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(Side Note) Among other things, this is going to be a smutty fanfic with humor on Natsu's part, and forced romance Lucy tries implement on the young dragon slayer. Hope you guys like it :).

The constellations in the sky began to align themselves within the vastness of space. The stars proximity accounted for, within their respective galaxies.

The Zodiac keys glowed with a radiating light, as the axis of the luminaries in the sky paralleled themselves with Earthland. At the occurrence of the sudden correlation line, the stars began gathering energy. It resembled that of the Etherion Cannon, though this discharge would have enough power to destroy a planet… rather than an island. As the stars collecting the natural energy and magic that was apparently abundant in space, the stars glow grew stronger.

The stars of the constellations glowed so bright, the Zodiac signs almost outlined like a drawing in the sky. The month of the celestial spirit mage had begun.

The sun decanted its elucidating light into the spirit conjurer's room, bringing half of her room out of the shadow. Her room was silent, and there within the bed, lied Lucy Heartfilia. Her blonde hair messy as it covered various parts of her shoulders and forehead. A morning breeze blew through her window, the curtains danced in its presence; her body adjusted, her feet preying on a colder spot under her blankets.

It was 6:30 a.m., the city of Magnolia was quiet, as the merchants and the storekeeps began to set up for the daily business. Peace and tranquility fell upon the people, after the dragon event that happened in the capital.

Lucy slowly opened her eyes, faintly hearing birds chirping in the distance. The mission that had Team Natsu preoccupied for the last three days had finally ended and the young blonde could finally sleep in, in her own bed, nonetheless.

She arose with half open eyelids, rubbing one of them to wipe away any sleep that resided. She looked around her room, spotting a pink haired boy sleeping soundly in her chair.

It wasn't the first time she had Natsu Dragneel sleepover, actually, it happened quite frequently. He would sneak into her room or hangout with her until late in the night. Why he would stay over at her place more than his own? Mainly because her apartment was tidy, her fridge was always stocked, her bed was much comfier than his, and he simply adored his blonde partner.

She didn't mind her partner staying over, because she loved his company, though he could be annoying and a nuisance at times. He'd pull pranks and jokes on her just because he loved the reactions he'd get out of her. It wasn't until recent that she started coming to terms with her feelings for the pink idiot.

In her daze, she noticed Natsu shift subtly in her chair, slowly awakening from his peaceful slumber. He caught her stare, and grinned widely, "Good morning Luce!" his voice didn't have a hint of I-just-woke-up-a-few-minutes-ago.

He got up, stretching his toned body. "Morning." Lucy said, still in a half unconscious state. She wondered why she woke up so early, and why she didn't just decide to go back to sleep.

"Let's take a job today!" The pinkette put his fist in his hand, edging with determination. His voice rang in the stellar mage's ears, before processing what he said in her head.

"Why don't you ever want to relax, we just finished a job!" She descended back onto her bed and threw the blankets over her head.

"C'monnnnn, don't you want to see what's going on at the guild?" he complained like a little boy would when he'd ask for candy and get declined.

"Not really." Lucy's voice was slightly muffled due to the blankets. Natsu walked up to her bed and pulled down the blankets, forcing her to look at him as he made a sad face.

"That's not going to work, Natsu." She said with a glint in her eyes, smirking as he gave up. "Geez Luce, you're mean." He folded his arms across his chest, poking out his bottom lip very slightly.

A blew cat flew into the room; Natsu beamed seeing his partner in crime. "Good morning!" the kitty shouted, landing on Lucy's bed with his paw sticking up.

"Hey Happy, how was your night with Wendy and Charles?" Natsu kneeled down to Happy's level.

"It was amazing! Charles and I had our first date!" the blue Exceed smiled largely, Lucy was curious to see if his statement was true. "Oh? What did you and Charles do?"

"Well first I asked if she wanted to go fishing, and she said, 'in your dreams'!"

Lucy face-palmed realizing Natsu's denseness rubbed off on his oblivious cat.

"So she rejected you."


Happy's false enthusiasm came crumbling down at Lucy's comment, "No! Shut up Lucy you meanie!" He kicked her with his little feet.

"Don't worry Happy, she'll come around! You just can't give up!" Natsu then restored the little cat's confidence.

"I was telling Lucy that we should take a job today!" Happy agreed without hesitation and shouted his infamous "Aye!"

Lucy sat up, fully cognizant due to all the shouting between just two people, er, individuals. She sighed; she knew that they were going to keep bugging her until she said yes.

"Let me take a bath and I'll meet you at the guild." She got up and almost collapsed from the soreness in her legs. The last mission's residual effects still lingered after all.

The blonde frowned at going on another mission so soon. She didn't even need rent money, because the last mission covered three months worth.

"Alright! Catch ya later !" She watched as the eccentric dragon slayer used her window as an exit. Without a second later, he and his flying feline were out of sight, causing another sigh at the thought of her pushy partner.

"I need a breakkk." She whined as she willed herself over to her bathroom. The bathroom was spotless, with the ceramic tub waiting to be filled up with water.

The sun creeping in, until Lucy shut the door to her bathroom and turned the knob on her bathtub. She waited until the tub filled with hot water, searching around her bathroom for anything to stem a thought process.

And that's exactly what she found.

Near her sink, her keys hung on a hook placed on the wall. Something peculiar was happening to the keys however, as they seemed to lightly glow brighter than everything surrounding it. Lucy furrowed her eyebrows at sight, invoking curiosity in the young mage.

What's happening to my keys? She got up and upon further investigation; it appeared to the spirit mage that only the gold keys were glowing, in contrast to the normal state the silver keys were in.

Are they trying to contact me? She analyzed them before trying to think logically. Well Loke could just come here any time he wants… right? Lucy reluctantly put her hand over the keys, and then grabbed them.

Her hair began to rise as she couldn't let go of her keys, light slowly emitting from the enclosed circle that suddenly manifested around her.

She became overwhelmed with a desire. Nothing evil, but very… meticulous. Her brown eyes glowed gold, as she let out a cry. And as fast as that unexpected incident occurred, it all stopped. She regained her awareness and put down her Zodiac keys.

Breathing rapidly, her hand flew over to her heart, staring at her keys in disbelief.

What the hell was that?! She then focused on herself, trying to find anything wrong. Nothing appeared wrong with the beautiful mage, so she refocused on her keys and then grabbed them. "I open thee, Gate of The Lion!"


She stared once more, mouth agape. What is wrong with my keys?! She couldn't even sense their presence. An impulsive sensation took over her as she dropped her keys and fell to the floor. Her vision blurry and she managed to crawl over to the wall.

What's happening to me! She wanted to yell but her voice seemed to be not functioning.

She sat there, waiting for the phenomena to pass. The stellar mage passed out, for a minute, only to wake up with a completely new goal in her mind. "Natsu."