"Lieutenant, Nurse, do you mind if I join you?" Nyota looked up to the smiling face of the Captain, his tray carrying his newly acquired lunch. Returning a grin, she motioned with one had to the empty chair that the mess table she and Christine shared.

"Of course, sir," she replied as he took the offered seat. "May I as where your usual companions are?"

"Are they still slaving away in science lab three?" Christine added, before taking a bite of the dish before her that was some combination of pasta and fruit salad.

"They are. And seemed quite content to stay there until they starved," Kirk shook his head, his smiling going both fond and irritated at his First Officer's and CMO's behavior. Picking up his own sandwich, he displayed it slightly before taking a bite. "As captain though, I don't have such a luxury. I have a ship to run."

"Well you are welcome to join us anytime they are being so selfish," Christine stated, an easy smile now growing upon her own face. It was hard not to, with Kirk's eyes sparkling with good humor.

"Indeed," Nyota added, nodding in affirmation. "But I must insist on one rule."

"Really, Lieutenant," Kirk raised his eyebrows in askance.

"Mmhmm," her grin grew wider as she continued. "At this table in the very least, I am Nyota and she is Christine." Chapel chuckled but didn't protest.

"Very well," he held out his hand as though to shake on it. He pulled back slightly at the last moment though and added, "But only if you both call me Jim."

"You have yourself a deal," Nyota agreed, and his hand found hers and then Christine's in a single gentle but firm shake. They then settle with surprising ease into talking over their last mission, this beginning their first of many such encounters over the next five years of their mission.