Danny sat in the library absentmindedly looking at his math textbook. He knew he could do the problems, he just wasn't feeling up to it. Ever since his best friends dad sent him away to London Danny's been in kind of a funk, the prospect of starting the new school year without his closest friend was depressing to him. The next table over he could hear Allison and Lydia whispering (a little loudly) about "distractions". If Danny thought he had it bad he wondered how much worse Lydia has it since her and Jackson dated for the longest time. He couldn't really blame her though, he was gone and there was a whole new group of guys for her to prey on. Two of these new students just so happened to be twins and they were the topic of a lot of conversations lately. They were identical and gorgeous and showed up to school on the first day on matching, sleek, black motorcycles. Lydia suddenly got this look on her face, a look that was basically the face of a lioness out on a hunt that just caught sight of her quarry. Without turning around Danny knew it was the twins Lydia had found. He could hear the sound of their leather jackets as they moved and them talking to each other about their classes and some other things Danny didn't bother to listen in on.

Danny decided it was just best to get into this math worksheet, a supposed refresher from the teacher to make sure that no one had forgotten everything over the summer. To be honest some of this stuff Danny could have sworn he had never seen before when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He looked up to find that one of the twins was standing there. "What's up?" was all Danny could say, he was kind of shocked at how attractive this guy was. He had a strong looking jaw and really nice brown eyes and he could tell this guy worked out, it wouldn't have surprised Danny if these guys were some kind of models. Before he could say anything the twin put his hand out for Danny to shake. "I'm Ethan, I don't know if you noticed but we're in the same math class?" he said. Danny shook Ethan's hand and was surprised to feel how firm his grip was "I'm sorry I didn't notice," Danny said as he got a little red, embarrassed from having to admit that. Ethan and his brother probably rarely went unnoticed wherever they were.

"Yeah I sit like right behind you" he said causing Danny to redden a little more. How did he not notice that this beautiful creature sat right behind him? "Oh…sorry about that. I'm Danny" he replied "but how are you in my math class if you're a freshman?" Ethan gave a little laugh that made Danny's stomach flutter a little "Well Danny it's ok, and I'm good at math apparently. Out of me and my brother I like to think I'm more…well rounded" he said that last bit with a tone that made Danny both nervous and excited. He coughed nervously into his hand "Ok well what can I help you with Ethan?" Danny asked trying to not make himself look like any more of a dork than he already had.

"I was just wondering, there are quite a few problems here that I'm having trouble with, and I was wondering if you'd like to get together sometime and work together." Danny looked again into those brown eyes and paired with an amazing smile Danny completely forgot why he was in such a funky mood. "Sure, I'd be happy to help you out sometime" Danny said. Ethan flipped Danny's notebook open to an empty page in the back "Do you mind" he asked Danny as he held his hand out for Danny's pencil and Danny nodded handing over his pencil. Ethan gave him that amazing smile again and began to write a phone number on the page. "Text me later so I have your number, cool?"

Danny looked at Ethan and gave him a nod "Yeah sure". "I gotta go but I'll talk to you later" Ethan said as he handed back Danny's pencil. Once again Danny could only nod. He watched as Ethan walked towards his brother who was a few tables down observing the way he walked with such confidence and grace that made it seem like he was always hyper aware of his surroundings and knew that people were watching. Danny watched Ethan and his brother walk out of the library and turned around to see Lydia winking at him, he rolled his eyes at her and shook his head and looked back down at his worksheet trying to hide his smile.

Aiden and Ethan had left school a few minutes early and were walking out to their bikes in the empty parking lot. "Are you serious right now Ethan?" Aiden asked his brother a little angrily. "We're here to do a job! You're only making this harder for yourself, you know we won't be here forever so why are you doing this". Ethan looked at his brother and gave a mischievous smile, "Relax I'm only having a little fun. Besides we have some time before all hell breaks loose anyway, so why not have some fun and try and be normal guys for a bit. I'm pretty sure if you tried you could get a little action too, in fact I don't think you'd even have to try too much if at all. The girls here are crazy about us. Don't pretend you haven't heard them whispering to each other in class". Aiden looked at his brother and exhaled, and shook his head slightly. "Just don't go messing anything up the boss would kill us if we failed, you know how important this is".

Ethan only nodded and agreed, not even really paying attention to his brother. To be honest he was excited to see if Danny would actually text him later. Him and his brother put on their bike helmets and got ready to go right as the bell rang and Ethan's phone vibrated.