Fact O' Summary: Fang/Max, Fang/Nudge, Fang/Brigid, Fang/Ella, Fang/Sam, Gazzy/JJ, Dylan/(JJ or Jeb) and Lissa/Max all have possible couple names that are real words: Fax, Fudge, Frigid (or Bang), Fella, Sang, Jazzy, DJ and Lax. If you have any that I missed, please leave a review and I'll put your username along with the couple name in Fact O' Chapter 1 :)

A.N.: Oookay… so, my writing schedule has been pretty messed up for a few months *cough*morethansix*cough* but I just can't seem to keep my head in some things. I've been trying to find a story that really grabs my gut from the get-go before I commit to anything, but that strategy doesn't seem to be working, so I thought maybe posting something would convince my brain that it should settle down for a minute and let me freaking write.

I've had a section about story info up on my profile for quite a while, which by now has grown inaccurate, because I can't seem to stick to those ideas. However, it's not all lies, as I'm sure you'll be glad to know that this story does contain lots and lots of zombie-related epicness.

Also, this chapter is not quite a chapter, but more an extended, detailed and hopefully persuasive explanatory summary of the story. I will get the first chapter up ASAP and considering that tomorrow is Sunday I will have a lot of time to work on that – which I swear I will do.

I will commit to this story if it kills me (figuratively of course… I'm too young and ambitious to die).


-Faximum c;

Fang is a writer. He's also an internet sensation, with over 10 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and over 12 million users on his blog. But lately he's been getting out of it: there hasn't been a blog post in almost a year and the few videos within that period were filmed and uploaded by his best friend and channel co-host, Iggy.

The fans have been itching, anxious; some of them furious – a few even sent him death threats to get his attention. Anyone else probably would've lost subscribers, but his fans are scarily dedicated and all want to be the first to know about his online activity, thus no one has dared click the unsubscribe button… yet.

So Fang has decided it's time for him to come back with a bang. He's going to start a new story up on his blog with regular accompanying YouTube updates, incorporating some fan suggestions into an alternate dimension of his own creation.

He contacted the three founders of his official fan page and asked them each to give him an idea. They pounced at the chance to assist their idol in developing a new story: the ideas they sent back were that it should include zombies, an alternate dimension, and of course the one and only fan-favourite character of Fang's invention, Maximum Ride. Fang, feeling that as he'd been incognito for nearly a year so his fans deserved a story to shame all stories, decided to go completely overkill and give them not zombies but a zombie apocalypse, not one alternate dimension but two, and not an inclusion of Max but a focus on Max: she would co-lead the story.

In hindsight, maybe he should've just written a story about playful kittens.

Or bunnies. Bunnies are cute. Bunnies don't want to eat you (most of the time).

Here's the deal. This might be a little confusing at first, but even I got the hang of it eventually, and I'm blonde (no hate. I did just say I was blonde too, right? Seriously, I can't remember… I'm blonde, you know c;). The idea for this story was even more complex in the beginning, with even more dimensional transportations, until I realised that if I couldn't understand it nobody could, and that the dimensions could continue forever, and then I started contemplating the infiniteness of life and alternate space-time and my brain near combusted so I gave up and deleted some stuff.

I digress.

What with the whole yearlong-internet-absence shebang, this story was going to have to be so mind-blowing that it was utterly satirical, right? So here it is.

Fang's main character is himself. The story is called Double Doors. Double Doors Fang is also writing a story, called Ground-Breaking Epidemics. The Fang in Ground-Breaking Epidemics has written six chapters of a story called Bite Me in which Maximum Ride finds herself at the epicentre of a zombie apocalypse. Then Ground-Breaking Epidemics Fang gets sucked into Bite Me and has to fight zombies to survive alongside Max. After those six chapters that had already been composed, though, the characters no longer have a designated script. This means that they start developing their own emotions, ideas, actions, dialogue… and attraction to characters that were not meant for them. And never once did the consequences of writing about yourself getting sucked into a story where character-you has written a story that character-you gets sucked into and then having new-character-you write a story about a zombie apocalypse that new-character-you gets sucked into as well cross his mind.

'Cause that could never happen. Of course not…

…is what you think right before it happens.

On another note, just as a forewarning if ever you happen to find yourself in a situation of this nature, it is rather awkward to have written out eight chapters of a story (one with Double Doors Fang,one with Ground-Breaking Epidemics Fang and six with Bite Me Fang) about yourself getting sucked into a story about yourself getting sucked into a story and then having it all reorganised when all but one event goes slightly pear-shaped. This event being that in each story, it was Fang that was supposed to get sucked in. Not Fang and Iggy.

This is the story of how they both get sucked into Double Doors, Ground-Breaking Epidemics and Bite Me all within three days. With more than enough fluff-to-steam romance, blood and guts, death and destruction, sass and sarcasm, alternate dimensions, full-on mind-blows, dumpster-diving and hardcore zombie-smashing to satisfy the most avid and demanding of action readers, these best friends are in for a Ride to the Maximum.