The way to camp half blood was way more pleasant than the way there, by pleasant, I mean a heck of a lot pleasant. I still had guards and everything, but I wasn't tied up and fed dirty scraps and was actually treated with a level of respect.

My eyes scanned the cluster of monsters and winced as the sunlight hit my eyes. They've been to accustomed to the dim torch light in the cave. The group of monsters was small compared to the amount the army contained there was 10 monsters in all with a cyclops commander, who kept giving me and savade the glare. Probably because his brethren succumb to me and savade's might.

Perses cold commanding voice cut me out of my thoughts.

"Everybody gather up." All the monsters froze and cleaned up their stuff and gathered around the titan in respect or fear. He cleared his throat and announced "We are nearing camp half blood in 1 day." There was a slight rustle as some of the monsters looked up with excitement others with worry and fear. I couldn't blame them,100 of us, no them were going to march and as for peace with people that would slice them apart without hestation.

As the news was discussed around us I glanced at Savade, and expressed my concerns. "Savade" I begun nervously, "I only stayed there for a few weeks?" I dont think they'll trust me." I expressed my concerns. "If Perses trusts you, than I'm aboustly certain that you can do this." He reassured me but doubt was ecthed across his face. I muttered a word of thanks, and left.

For the rest of the journey, I embarked in silence. Not even talking to savade, as nervousness gripped me. We finally reach camp half blood and when I stare at the place that once stayed at I had a sense of deja-vu.

Perses nudged me and as the monsters faded into the shadows. I steeled my face as I walked forward to the magical barrier. The barrier shimmered as it let me through, recognizing I had divine blood in my viens. As I look down I realized my hand are twitching nervously and I forced them to a few quick strides I neared the big house, campers saw me, but just waved or said hi, guessing I was just someone they didn't know. As I was at the magnificently carved door, I moved my hands and knocked slowly.

Chirons P.O.V

The cabin leaders were in the middle of a discussion about defense plans. Just a few weeks ago we were attacked but a strange silence from the monsters got everyone on their nerves.

"Status report" I ordered needing to hear what we've done so far. I motioned with my tanned brown had, to leo the Hephaestus cabin leader, who got a feld promotion, since his predecessor Charles becknodorf, died a valiant hero's death. "We forged enough weapons for all the campers and extra. And have a stockpile of arrows, the catapults are ready and traps have been set across the premiter." I nodded approvingly and motioned to Clarrise."Newbies got their formations down." She grunted, then went back to sharpening her spear. Just as I was about to continue. A soft thumping was heard on the door. Everyone paused as it opened with a creak. "Some campers doing extra chores." Annabeth muttered.

I shifted into human form and turned my wheel chair opening my mouth to yell. When the sight of the demi-god stopped me immediately. Percy the hero of the former battle has come back.

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