Maximum Hardcore

Sakura looked askance at the black cartridge. "A videotape? It doesn't have a label. What's on it?"

Sai shrugged his shoulders and gave her one of his odd, forced smiles. "I don't know. I would suppose that's why Yamato gave it to us. To find out."

Naruto snatched the tape from Sakura and shoved it into the VCR. The machine hummed and whirred. "So let's watch it already. Got to be better than going through all those piles of paper."

Sakura picked up the remote control and pressed the Pause button. "Shouldn't we give Captain Yamato a hand with the evidence? There's hundreds of documents in there."

Sai turned on the monitor and sat down beside Naruto. "He's got it. He uses a wood-style jutsu to absorb the information directly from the paper. Should only take him an hour or two."

Naruto put his feet up on the table. "Man, I wish I had a jutsu like that in the academy. Could've saved me a lot of reading."

Sakura reached over and shoved his feet off. "Like you spent any of your time reading." She walked around the table, sat next to Sai, and pressed Play. "It's probably just another surveillance camera video. Four hours of guys walking back and forth. Wonderful."

The first shot on the tape showed the exterior of a large house, ringed with palm trees. A moment later the words "MAXimum Hardcore" and "All models over 18" appeared. The next shot was of the interior of the house, where an older man in a cowboy hat was talking with a girl with pigtails wearing a short dress.

Naruto leaned back and yawned. "Models? Is this going to be a stupid fashion show?"

Sakura scowled at the screen. "Yeah, like that girl's really 18 years old. Probably the old guy's granddaughter. Why are they just-"

The girl kneeled in front of the man, who unzipped his fly and extracted his erect penis. He grabbed her by her pigtails and violently shoved his cock into her mouth.

Sakura mashed the Pause button. Frozen, the image on the screen - the cruel, smirking, sadistic grin on his face, and the passive, barely-concealed terror in her eyes, like a dog being beaten by its beloved master - struck her as being more obscene than the action itself.

Naruto sat up. Slack-jawed, he stared at the screen. "What're they-"

Sakura reached over and snapped off the monitor. "Nothing! They're not doing anything, Naruto. Just forget what you saw. They were just...I mean, like... uhh... Okay, when a boy and girl like each other, then...actually, when a man and a woman love one another...a lot...they sometimes, uhhh-"

"I get it, Sakura-chan. Give me a little credit. I just spent three years with Jiraya. I know what they're doing. I just haven't ever seen a woman, you know, giving a man, like, uhhhh-"

Sai grabbed the remote. "Trapped in a tiny room with two virgins. Lucky me. Look, I'll just fast-forward through the bits where no explanation is required. Okay? Any objections? Good."

In fast-forward, their motions were jerky and ridiculous. Sakura scowled at the man's self-satisfied smirk.

When the girl stood up, Sai let the tape run at normal speed. Sakura and Naruto both cringed when the man slapped the girl's face and called her something very rude.

The man bent the girl over the end of a couch and began fucking her. Naruto laughed and pointed. "Idiot! He's doing it in the wrong hole!"

Sai groaned and hit Fast Foward again. Sakura crossed her arms and huffed loudly. "I hope we get to see her slap him later on."

When the man backed away, Sai hit the Play button. Naruto cackled. "Time for the money shot."

Sakura sneered. "Money shot?"

"Yeah, that's where he points his thing and squirts on her. You'll see. Here it comes!"

Sakura and Naruto were both paralyzed with shock when they saw that they liquid squirting out was yellow, not white. The stream traveled up her body, towards her face.

"Enough!" Sakura hurled the montor into the wall, where it exploded in a shower of sparks. "That's dis-gust-ing!" She grabbed the VCR and smashed it against the wall. "No self-respecting woman would allow a man to treat her like that!"

She turned to Naruto. Her face was twisted with rage. "Why didn't you tell me that was going to happen?"

"I didn't know! Honest. I didn't think that he was going to-"

"Get out!" She picked up the table and threw it at him. Fortunately, he was able to leap through the doorway in time. "And tell Yamato to watch his own porn next time!"

She turned to Sai. "You don't seem to be shocked by any of this." She grabbed his collar and yanked him up. "Please, Sai. Please tell me you haven't done these things to a girl."

He gave her one of his odd smiles. "Well, not to a girl."

Her furious expression softened as she loosened her grip on his collar. "Oh. I didn't, uh... I didn't know you were..."

"You must have suspected. I mean, I am wearing the most effeminate uniform ever designed by man. What straight guy would go around with a bared midriff? And let's not forget this faggoty haircut."

She put her hands on her hips. "I wish you wouldn't use the f-word."

"Even though I am an 'f-word?'"

She looked away.

He tilted his head. "So, it's okay if it's a boy? All that stuff?"

Her brow furrowed. "If it's a girl, that's obviously very wrong. But if I picture two boys together... And they're, you know, doing disgusting things... together..."

Sai waited a moment before speaking. "Earth to Sakura. Sai calling."


"You were drooling."

"Was not!" Her eyes flung open as she dabbed the corners of her mouth. "Was I?

He crossed his arms. "Let's put it to the test. Would you care to watch? Me and another man? Having a session?"

"I, uh... I mean, I've never..." She stood erect. "No, Sai. It wouldn't be right."

His arms dropped to his sides. His shoulders inched downwards, as though he was deflating. "I understand."

As he left the room, he placed his hand on her shoulder. "I was hoping you would say 'yes.' We really need someone to watch us, Sakura. And I don't know who else to ask."

She silently watched him go. Part of her was glad that this disgusting episode was behind her. And part of her wanted to know why he used the word 'need.'