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Perseus P.O.V

The blazing sun of Greece burned me to the skin causing to sweat profoundly. It didn't help either that my mentor was overpowering me pounding my already dented bronze shield. I grimaced as he slammed it once again bruising my arm an ugly purple. He lunged pushing his body forward pivoting with his foot. Sidestepping in one fluid motion slamming my dull pommel on his metal Corinthian. He fell to the sweat soaked sand of the arena. I kicked his sprawled body, smiling."After so many duels, so many losses, you have finally bested me Perseus."He returned the smile as he pushed himself up. I just grinned sheepishly."Achilles it was a fluke a mistake."I obviously disagreed as he shook his head"Your to humble, Percy, but that makes bested me fair and square"he told me. Then glancing down I saw something etched across his familiar face that I haven't seen before, was it fear?

He opened his mouth confirming my doubt."Perseus! You are ready, all your life I have prepared you for this moment. I'm going to do something to you. That will increase your skill's tenfold. But you will go through intense pain that you have never felt before. Do you trust me?" he asked. Nodding "I do" I replied with no regret. And with that I sealed my fate. He smiled relieved "Good, now I will bathe you in the mighty river Styx. As my mother has done to me."

Time skip( To at the river Styx.)

Achilles brought me to a dark gloomy place. Hades realm, or better know as the underworld. We approached the banks of the River Styx were the black water lapped the shore angrily. Achilles turned to me"Many people have tried to bath here and failed. But they did not the trick, imagine one spot in your mind. And that will be your fatal point. Every other area will be invincible and invulnerable. Good luck."he whispered into my ear and clamped my shoulders "Go!"He shouted and I fell into the the dark river. The pain was unimaginable, word's couldn't describe it. My mind was fuzzy until I remembered Achilles advice. I pictured a small spot in my back were my trusty and study armor covered. Then I shot out of it onto the river banks coughing. My Sea-green eyes blurred until they came into focus. Spotting Achilles sitting on a rock. Gasping I crawled over. Despite all the pain I felt the strongest in my life. It was like I was half asleep before. My senses sharpened, reaction's quickened and it was like I was emitting my own aura of I pushed myself up. His face broke into a a word he pulled me into a tight embrace. " I knew you could survive." And we trudged home.

The next morning I yawned and pushed off my covers rubbing my eyes. Stumbling across the small hut me and Achilles shared I found a note that sent shivers down my spine.

Dear Perseus,
I'm sorry but our king has called every warrior to war. I had to go, my mother foretold this day. And it will be the day I die. I have no regret's, my best moment's of my life I spent with you. I have trained you, taught you everything I know. You're like a son to me. Do not chase after me. You still need to write your own legacy. Bigger and better than my own.

I took one final glance at the note to see this was true. Than I broke the first tear ever since I bawled as a baby. The single transparent drop slid across my cheek. I lifted one finger and wiped it away. His mother didn't lie, the war ended 2 years later as I trained relentlessly. Then the dreaded day a note was sent to me confirming his death. Acting on instinct I grabbed my sword I jumped into my fathers kingdom. The sea blinded the last thing I rember was the water around me freezing into a deadly ice.

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