Hyde pulled his tie off and threw it carelessly on to the couch in his and Jackie's three bedroom house in Orlando, Florida. They moved away from Point Place, Wisconsin four years previously only talking to the Foreman's and the old basement gang only when it was absolutely necessary. Walking over to the television set, he pulled out the recently bought video recorder out of its box and connected it up to the set with the correct wires. He had no idea how the man in the store convinced him to buy the most expensive one but, it was all worth it he supposed. Placing it onto the tripod, Hyde moved over to the chair dubbed as his and pointed the remote to the camera and saw the blinking red light, stating his cue.

Rubbing his hands over his tired blue eyes, he looked directly down the lens, allowing his hand to fall over his mouth and taking a deep breath before allowing his hand to fall down to his side.

"Your mother is so much better at this shit than I am." A small beep came from the camera as he pressed the button to stop recording, before pressing the button to start again.

"Well, I'm Steven Hyde, your dad. You can call me Hyde though… or dad." *Beeep* "Way to state the obvious you moron." He looked down at his suit attire that he wore for work, maybe it was making him uptight and nervous. He hated wearing it to work, so why make it eternal and put it on tape.

Raising his hand, he pressed the record button again.

"Hey kid, I'm your dad, Steven Hyde. But you can call me –" the camera and its stand fell over with a bang onto the carpeted floor, showing Hyde's feet. "Shit."


Hyde let the dreaded words repeat over and over in his mind. It couldn't be right, a mix up in patient's notes or something. Anything. He watched the doctor in front of him as he explained to him what was going on, what was going to happen in the upcoming months, what to expect; his hands dancing after every other word like a second nature. The wrinkles that donned the doctor's forehead made him look much older than he was. Hyde supposed though that in his profession it was understandable. He saved lives but he also signed them away.

He jumped as he felt Jackie's small hand place itself on top of his shaking leg to try and give him some sort of comfort, to let him know that she was still there; her other hand relaxing on her stomach.

"Look Doc, my partner… she's just found out she's expecting, four months gone already. How long would you say…" he couldn't even bring himself to finish the question. It was like he was signing away his life already.

"Mr Hyde, I'm going to be nothing but honest with you, with the rate it is spreading, I'd say no longer than six months."

Jackie let out a small gasp, the hand that was resting protectively on her stomach moved up to her mouth to try and silence herself. Silent tears fell down her face quickly, the news slowly registering.

Hyde ran a hand through his hair as he tried to digest the news he was just given of his fate.

"Let me get this straight. I'm going to miss the birth of my child, their whole life? I'm never going to get to be a father figure? Be able to teach them anything?" Hearing a small sob coming from Jackie, Hyde grabbed her small hand in his large one, and planted a loving kiss on her forehead.

"I'm very sorry Mr Hyde, there's nothing more we can do but hope. Keep taking your medicines to ease the pain. Keep coming for your appointments and come straight back as soon as you feel worse."

Hyde muttered a small thank you, turning to Jackie whose face was beginning to turn red from the irritation of the tears she was shedding.

"Doll, why don't you go and dry your eyes and I'll meet you outside?" Jackie stood up shakily, Hyde squeezed her hand reassuringly, turning to walk out the door. As the door close behind her, Hyde turned back towards his doctor, his infamous glare on his face, nostrils flaring with anger.

"How can you just sit there?" The doctor simply just stared at him, as if he was waiting for it happen.

"How can you just sit there after signing my life away, without a single thought? To take away MY happiness just like that? To say that I'll NEVER SEE MY CHILD and squish MY HOPE?! What the HELL did I do to deserve this huh?!" Hyde stood up and began pacing the room, it was like he was on autopilot.

"I bet it's from all those government conspiracies I had in the seventies right? I bet the government's listening right now. The whack jobs! SOMEONE upstairs must really HATE me. I don't deserve this. Jackie doesn't deserve this and that child DEFINITELY doesn't deserve this. IT'S UNFAIR!" He punched the table before sitting back down in the chair, his chest heaving, emphasising his anger.

Doctor Tyler didn't even flinch as his desk shook. He waited for Hyde to take a few deep breaths to calm himself, watching as his distressed patient sit with his head in his hands. Something he has witness him do in the past few months he saw him.

Hyde looked up at his doctor, an apologetic look on his face.

"I'm sorry for that… why? Why?" he sounded dejected as he asked.

"I honestly don't know Mr Hyde. Don't apologise, it's a normal reaction after finding out the cancer you were believed to be beating has spread and become terminal. I don't like giving the news as much as a patient likes hearing it. It comes in my line of work."

Hyde nodded his head. He knew it must be difficult, he couldn't even begin to imagine what it would feel like before he heard the news. He never imagined that it would happen to him. He cleared his throat,

"My child…" he could barely even get the words, let alone think of the baby growing in Jackie's stomach at the moment.

"I'm truly sorry to squish your happiness, but I do have an idea. It involves a video tape, and recorder." Hyde listened to his doctor as he explained his idea and began to think it over.

Nodding his head Hyde stood up and held his hand to shake Doctor Tyler's hand before exiting the office, making his way down the hallway watching as Jackie excited the restroom more composed than she was. She smiled a scarce smile when he reached her, he placed a small kiss on her lips.

"Are you ok, Doll?" Jackie let a sarcastic laugh fall from her lips as he held her hand, and led her out of the hospital towards his trusty el Camino.

"You're asking me if I'm ok when you've just found out your cancers terminal? Steven…"

"Jacks, you and that baby are more important to me than anything. I love you both so much, therefore you come first always." He helped her into the car before jogging over to the drivers side, climbing in and starting the car, placing is arm around her as she leaned into him.

"Why do bad things always happen to us Steven? When things are going so good for us."

He simply shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know Jacks, maybe we're cursed."

End of flashback.

Hyde sat back down in front of the video camera in his jeans and Led Zeppelin t-shirt, his trusty sunglasses hooked onto the neck line, he looked directly into the lens again, pressing the button and saw the blinking red light. He was more comfier now he had his jeans and tee on.

"Your mother doesn't know that I'm doing this but I need to. I need to do it. It's just something I have to do. You need to know me and I want to teach you everything I know. Tell you about my life, and if it's through a video and not in reality, it's better than nothing. So this is what these videos are going to be about."

He gulped, after all these years he still found it difficult to talk about himself and open up his emotions and letting the barriers down. But he had to do it this time, no ifs. No buts. It's for his child.

"I'm Steven Hyde and I was born November 18th 1959. I'm twenty seven years old. The only people who call me Steven is your mother and Mr and Mrs Foreman. You'll probably find out more about them later. Everyone else calls me Hyde though, I'm not to keen on Steven."

He licked his lips and willed his anger to stay down, he didn't want his child to witness his upset, angry side.

"Here's the thing, you see I'm dying and your mothers pregnant with you and you're more than likely going to be born when I'm not here. And I know you're going to be angry, but that is completely understandable. My folks, my real parents were deadbeats. Always abandoning me, being in and out of my life since I was kid practically. I know what it's like to not have parents, although that was by choice, this decisions was already made for me."

Hyde's eyes quickly darted to the drive way as he saw Jackie's headlights through the living room window, her car just pulling up on the driveway. She was home from work.

"That's your mother, I'll record again later. Speak soon." Hyde quickly stopped recording and picked up the camera and tripod, moving quickly to his office placing it in a cupboard he knew Jackie never went in.

"Steven?... Puddin' Pop? Where are you? I got take out I couldn't be bothered to cook."

He shook his head at the nickname, it still stuck after all this time. He met Jackie in the kitchen pulling her into a hug and kissed her on the lips.

"That's cool, cravings?" Jackie nodded her head moving around the kitchen getting out the plates and cutlery.

"Have you taken your meds?" Hyde nodded his head towards the pills lined at the sink.

"Yes dear, all five of them." Jackie nodded as Hyde watched her dish up their food. He had to savour each and every moment, he didn't want to miss a moment or forget anything. Ever. Picking up their plates Hyde motioned for Jackie to follow him as he placed them down on the dining room table, pushing Jackie's seat in after she sat down. One thing went through his head.

Life was unfair always. Someone upstairs must hate him.