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Title: The Potter Twins and the Sorcerer's Stone

Warnings: slight abuse/neglect (Dumbles makes Lily and James forget Harry), twin is believed to be b-w-l but Harry is, dark themes, poison, torture, mayhem, evil!Dumbles/Ron/Molly/Ginny, Good!Tom/Lucius/Severus/Narcissa/Slytherins (minus Pansy- never did like her).

Pairings: (future pairings, this is only the first book) Harry/Luc, Narcissa/Reg (he didn't die, I'll explain later), Christopher James (Harry's twin)/?, Draco/?, Severus/Remus/Sirius.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Addams Family. This is not a remake of 'Harry Potter Addams'.

Chapter 2:

~Diagon Alley~

After the three boys left the store, a woman went to the back of the store to tell the other women, "Guess what I just overheard! Christopher Potter has a twin, and that twin is really the boy-who-lived! Young Potter himself said 'I tried telling mum and dad that I wasn't the one... that you were the one to protect me, but they didn't listen. Maybe now they will.' Does that mean he wasn't the one to start the rumors of him being the boy-who-lived? Someone else did?"


Sanguis, Christopher, and Draco walked into the animal shop. Christopher dragged his brother to a couple that had to be their parents. The man looked like Christopher, only older and with hazel eyes. The woman looked like Sanguis, only older and female. "Mum, dad," Christopher called.

Lily and James looked over at their son, and saw the redhead beside him and Draco. Lily gasped, "Harry?" The three boys came closer, and she put a hand on her son's cheek. "Harry, what happened that night? You just disappeared."

Sanguis didn't know what to do with her touching him. "My name isn't Harry anymore. It's Sanguis Addams. You won't believe me, but Dumbledore portkeyed me away from there that night. I was found by Grandmama."

James shook his head. "Dumbledore? Why would he do that?"

Christopher spoke up, "Why don't we put some of H- Sanguis' memories into the family pensieve, and find out the truth?"

Lily smiled proudly at Christopher. "That's a great idea, Chris. You'll make a great Ravenclaw."

"Don't you mean Gryffindor?" asked Sirius, walking up behind Lily.

She jumped, whirled around and slapped him across the cheek. "That's for scaring me, Sirius Black!"

"Sorry, Lils," he said, rubbing his red cheek. He saw Sanguis. "Huh, who's he?"

"My name is Sanguis, and I -"

"Used to be Harry," Christopher finished for him happily.

Remus and Sirius looked between the two boys. They sounded like the Weasley twins, whom they had just met. Sirius said, "Who's Harry? I don't remember there ever being a Harry."

Remus nodded. "Harry's your missing twin, isn't he?"

Sirius gaped at Remus. "What are you talking about? Chris never had a twin."

Lily walked over to hug each boy to her side.

James looked at them, before turning to Sirius. "It's true. Chris' older twin by a few minutes was named Harry Charlus Potter. We viewed Chris' memories. You can come by tonight and see them for yourselves."

Three little girls and their little brother came running around to where they were talking, and interrupted saying, "Mum, look what we picked out for Chris!" Violet saw Chris. "Oops."

Lily turned her head to look at her youngest children, and said, "While I don't like it that you interrupted the conversation, I'm glad for the distraction. Now, what did you get?" She looked inside the carrier, and saw a black two-tailed fox kit. "I don't know if that's allowed in Hogwarts, but we can see. Chris do you like the fox kit?"

Christopher looked, and grinned. "I love it! Is it a boy or girl?"

Lucy replied, "The man behind the counter said it was a boy. Happy birthday, Chris!"

"Thanks, Lucy-loo." Chris hugged her and then the rest of the younger kids. "Oh, guys, this is our brother. His name is now Sanguis." He motioned towards Sanguis.

Cecilia smiled at Sanguis. "It's nice to meet you brother. That's Violet. This is my twin, Lucy. My name is Cecilia. And this one is John. He's the baby of the family."

"I'm not a baby!" John frowned at Cecilia. "Ceci, you're mean!"

Sanguis looked at all of his siblings with a blank look on his face. He now had eight siblings?!

Lily looked down at Sanguis. "Sanguis, tell me. What's your new family like? Do they treat you well?"

He looked up at her. "They treat me fine. Maman and Papa will be here soon." Thirty minutes later, after getting an eagle owl and getting a custom-made wand, Sanguis and the others saw a tall woman in a black dress and a shorter man in a pinstripe suit. The woman was very pale, her hair was hanging straight down her back, and she carried a black umbrella. Her husband smoothed his mustache and held her hand with one of his slightly tanned hands. "Maman, Papa!" Sanguis called, waving them over.

Morticia and Gomez Addams glided through the crowd to their son's side. "Here you are, mon petite." She saw the Potters and their friends, and added, "My name is Morticia Addams. You must be the Potters. What do you want with our son?"

Lily spoke up before anyone on her side could yell. "My name is Lily. Sanguis is also our son. We'd love to get to know him, and maybe have him live with us if he wants. We just want to find out how this has happened."

Morticia nodded. "We shall see then. If you don't mind, may the three of us stay with you until September first? I'd like to stay with him while he gets to know you."

"Of course," Lily spoke.

Christopher turned to Draco, who had been quiet for some time, and said, "Well, I guess I'll see you later?"

Draco nodded, "Yeah, see you." He waved goodbye to everyone, and went to find his parents.

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