As soon as the bus pulled into the school parking lot Ethan let go of Danny's hand and was one of the first people off the bus. Danny watched him go, wondering if everything was all right and hoping that Ethan will eventually feel comfortable enough to tell him what was wrong. Danny went home that night and finished all of the homework he didn't do that weekend and went to bed. It wasn't until class the next day that he saw Ethan. He looked up at Danny and smiled almost as if he were ashamed or embarrassed about what had happened. There wasn't much chance for talking in class that day since the teacher was trying to get the class up to speed before a test. After class Ethan said bye to Danny and walked out of the room, Danny didn't let it bother him. He knew people needed to be alone sometimes and it seemed like Ethan needed some time to himself, which is why Danny didn't text him since he figured Ethan would talk to him when he was ready.

The next day in class they didn't get any chance to speak with the test going on. Ethan and Danny were two of the first to finish and were forced to sit in silence until the end of class which was killing Danny because he wanted nothing more than to turn around in his seat and see Ethan smiling back at him and ask him about how he's been. Unfortunately the teacher was really strict about that sort of thing and would either deduct points or fail him for not being quiet and he didn't want to risk a hit to his GPA because he just had to talk to this guy he really liked that was surprisingly gentle despite his amazingly muscled frame.

Later that night as Danny was finishing his homework his phone started vibrating, he checked and saw that it was Ethan. "Hey are you busy? I'm outside" was what the text read but Danny didn't believe it, he would have heard the bike roaring down the street. Just to make sure Danny looked out his window and sure enough Ethan was standing in the driveway with his bike. Danny wasn't feeling completely great at the moment but he forgot about it at the little rush of excitement from Ethan's surprise. He made his way downstairs and out the front door, he walked out to meet Ethan on the driveway.

"I'm sorry" were the first words Ethan said as he went to hug Danny, "I've been a bit of an asshole lately and you didn't deserve it". Danny was kind of surprised but decided not to question Ethan's apology yet, he might explain himself eventually and it might not help at all to prod. "Do you want to go for a walk" Ethan asked. Danny considered it for a second but a short burst of pain in his chest convinced him against it "I'm not really feeling too hot, would you mind if we just sat on the porch?". Ethan nodded "Yeah sure, I just really felt like talking to you". They made their way to the porch and sat on the sturdy old bench that has been there for as long as Danny could remember.

"So about what happened at the motel this weekend, I'm sorry. I swear it wasn't you, I was just having a really weird panic attack." Ethan lied, he had to in this situation since he couldn't really explain to Danny that he was tripping on wolfs bane. It absolutely killed Ethan to have to lie to Danny, sure Ethan lied to literally everyone who wasn't in the pack or knew about werewolves, but it felt different when he lied to Danny. "I talked about it with my uncle and you're going to think this is so stupid but he thinks it was because of separation anxiety". Ethan caught a glimpse of Danny making a pained face but it was only for a second, He turned and grabbed Danny's hand "Hey are you ok" he asked. Danny didn't look right, his face looked the wrong color from what it usually was.

The pain in Danny's chest had reached a point where he couldn't hide it anymore and he knew something was wrong. "Ethan, I think I need to go the emergency room" Danny struggled between breaths and before he knew it Ethan already had him standing next to his bike. "What's wrong" he asked as he got on and handed Danny the helmet. "My chest hurts…and it's getting harder to breath" he said. Ethan now noticed that Danny was struggling a bit with his breathing and panicked just a little before he calmed down and realized he needed to act and fast. He helped Danny onto the bike and without even checking if Danny was wearing the helmet he sped off to the hospital. It felt good to have Danny riding with him, if only it was under better circumstances. He would have loved the feel of Danny's arms around his waist as the wind rushed at them.

Ethan wasn't sure how many lights he blew or even how he made it but he got Danny to the hospital in less than 10 minutes. If only he could have transformed, he could have gotten Danny there even faster. Ethan stopped and shut off his bike in a spot between two handicap spots right by the door, he didn't even really care that it wasn't technically a parking space but he was so overcome with relief that they were there it didn't matter. Ethan helped Danny off the bike since it looked like he could barely stand on his own and his breathing was coming in gasps "Don't worry I got you, just focus on breathing ok we're going to get you help" he said trying to calm Danny down as well as himself. Now that they were there the panic Ethan had been fighting earlier had finally found its way to the front of his mind.

As soon as they walked in Ethan became worried that they wouldn't be able to get help, it looked like there was a huge accident and the injured were everywhere. Ethan scanned the room and found a nurse talking to Scott, she looked past Scott and said Danny's name. "Help him please, he can barely breathe" she took Danny and sat him down in a chair and started taking his vitals. Once she was preoccupied with him Scott came up to Ethan and grabbed him by the shirt "What did you do to him" he said, his eyes glowing a bright gold. Ethan looked down at Scott "I swear I didn't hurt him" he said as he tried to give Scott the most pleading look he could manage.

There were retching sounds coming from behind Scott and the two turned around to see Danny throw up the contents of his stomach. Ethan leaned down towards Scott and whispered "That's mistletoe" they both looked at Danny who unfortunately didn't seem any better after emptying his stomach. The nurse looked at the two boys "Look after him while I go get a stretcher or something to put him on" and with that she rushed into the halls of the hospital. Ethan and Scott sat on either side of Danny, "You're going to be fine alright Danny, so don't worry" he said trying to calm him down. Ethan grabbed Danny's hand and held it while they waited for the nurse to come back, and Danny looked at Ethan. Ethan could only give a small unconvinced smile and nod as he tightened his grip on Danny's hand a little more.

Honestly Ethan was afraid to say something but didn't in case his voice betrayed him. He wanted seem strong, calm, and brave in front of Danny but he was scared. The only other person he really cared about besides Danny was his brother, he didn't even really care much for the rest of the pack, which is why this was scary for Ethan. He cared for his parents and he loved them yet they died, him and Aiden would have died too if they hadn't been transformed. Ever since then Ethan tried not to get attached to people that weren't his brother yet her he was in a hospital trying to keep it together as this boy he liked was slowly suffocating to death. If Scott weren't there Ethan would have bitten Danny, there was a slight chance that he wouldn't survive it in his condition and that was honestly the only reason he didn't do it then and there.

The nurse returned with a stretcher and instructed Scott and Ethan to help Danny into it. She pushed Danny in the stretcher to an empty room and sighed "I'm sorry the on call doctor isn't here and with the accident and us being understaffed there isn't a lot we can do" she looked at Scott and Ethan. "There's gottta be something you can do" Scott pleaded as he looked down at Danny still having trouble breathing. "What's wrong with him" Ethan asked trying not to sound panicked. The nurse looked at them "He's got a collapsed lung and its pushing his heart out of place" she explained to the boys. Ethan looked down at Danny, his face red with the effort of taking his next breath "Please, help him" Ethan pleaded. The nurse looked down at Danny and walked over to a drawer of supplies "Alright this will only help him until the doctor can see him" she said as she readied a really long and thick needle.

She angled it towards his chest and poked it into Danny fast and calmly, once in she pulled on the end of the tube and a fluid came up through the needle. Once she had gotten what seemed to be a lot of it out Danny's breaths came easier and he was able to thank the nurse. Ethan felt an amazing wave of relief wash over him and he couldn't help but smile. The nurse ushered the two boys into the hallway and ordered Scott to go ask about the doctor while she made sure Danny was fine. Ethan hung back a little "Thank you" he said to the nurse "for helping him". She smiled at him "I did what I could" and Ethan gave her the biggest hug he could manage without breaking her. He released her and smiled, a little embarrassed that he just did that. Scott came back and reported that there was still no word from when the doctor would be there, and that's when she thanked him and said she'd see him at home and Ethan realized that the nurse that just saved Danny was Scott's mom.

Ethan and Scott left the hospital but Scott stopped Ethan outside "What are you up to" he asked "and don't bother denying it because as soon as you came to town you went straight to Danny and Aiden went right to Lydia". Ethan felt guilty but he owed Scott something for helping him with Danny tonight so he confessed "We knew one of them would be important, and now we know it's Lydia" which was a relief to be honest. It meant Danny shouldn't be in any more danger and he'd be safe from all the wolf pack politics going on. Ethan and Scott both turned when they noticed a car slowly coming down the parking lot, and then it crashed into another car. Both the boys ran to see if they could help but when they opened the driver side door they saw that there was no one in there. Ethan's phone vibrated and he looked down, it was a text from Aiden "hey we got work to do, meet at the bank".

Ethan left to take care of whatever "business" they had and left Scott alone to explain what had just happened to nurse that was just getting in to the hospital.

The next day right after school Ethan went straight to the hospital to visit Danny. He asked a nurse what at the desk what room Danny was in, once he knew he made his way there. He entered the room, it was quiet except for the hums and beeping of machinery everywhere and fortunately Danny was alone in the room. Ethan took a seat right next to the bed and took a good look at Danny, he looked peaceful in his sleep. Ethan reached for Danny's hand and held it for a while before speaking "I'm sorry" he said "this didn't have to happen to you and it might be my fault, but you're safe now. I'll try and make sure you don't get hurt like this again". Ethan knew Danny probably couldn't hear any of that but it felt good to say out loud. Ethan sat there watching Danny's chest rise and fall with every breath he took, glad that he was breathing normally again.

Danny was still half asleep when he noticed someone holding his hand, he looked over and saw Ethan sitting next to his bed. Danny let out a croaky sounding "Hey" and Ethan smiled at him. "How long have you been sitting there" he asked wondering if he had been there long. Ethan was relieved to hear Danny's voice again that it took him a second to respond to the question "I've only been here about 5 or 10 minutes, came right after school. Just wanted to make sure you were okay". Danny smiled at him "I think I'm alright" he said "Did I miss anything in class" he asked and Ethan couldn't help but smile and shake his head. Of course Danny would still be worried about school even after almost dying. The two sat there in silence for a little, holding each other's hand.

"Sorry about ruining the other night" Danny said. Ethan looked him in the eyes "You didn't ruin anything, and besides you're fine now so we can always reschedule and maybe go on a date or something" Ethan looked off to the side hoping Danny wouldn't notice the slight reddening of his face. This was the first time Ethan was actually suggesting about anything close to a relationship with someone so it was weird for him. "I'd like that a lot" answered Danny. The two sat in silence until Danny fell asleep again. Ethan stayed a while longer until eventually a nurse came in to tell him visiting hours were over. Ethan made his way outside glad that everything was going to be ok, even if it might only last a short time.