

Stay where you are. –SH

What's happening! –JW

Moriarty. –SH

He answers simply and puts it back in his pocket. When he reaches Backers Street he spots John outside, leaning against the building.

"Sherlock! What is happening!" John demands.

"We have to find him." Sherlock ignore his question.

"What is going on for Christ sakes!"

"We have to find Moriarty." He ignores once again, calling for a cab. It was there in under five minutes and by then John had given up tries to get information out of Sherlock. Sherlock's phone buzzes.

Have you decided yet Sherlock? –JM

I don't need to. –SH

He answers and puts the phone away.

"Where are we going Sherlock?" John asks, annoyed.

"Y-you have to get out of here."

"Why? What's wrong Sherlock?"

"Moriarty is playing a game I don't think we can win." He states and John falls silent.