A Sequel to To the East

Our hero,

having last been seen

Departing ship

At Seyda Neen

Has since received

The order to

Proceed to Caius

Cosades who

Will get a package

In secret code

To get to him

They walk the road

Went to Balmora

Central town

To see what

Was going down

To the South wall

Corner club

Cover for a

Thieves guild hub

Then sought Caius,

Who package took,

Got the order

To go look

For a dwemer puzzle box

A rather curious set of locks

In a ruin quite nearby

All the bandits within die

Gained the info Caius did need

Got more for a skull retrieved

Then, the orders still kept coming

Off to Vivec they were running

Three people met

And knowledge gleaned

How curious

All of it seemed

The questions asked from near to far

About the incarnate of Nerevar

But why would Caius care in the end

About some "silly local legend"

Could it be, it was on track

That Nerevar was coming back?

It did not seem to be true

But Caius thought that way, too

Until the hero, Corprus caught

And cured it which they should have not

Been able to and yet occured

The lines of "possible" were blurred

Many trials matched and passed

The time had come to gain the proof

That Nerevarine had come at last

To show the land the false god's truth

So in the hour beneath the star

Azura's shrine door opened wide

Her champion was declared

The ring accepted was inside

To prove to all that hope yet lived

The day of triumph was not far

So the Dunmer joined together

House and Tribe 'neath Moon-and-Star

Only the greatest task remained

To face the gods, redeem the shamed

To wield the profane tools of dwemer

And end the terror-reign of Dreamer

Where all began so all would end

To Red Mountain they ascend

Gain the hammer, grab the blade

In the heart, the worst foe laid

"How can mortals kill a god?"

"What could you possibly hope to do?"

"Stop! What are you doing? Stop!"


The way made safe for future bright

So ends the poem but not the fight

For there is so much more to do

But what and how? That's up to you.