Jackie gripped Hyde's hands a little tighter as they walked faster across the parking lot. She tried her best to keep up with his quick pace, but being in the third trimester of her pregnancy and cramming swollen feet in to flat shoes. Going a quicker pace than usual really wasn't on her agenda as of late. A yawn escaped her lips as she glance down at her wrist watch. A pregnant woman should not be up and out of bed at six o'clock in the morning. Let alone dressed and walking along a parking lot towards the beach.

"Steven, why are you dragging me to the beach? Me and your son should still be in bed and sleeping. The suns not even up yet." Hyde carried on holding her small hand in his large one as he walked clumsily in the cold sand before plopping down in the centre of the beach and looking towards the skyline above the sea. He gently coaxed Jackie into his lap placing his hands or stomach placing a kiss on her forehead before whispering in her ear.

"That's why we're here Jacks. We never got a good view of the sunrise in Wisconsin. I'm not going to be he re for much longer, there is no way I am missing one of the natural wonders of the world. And Jackie, don't think I don't remember you always wanted to watch a sunrise with me. Here's our chance."

Jackie leaned over and kissed Hyde sweetly on the lips. Even during his last months on Earth he was still the sweetest man ever. Thinking about her and her littlest dreams, putting them before his health needs. He was dying and he was still putting her first. He was really unbelievable sometimes. Snuggling her body further back into his body and resting her head on his shoulder.

Hyde slightly tightened his hold on Jackie as she snuggled deeper into him, lowering his chin gently on top of her head. He knew this wouldn't even cover a quarter of the bad things he had done to her. But hopefully it would add to the list of good memories instead of the bad ones.

The couple sat in silence as they waited patiently for the sun to appear. Slowly, but surely the sun began to rise, beautiful embers of multiple shades of oranges, red and yellows greeted the world into the morning on a new day and Hyde heard Jackie's breath got caught in her throat. He had to admit he understood completely why it did, watching the sunrise illuminating their surroundings. There was something so beautiful and relaxing about it; it made him forget all his worries for a moment. He looked at his watch, 6:29 am.

But it also occurred to him, he should have taken the time to watch the sunrises before, because something so calming and natural everyone should experience once. In a funny way it made Hyde think about how he should have change his ways when he was a youngster, made him regret half his decisions and most of all made him realise just how much he hurt Jackie in the past. At least he got to witness this beautiful happening once; it truly was a beautiful sight.

He leaned his head down and his lips lingered on her forehead or a little bit before he whispered in her ear.

"There's another reason why I brought us to the beach Jackie." Jackie turned her head up and looked at him intently. It scared her a little bit just how serious he was acting all of a sudden.

"Yesterday… well I'm gonna be honest with you here Jacks, yesterday was meant to be my last day. I know wishing on a star is childish but it must have worked. All I know is that I'm on borrowed time and I don't know how long its going to last. I'm just going to make the most of it."

Realisation hit Jackie like a tonne of bricks. Yesterday her Steven was meant to die, but he pulled though another day. Who knew how many more days he would last. He was like a ticking time bomb. It frightened the life out of her that Steven could have died yesterday, what frightened her more was the fact there was a possibility he could die any day. And she wasn't ok with that. She wanted him forever.

The only thing she could do was hold him so close to her body and not let go, as tears slowly made there way down her make up free face.

She didn't want to lose him.

"Now son, there is one right way to enter the room in my personal opinion and one way to greet people. Always, and I repeat always use a strong handshake. A weak handshake is a no go. People wont judge you if you have a strong handshake." Hyde walked a bit away from the camera. With his head held high he made a slow walk back to the camera.

"Always walk with your head held high no matter what, never look at the ground. You need to show people that you're confident, even when you feel you don't, because believe it or not. People hate it when they're opinion in proven wrong. It will also heighten your own beliefs about yourself. You need to show people you're strong, even when you feel intimidated. And I'm not saying to never show your true emotions son. You should." He licked his lips and looking directly into the lens.

"I never showed my true emotions and trust me it caused more harm than good. Never be to afraid to show your emotions, because I you do, you'll end up like a teenage me after me and your mother split for a while. And trust me, I was a douche bag I don't want you going down that road, because you are so much better than that. And I want what's best for you. Never hold grudges either because in the end, the people you hold close to you are the ones you need the most no matter what they've done or accused you of. They'll be there with no judgements and every bad thing that's ever happened will be pushed aside. Because they care for you and none of that will matter when you or them need you the most."

A light bulb went off in Hyde's head at the words he had just spoken to his unborn son. Should he really be shunning Foreman and arguing with him when he was slowly dying. He considered Eric as a brother at one point.

He should make this right before he died or he knew he would regret it forever. He wanted his brother involved in Jackie's and his son life, with no hostility. His son deserved to have everyone in his life with no tension or hidden hate. No one deserved to be born into that hostile environment like he had.

Eric held the picture of him and the gang on graduation. A number of questions were running through his head. But the main one that stood out to him… why had he accused Hyde of stealing his parent's savings? He accused him once before when they were teenagers, he turned out to be wrong then as well. Why couldn't he just bit his tongue and push his pride down, not jump down Hyde's throat every time he saw him.

Who knew that Hyde's upcoming demise would put things in perspective for Eric Foreman? He jumped out of his skin when he felt Donna sit beside him and place her hand on his trembling knees.

"My brothers dying Donna, and I don't know how to make it right." Donna pulled Eric into a tight embrace as tears ran down his face. His brother was dying, and he had no idea how long he had let, or how he would ever make it up to him. And that thought alone killed him.

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