A/N: This was a request for Museum Heist on Fire on tumblr. There is a second part to this that I will be adding shortly.

Note: If you didn't know, Museum Heist on Fire = the group pairing of Dick/Wally/Artemis/Barbara.

(Aka, my new OT4)

This is smut. You have been fairly warned.

It really all started one night when the four of them were left alone in the Cave for the night and things started to get silly as they sat on the floor in one of the back rooms.

Dick was being his usual dickish self, casting aside the stupid sunglasses for the evening, and fixing the two girls with a trolling grin.

"I dare you two to make out," he said triumphantly, pointing at Barbara and Artemis.

"Dude, that's my girlfriend!" Wally protested.


Wally hesitated and you could practically hear the gears clicking into place in his head as he thought it through and decided Dick was a genius. Barbara narrowed her eyes at the little shit she called her best friend but she was too competitive to back down and she knew Artemis wouldn't back out of a dare.

So she ended up with her other best friend's tongue down her throat and was actually really enjoying it. Fuck, Artemis was a good kisser. And there was definitely some groping involved. At one point, she had climbed over on top of the other girl, grinding hips and grabbing playfully. And she knew she was getting so turned on already, all because Artemis had a knee between her thighs and a hand up her shirt and those demanding lips on hers.

Barbara pulled away just in time to catch Dick and Wally's triumphant bro-fist. She had almost forgotten they were there too.

She narrowed her eyes. Two could play at that game; she knew the acrobat's weakness.

"Let's make this more interesting," Barbara decided, smirking slightly at the boys. She crawled over and planted herself in front of Wally, who looked confused at her choice.

"Barb, wha-"

He was cut off by her mouth pressing to his, lips parted in earnest and arms going around his neck. Wally only hesitated for a second before fiercely kissing her back. His tongue vibrated a little and his hands pulled her into his lap. No wonder him and Artemis were always making out; both were really good at it and she could only imagine how Wally used the selective vibration.

When she pulled away, she looked around at their audience. Artemis looked surprised and delighted at the same time; she crawled over to kneel behind her, putting her hands on Barbara's waist.

The look on Dick's face was incredible as he stared at them.

"I am so hard right now," he confessed.

Three sets of eyes went from his face to his crotch, where indeed his pants looked uncomfortably tight in that area.

Barbara looked over her shoulder at Artemis, who took the opportunity to give her another quick kiss.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" the blonde asked with a smirk, her cool hands traveling up under Barbara's shirt.

"Drive em crazy?"

"Always. Dick!"

The other boy was not-so-covertly trying to palm at his arousal through his jeans; he looked up sheepishly when his name was called.

"Dick? Don't you want to watch?" Barbara asked.

"Watch?" He gulped. Even Wally looked a little nervous.

"Yeah, watch while my boyfriend fucks your girlfriend?" Artemis said, pulling the shirt over Barbara's head and tossing it aside. She then expertly undid her bra, putting her hands on her breasts. Barbara sighed and leaned back into the other girl. "Wally, take your pants off," she added lazily, pulling off her own blouse.

The other redhead managed to pull off his clothes so quickly, Barbara wasn't even sure he actually moved. "Dick, you should probably take off yours too." Dick had already pulled his jeans down and had a hand around his cock, staring intently at them, waiting.

She looked around at Artemis again and asked, "Are you sure about this?"

The blonde nodded. There was no hesitation; this was definitely going to happen. "Yes. And don't worry, I'm going to go suck off your boyfriend while you're fucking mine."

"He's not my boyfriend," Barbara reminded her as she maneuvered her skirt and settled back on Wally's lap. He made a noise somewhere between a groan and a squeak when she grabbed his growing erection.

"Yeah, whatever. You'll love when he does the vibrating thing."

"Barbaraaaa…" Wally groaned again. "Artemis?"

"It's okay, Babe. I want you to make Barbara come."

"Wally, remember, Dick is watching so we have to put on a show," Barbara cooed, slowly lowering herself onto him. Her eyes closed as she slid on completely, her head falling back and her mouth opening in a slight gasp.

Dick was both regretting and not at the same time telling Barbara about his little redhead fetish. This was torture. Sweet, sweet torture. Watching his best friend (who he not so secretly thought was incredibly hot) fucking his other best friend (who he definitely thought was smoking hot) was enough to undo him, before Artemis put her mouth on him.

"Do you like this, Dick? Watching-ohh!"

Wally had put his lips on her neck and a vibrating finger on her clit and she was starting to forget what she was supposed to be focusing on.

"Ungghh, Artemis … Babs … Wally … Unhhh!"

Dick was the first to finish and he slumped back against the wall as Artemis finished swallowing. He still blearily watched them, fairly certain that he was going to make a comeback a lot sooner if he kept looking.

"Arty, come here," Barbara managed to say, reaching out a beckoning hand. When she was kneeling at their sides, Barb pulled her into a harsh kiss, still rocking her hips against Wally's thrusts. He was undoing and pulling down her pants while they made out in front of him, reaching a hand down her completely soaked panties to start rubbing, making her moan into the other girl's mouth. Barbara soon added her own hand, fingering while he vibrated.

It really was a good thing they were the only ones home because the simultaneous screams of pleasure echoed in the cave.

"Next time I want you two to make out," said Barbara said faintly, waving her hand at the two spent boys.

"Oooh, good idea, Barb," said Artemis with her head on her shoulder.