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"Natsu." The blonde said hypnotically as she sat up in her bed, her stare resolute. Levy bit her lip as she continued reading the last passage. The blue haired mage looked up at Natsu, giving more tidbits of material.

"Natsu, the month isn't in accordance to the days you must satisfy Lucy's need." She quirked her lips, then looked at Lucy.

The fire mage stared in bewilderment, before Erza put it in words he could understand. "You need to please her for 30 days straight, regardless of the month, or else she'll kill you." Natsu shuddered at the, now understood, information.

Lucy got up and tried to walk towards Natsu, before being blocked by the runes. Everyone watched the purple symbols manifest at the presence of her touch.

A soft light glowed at her fingertips, eliminating the ruins altogether. Her focus was on the pinkette. "What does she want from me?" Everyone stood silent as the blonde crept slowly toward Natsu, fearing to get in her way, but also for the safety of their favorite fire mage.

Lucy stood face to face to Natsu, her big brown orbs back to normal. Natsu stared back with a nervous expression. The blonde slowly wrapped her arms around his waist, nestling her head into his chest.

She closed her eyes and smiled softly, before whispering, "My Natsu."

Natsu froze at her action, searching the room to see his guildmates' expressions. They all smiled softly, before Levy found yet another piece of info. "Natsu, Lu-chan is currently the embodiment of her spell, 'Urano Metria', she has the power of all the stars at her disposal. Right now she's the most powerful mage Fairy Tail has."

Natsu's eyes widened, having the overwhelming feeling to fight his partner to test her strength. Everyone knew what was running through the dense mage's head, and all sweat dropped. Lucy tightened her grip around his waist, ignoring everyone in the room except her pinkette.

Mira began evilly smiling; she can mark 'Natsu' and 'Lucy' off her shipping board. The Fairy Tail members began exiting through the front door, shocking the Salamander. "Wa-wait! Where are you guys going?! You can't just leave me here!"

They ignored the poor dragon's plea, except Levy, who stopped in the doorway, "Oh, and don't worry, any corollaries that come from Lucy's desire are nullified internally! You'll understand it later! Have fun! You too Lu-chan!" And with that, the bookworm was gone.

Mira, being the last one out, winked at Natsu and Lucy before closing the door, the fire mage stared at the door with Lucy tightly wrapped around his waist.

Natsu frowned, not knowing what the celestial mage wanted him to do.

"Hey Luce, what is it you want to do with me?" Lucy was unresponsive, feeling in heaven due to Natsu's close presence. "Moving your furniture around for 30 days seems like a lot of rearranging don't you think?" She stifled a laugh at the oblivious fire mage.

"Natsu." She lifted her head to look into his onyx eyes. "You're such an idiot." Her smile still plastered on her face. She let go, her eyes still focused on the pinkette.

Her clothes glowed a soft light, before disintegrating completely, her naked form stood before the wide eyed dragon. He was left speechless, scanning every curve and arc of her body. Her curvaceous figure made Natsu blush harshly, his heart racing furiously.

"Luce…" He understood now, what he was going to be doing for the next month. Lucy walked up to him and lightly touched his body, fragmenting his clothes to nothingness as well. Natsu's shock didn't cease, marveling in her power as well as the fact that he and her were both clothed just moments ago.

She smiled, running her hands from his toned abs to his hardened pecks. The blonde mage looked up in his eyes, piercing into him until he was paralyzed. Her blank expression peered into the dragon, slowly moving her hands to his hips. She leaned up and softly brushed her lips against Natsu's, before colliding her lips into his, fiercely.

The blonde's grip on his sides tightened as she slipped her tongue into his mouth and begged Natsu's to dance with hers. His tension began to fade as well as his control, moving his hands to the beautiful mage's curvy hips.

She moaned, intertwining one of her hands into Natsu's pink locks, rashly pushing the back of his head against hers. The kiss grew as Natsu grunted at the aggressive mage. He moved his hand up and down her side, swapping saliva with the stellar mage.

"Natsuuu." She moaned into his mouth and the dragon began moving them over to her bed. He gently laid Lucy down, not breaking the intimate kiss with his beautiful partner. Lucy moved Natsu's hand to her breast, forcing the contact over her sensitive gland. He was awestruck with the softness of the round breast.

He grasped it firmer, making Lucy whimper under his hand. She felt Natsu's excitement rub the inside of her thigh, making her gasp. He broke the kiss with her lips, trailing down her jaw then neck. He moved the free hand down her stomach, lightly rubbing his fingertips against her clitoris.

Her eyes widened with pleasure as she moaned loudly into Natsu's ear. His dragon hearing picked up every single distinct tone she made within it. Lucy curled her fingers into the pinkette's scalp, clutching on for dear life.

The dragon sucked on her neck, while his left hand clutched her nipple softly. She bit down at the pleasurable torture, locking her eyes shut.

His fingers strummed the surface of her pussy, before inserting two fingers in. Her body jolted at the sensation, waves of pleasure dragged her away from the shore of sanity.

He pulled away, concerned at the sudden action his lover performed.

"Are you okay Luce? Am I hurting you?" Worry came across his face, but then relieved itself when he witnessed the smile and head shaking Lucy did without hesitation. She looked up at him with a slightly shocked expression.

He wondered what she noticed about him, before she moved her hand to touch his scaled cheek. Dragon Force was slowly rising within the fire mage.

In their stillness, Lucy motioned for Natsu to sit on her stomach. He tried to make sense of what she was going to do, but blindly followed her instruction. He moved onto her stomach, propping himself on his knees so he didn't completely put all his weight on his small partner.

They both noticed the erect member that Natsu was sporting on top of her chest, surprising Lucy with its length. He's so big! Lucy felt scared and challenged at the same time, her mind jumping a few scenes to when that thing would be inside of her. Slowly, she wrapped her soft hand around his cock.

Natsu closed his eyes sharply, biting down at the new pleasure he had never encountered. Lucy took it as a good sign, beginning to stroke his length up and down entirely. Natsu dropped his clenched fists to the side, Lucy's curse initiated taking over her assertiveness. She stroked faster, feeling him harden in her soft palms.

Lucy stopped; a pleading face stared at her before she moved on to her second phase. Her grasp softened as she guided his length into her cleavage. The fire mage shuddered at the softness surrounding his hard-on.

The blonde looked up at him, pressing her boobs together and giving a small smile at him. He comprehended right away, placing his coarse hands over her soft ones. Lucy glanced at the head of his cock poking out; she ducked her head down toward it and began licking the tip.

The pinkette slowly rocked his hips back and forth, moving his erection in and out of the blonde's mouth. She swirled the head with her tongue every time it entered, before the thrusting began to pick up speed. Pressure soon started to build up within the fire mage, not sure what was happening, but also not wanting to stop.

Lucy made eye contact with the mage, noticing his new, more primal features. His cheek's scales had hardened considerably, the canines that would always make their appearance in his smile were now sharper, and his eyes had become more animalistic.

The quintessence of the stars pushed her breasts together more as his thrusting became faster. Natsu turned his head downward, "Luce, I'm about to!" She moved her head back up, not knowing what the fire mage was talking back. Natsu moaned loudly as he ejaculated onto Lucy's face, covering it completely.

He moved his erection downward, cumming onto her breasts as well. Lucy whimpered at the presence of the warm liquid completely covering her facial features. Natsu stared the stellar mage's face, then her breasts. He was curious to what the liquid that came out of him was, but stored the question away for another day.

Lucy rubbed her finger against her cheek, picking up a little amount of sperm and popped it into her mouth. She relished the flavor, swallowing it with delight. Natsu watched her little action, and for some strange reason, it had really turned him on.

He got off her stomach and spread her legs. Lucy looked at him with a sudden anxiety. She never had anyone look at her femininity before, making her tremble slightly. She watched Natsu stare at her womanhood, forcing her hands to fly up to her cum covered face in embarrassment.

Her heart fluttered when she felt Natsu's lips against her pussy. Her body began shaking, her exposed surface feeling the sensation of the dragon's tongue. Natsu ran his tongue up and down along her track, the scent driving him mad as it filled his mind.

He gripped onto Lucy's hips, she instinctively moved her body closer to hone in on the short distance between her and Natsu's mouth. The tongue that wielded her reasoning pierced into her, moving her hands from her face to her bed, gripping the blankets into a bunch.

Natsu looked up to see the condition of his beautiful mage, her cheeks flushed with scarlet and a crooked half smile/half frown crossed on her lips. Natsu smiled as he whipped his pink muscle inside her pink walls.

Lucy squirmed against her partner, as she felt the same pressure building up that was only indigenous to Natsu moments ago. The pinkette swirled his tongue inside Lucy, lightly passing over her G spot.

She gripped Natsu's hair to pull him closer as she reached her climax. Natsu still had his mouth open when she began her orgasm. Lucy moaned out at the culmination of pleasure, her body shooting chills down to her toes.

Natsu loved the taste of her in his mouth, gulping it down with a little left on the corner of his lips. He sat up, watching the still mage smile softly at him. With his dragon force fully taking over, he stood up and grabbed her along with him. He pressed her front against the wall, sandwiching her between him and the partition.

He eyed her body lustfully, licking his lips with anticipation. Lucy looked behind her, a faint glow beginning to shimmer in her eyes; Urano Metria and Dragon Force provoking the two into aggressive and rash behavior.

Natsu pressed his cock against Lucy's butt, making her grind against it involuntarily. She felt his breath against her neck. He prodded the tip of his erection against her womanhood, causing the blonde to quickly shoot her hands behind her and grasp his waist tightly. Though the desire she had instigated this whole occurrence, she wanted to take it slow.

Her eyes gleamed brighter as the dragon moved his hands to her waist, slowly pushing the tip further into her. Lucy flinched; the pain and pleasure sharply surged from her core to the rest of her body. Her teary-eyes were ceased when she bit down and closed them completely.

Natsu was careful not to hurt her, despite the fact that he lost his control. It was simply in his nature to be cautious when it came to Lucy. He began kissing her neck, trying to distract her from the pain of him intruding into her. The blonde gripped his waist harder, not realizing the blood flowing down her thigh.

The dragon began to gradually propel his cock into her, sucking her neck tenderly, letting his canines graze her skin softly. Her breathing hitched when the pain slowly simmered away. The star's curse fully took over; Lucy began matching the fire mage's rhythm as he pushed his hard member in between her soft folds.

Lucy loved the fact that her fantasies of Natsu failed in comparison to this very moment. She moved her hands to the wall, as Natsu moved his head right next to Lucy's. Their cheeks were pressed against each other; Natsu relentlessly began pounding into his blonde mage as they both synchronously built up force.

Dragon Force and Urano Metria both peaked as Lucy's legs almost gave out during her culmination, both Natsu and Lucy climaxed together as they let out moans loud enough for all of Magnolia to hear. Lucy felt the pooling of fluids inside her, warming her from the inside. She was happy that she had a bit of Natsu inside her.

The fire dragon breathed heavily against Lucy's frame, her head resting against the wall. Natsu's erection was still inside her, and she loved it. She wanted them to be together forever. "That…was… amazing, Luce." Natsu said in between breaths, his features returning back to normal.

"You're the amazing one, Natsu." Lucy stared at his lips before capturing them with her own. She felt Natsu pull away, but immediately reclaimed the touch when he swept her off her feet, carrying her into her bathroom.

"We need to wash up after this." He smiled his loving smile at her, causing her stomach to tingle with warmth.

The constellation's blight ceased for the rest of that day, but it didn't stop the active dragon and princess from having sex with each other 60 more times within the same evening.

Two Weeks Later…

The guild hadn't seen the fire or celestial mage for half a month, but they heard them every time they walked down the street that had Lucy's apartment.

"Lucy and Natsu sure have been… busy these last couple weeks…" Erza blushed at her statement, breaking the silence at the table with Happy, Gray, and Juvia.

Everyone smiled and looked down, "I'm just surprised that hot head was able to figure it out." Gray said calmly, his shirtless body relaxed next to Juvia. "Juvia thinks her and Gray-sama should do what they're doing!" She clutched on to the raven-haired mage's arm, causing him to flinch and almost fall his chair.

Suddenly the guild doors swung opened, with the two famed mages that had kept Magnolia up through all hours of the night. They walked in, hand in hand, with all eyes on them. The fire and star mage both stopped at the complete silence within the typically noisy guild. They peered over their audience, before everyone started applauding and cheering.

"Welcome back you two!" Mira called out from behind the bar, causing an even bigger uproar. Natsu and Lucy blushed severely before heading over to their usual table. Erza and Gray both looked up with excitement seeing the other two members of Team Natsu. "Well, well, look who came back to join us." Gray stared at Natsu, and then looked over to Lucy.

"Sorry if we worried you." Lucy said bashfully, tightening her grip on Natsu's hand.

"Heh heh, we heard we've been making a lot of noise." Natsu scratched the back of his head with a huge grin plastered onto his face.

"Have you been able to access any of your spirits lately, Lucy?" Erza tried changing the subject. Lucy frowned, "Not yet, still two more weeks to go." The red head smiled, "Well I'm glad that you are okay." She put her arm around Lucy's head and brought it to her chest plate. "I'm so proud of you and Natsu." Lucy pulled a silly smile at the ridiculous armor mage.

Natsu quickly pulled Lucy back and wrapped his arms around her, his expression turning serious. Everyone watched the sudden action, baffled. "Oi, what's up with you?" Gray asked the fire mage, who in response growled to him. "Lucy's mine."

Lucy let out a trying-to-break-the-awkwardness- laugh, before answering in Natsu's place. "Well, funny thing, it seems that the dragon slayer's mating season started today!" Everyone spat out their drink (some not even drinking anything to begin with), and stared at the fire dragon slayer. Erza and Gray laughed together, along with everyone else in the guild.

The guild had an epiphany, and noticed that Gajeel and Levy weren't there, and even Wendy was sitting uncharacteristically close to Romeo.

They laughed more at the dragon slayers; Fairy Tail was back to normal.

Later that night…

"Natsu, I'm going to take a shower, you better eat your vegetables!" Lucy got up from the dinner table, hearing the pinkette groan as she left. She walked into her bathroom and pushed her door almost closed.

She turned on the shower, steam immediately rushing to her bathroom ceiling.

Stripping down her clothes, she lightly tip-toed in, feeling the scolding hot water against her skin. Natsu heard the shower running; disrobing himself in her bedroom, but wrapping his scarf around his head to look like a ninja.

He slowly crept into the bathroom, assuming Lucy left it open for him. He held up his fingers in a ninja jutsu position (Much like this one wiki/File:Natsu_and_Happy_as_a_ ), stealthily sneaking up to the stellar mage's shower. The steam was a good cover for the fire mage, and Lucy was too busy shampooing her hair to notice the dragon. He leisurely opened the shower door, making sure the stellar mage still hadn't noticed.

Lucy began washing her hair, facing away from the shower door, only to jump at the feel of hands on her waist. She looked behind her, smirking at the sort-of-masked-pink-haired- mage. "You're such an idiot."

Natsu smiled under his makeshift mask, then removing it and tossing it over the shower. "I'm your idiot." Lucy let out a small sigh, walking closer to him. Natsu pulled her toward him and embraced her tightly. "I love you."

"I love you more, Natsu." She looked up at him with a glow in her eyes. "Ready to go again?"