"Alright so we're supposed to provoke this Isaac kid into flipping out" said Aiden to Ethan as they loitered around in the forest near the outskirts of town, "I've got an idea. Are you even listening right now"? Ethan looked up from his phone a little lost, only half paying attention to what his brother was saying. He was rereading his texts with Danny. "I told you not to let this little fun of yours get in the way Ethan." He walked over to his brother and grabbed his phone out of his hand and shut it off.

"I was listening! You said something about pushing some guy's buttons." Ethan looked at his brother while turning his phone back on and putting it in his pocket. He sat there and looked at his brother thinking of ways they could accomplish this task when he got an idea. "Ok I think I got something Aiden. We can't pick an actual fight with him in school because we'd have to deal with the consequences. So how about we just make it look, not really like a fight but, like he cornered one of us and just lost control of himself."

Aiden looked at his brother a little confused, "How are we going to manage that" he asked. Ethan got a mischievous smile on his face, "We get him alone in a hallway or something and then you beat the crap out of me for a few seconds then we make enough noise to attract some attention and you leave the scene. It would seem like he attacked me and people would think he's some angry asshole". Aiden thought about the details, it was honestly a pretty dirty trick they were going to pull on this guy and it might possibly just work. "That's a lot less involved than what I had in mind. I like it" was all Aiden could say.

Ethan just nodded and looked back down at his phone, began typing a text message and smiled.

Danny sat at his desk in his trying to read through these last couple of paragraphs of his English reading assignment when his phone vibrated next to his book. The screen read that he had just received a text from Aiden. He took a break from his reading and opened the new message which read "Sorry for the delayed response, bro took my phone. Anyways maybe we can have a little study date tomorrow?" Danny couldn't help but chuckle at Ethan's choice of words, he also couldn't believe that one of the most attractive guys at school wanted to spend time with him. Danny typed out his reply "Yeah tomorrow works. Is 6 ok?", and hit send. Actually tomorrow worked great for Danny since that was going to be his first night home alone, his parents were each going to be extremely busy with work the next couple days to a week. Danny looked at the time and decided he needed to finish his homework so he could shower and watch some television before heading off to bed.

The next day school went by as usual for Danny, he went from class to class taking notes and receiving homework assignments. In math class Danny saw Ethan sitting in the desk right behind his. "Hey" Danny said as he flashed Ethan a quick smile before class started. After class Danny stuck around a little, "So, Ethan, you still having a bit of trouble with some of this stuff?" he asked as he and Ethan made their way to the door. "Just a bit but I'm sure I'll get it eventually" Ethan replied. "Yeah it's not too bad, also I will text you my address so you can come over and study if that's ok?" Ethan nodded his head "Yeah that's fine". Danny smiled at Ethan again "Well I got to go don't want to be late for class but I'll see you tonight" Danny said as he started walking towards his next class. He heard Ethan say a good bye so Danny waved back before turning a corner. Once his last class had ended Danny made his way to cross country practice. It was required of all the lacrosse players to do cross country in the off season so that there wasn't a chance for the players to get out of shape.

As soon as Danny finished getting ready he made his way towards the starting line. Today they were just going to run the mile as far as Danny knew. He made it to the beginning of the path right as they were about to begin. As everyone got ready Danny got distracted by someone saying his name. He turned around and saw Ethan and his brother making their way to the cross country group "I didn't know you were on the cross country team" Danny asked a little surprised. "Yeah it didn't really come up. I'll see you at the end" Ethan said as he and his brother made their way to the front of the group. Danny watched when the coach signaled to start. Ethan and Aiden were unbelievably fast he almost wasn't surprised when Isaac and Scott took off after them. Danny started running nowhere near as fast as them since he was pacing himself. The run though didn't last long because a body had been found.

With cross country cancelled for the day everyone was getting ready to go home even the twins who must have shown up late if Danny didn't see them before practice. He walked up to them a little weary of Aiden since they never really talked or were introduced. "Hey Ethan" he said letting a little nervousness slip into his voice. "Hey Danny" he noticed Danny was acting a little awkward and realized his brother was probably making him uncomfortable "Danny this is Aiden, Aiden meet Danny". Danny stuck his hand out "It's nice to meet you" Aiden shook Danny's hand and nodded before leaving Ethan and Danny. "You guys are really fast, it was impressive." Danny told Ethan he finished putting his things away. They made their way to the door "Thanks, we kind of grew up doing cross country". "Well that's still really amazing, anyways I was thinking if you wanted to come over to my place now we could always study, maybe order a pizza or something for dinner if you wanted to".

Ethan looked at Danny and gave him one of those dazzling smiles. "Yeah that sounds great" Ethan replied. Danny was getting a little worked up, over nothing to be honest. "This is only a study date" he kept repeating to himself in his head. "Not to sound creepy but I have my bike so I can just follow you home if that's ok?" Ethan said laughing a little at how ridiculous that question sounded. Danny laughed too, a sound that was beautiful to Ethan's ears "Of course, that's totally fine" said Danny.

Danny parked his car in the driveway and waited for Ethan to shut off his bike and get off. Once inside they went to Danny's room "You can take the desk if you want" Danny offered. "Sure" was all Ethan said as he looked around the room. Everything seemed so neat and normal to Ethan, it was actually pretty nice. Danny kicked off his shoes and plopped himself down on the end of the bed closest to Ethan and Ethan took off his leather jacket. Danny couldn't help but watch the way Ethan's perfectly toned muscles moved as he took his jacket off. Eventually they started working on problems. It was a little awkward at first because they worked in silence but then Ethan started asking Danny random questions about the town and other people. Their math homework wasn't actually that much tonight and they didn't have anything else to work on so the two decided to just hang out for the rest of the night.

Danny noticed that kept tapping his foot anxiously, with his heightened senses Ethan could smell Danny's scent everywhere in the room and he loved Danny's smell and it was driving him a little crazy. "How about we move this downstairs maybe watch a movie or something" asked Danny. "Sure sounds good" replied Ethan glad to move to another room that will hopefully not smell of Danny so much. They spent a good 10 minutes deciding on a movie when they finally settled for an action flick that Ethan had never seen or even heard about. They did have to pause about 13 minutes in when the pizza got there. Danny somehow felt both relaxed and excited, it had been so long since he's just hungout with someone like this but on the other hand it felt like a date with how close Ethan was to him on the couch the whole time that Danny was actually surprised Ethan didn't try the yawning reach around trick.

It was late when the movie ended "Damn look at the time!" exclaimed Danny looking at the clock hanging on the wall behind them in the living room. Ethan looked down at his phone that he hadn't noticed went off at some point during the movie, there was only a text from his brother asking what time he would be back. "Yeah Aiden's asking what time I'm going to be home, I should probably get going" said Ethan as he pulled his leather Jacket on. "Here let me walk you out" offered Danny. He walked Ethan out to the driveway where they stood and ended up talking for another 10 minutes.

Ethan's phone went off as he got another message from Aiden "That's Aiden again, I really have to go this time" said Ethan as he smiled at Danny. "Yeah it's late you should go before you get in trouble" said Danny. "This was fun" admitted Ethan "It's been so long since I've done something like this". "Same here" said Danny. Ethan looked Danny in the eyes and smiled before leaning in close and kissing Danny, it was a cautious kiss to see how Danny would react and to Ethan's relief he kissed back, an actual kiss. It was slow and passionate and the perfect way to end the night thought Danny. "I'll see you later, have a good night" said Ethan after pulling away from Danny, it was the last thing he said as he put on his helmet and turned his bike on. Danny nodded and backed up a bit and waited for Ethan to drive away before going back inside.