Happily Ever After?


The times, they are a'changin'

Sebastian Baker, reporter

I've had a moment to sit with the new Dark Lords of the wizarding world, and it has been enlightening. As you know, over ten years ago Harry Potter defeated the Dark Lord Voldemort, and had freed the wizarding world from his tyranny. At that time, it was assumed that the world as we know it would be better, safer. Instead, we'd been plunged into darker times when former Minister of Magic Ron Weasley had taken office. He had tried to turn us into a nation of squibs, but Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter fought valiantly not to let that happen. When Weasley was ousted and Malfoy instated, the wizarding world started to change; to grow. Our safety and livelihoods were guaranteed when the Minister halted the work the Unspeakables were doing to bring down our protective wards. Potter used his boundless store of magic to strengthen them to an astonishing degree. Now, we all can move and live safely, knowing that no muggle will ever be able to breach our borders. Following is the interview in full.

DP: Are you satisfied with the way things have turned out?

DM: I am very satisfied. As a child, I had always dreamed of being Minister of Magic. I never knew that having Harry by my side would grant me all of my deepest desires.

DP: No regrets?

HP: None. Everything is as it should be, and everyone is in their proper place. The muggleborn populations are under strict control, and we've made great strides to reduce the halfbloods.

DP: I'm glad you've brought it up. I have a great many questions about that. Why strictly monitor the muggleborns' activities? Why keep them here at all?

DM: We wish to prevent any more muggleborn births. We also wish to prevent the potential of our discovery, should one of the muggleborns decide to 'show off' in front of muggles. The risks to us are monumental should we allow the muggleborns beyond our borders. Until we can figure out exactly how two muggles can give birth to someone with magic, we cannot take the chance that one of them would decide to reveal us to them.

HP: Besides, they serve a very useful purpose, don't you think? (At that moment, Hermione Granger came into the room, wearing nothing but a wide steel collar. She looked filthy, and her hair was matted. Bruises littered her sallow skin, and her eyes reflected defeat.) Meet one of the muggleborns. Hermione Granger has been very useful to us, helping our children learn and grow, and she even contributes to the easing of tensions for those who work hard to make this world perfect.

DM: (smirking) She is one of our finest projects. The scientists are nearly finished with their research, and should have an explanation for her magical capabilities any day. Then, we can work on changing it, if possible. (He nodded, and Granger made her way from the room. I felt a measure of pity for her, and couldn't help but wonder how we all were duped as completely as we were.)

DP: What measures have you taken to reduce the halfblood population? And why do it at all, considering you, Mr. Potter, are a halfblood?

DM: Pureblood wizards were fading ten years ago. With our borders as open as they were, wizards could come and go, allowing the mating of wizard to muggle. With these matings came wizards that were more and more squib like. The mixing of magical and muggle blood was slowly killing us. Harry's parents were both magical, as his mother was a muggleborn witch. His blood is more pure than other halfbloods, simply because both of his parents were magical. Others aren't so fortunate. It is very rare to find a halfblood, with a muggle parent, who is powerful. That strength depends greatly on the lineage of the wizarding parent. If, say, one of the Weasleys mated with a muggle, that offspring would be incredibly weak, magically, because the Weasleys are, themselves, not magically powerful in spite of their ancestry including Blacks.

One of our most trusted Aurors is a halfblood, but his magical parent comes from a very long and distinguished line of wizards, which makes him powerful in his own right. Add to that, his ancestors are Dark, and it makes him a worthy ally. Our efforts are only to ensure that wizard kind does not become extinct due to crossbreeding.

DP: What are your reasons for locking away the Light wizards? I know that many of them are extremely powerful, and could only benefit our nation. Why not use them?

HP: Who says we're not? Those with Light magical affinity serve as pets for the rest of us. The ones who refuse to fall into line with our agenda are in Azkaban, under careful guard of the dementors. We all know that, bar a few exceptions, Light wizards are magically weak. They lack the deep-rooted passion and fire to use their magic well, whereas the Dark wizards are full of fire and conviction. Light wizards treat their magic like it's a given; like a tool to be used when they're too lazy or complacent. Dark wizards understand their magic for what it is: the deepest, most primal part of their soul. This is why the Dark has such a brilliant command of their magic and are able to use it with deadly precision.

DM: The so-called power of the Light has been nothing but myth and braggadocio. They're all bluster, with very little bite. Those of the Light who were able to come out on top are ones who have melded their Darker leanings with their magic to some success. Wizards like Alistor Moody and Albus Dumbledore. Everyone believes these two men to be the scions of the Light, when in all actuality their magic was more Grey. They were not afraid to use Darker spells out of necessity or convenience.

DP: So you're saying that those Light wizards who were powerful weren't purely Light?

HP: That's right. Use of the mind magics, like Legilimency, required a Darker cast to their magic. Truly Light wizards cannot perform the mind magics.

DP: So what are your ongoing plans for the wizarding world? How are you able to maintain such iron control over the entirety of it?

DM: I have my ways. (The Minister had smirked as he answered this question, and the look in his eye had me shivering.) As far as future plans, I intend to start relocating our worlds; expanding them, if you will. Our populations are beginning to grow, and we are finding that we do not have enough area in which to spread out. The wizarding communities are starting to become crowded, so Harry and I are going to start…reassigning muggle land. We've seen great untapped potential out there. There are lands that are uninhabited, and are gravid with magic. They will soon be ours, and the muggles won't even miss them. Eventually, if we work it right, the muggles will almost completely disappear.

DP: You…you plan to exterminate the muggles? Wasn't that Voldemort's failed plan?

HP: We don't plan to exterminate them. Our people are working on ways for them to become extinct naturally. Potions in water supplies that promote sterility; tampering with the food supplies to encourage a quicker aging process. Things that will be undetectable, and yet appear completely natural.

DP: But…but they're human beings! How can you justify terminating an entire society?

DM: We are the Dark Lords. No justification needed or required.

I was too shocked to continue the interview, and terminated it as quickly as I could. I was hoping that this article would reach a maximum number of people, so that we could all rise up and somehow put an end to this. When I first began the article, I had high hopes that our world would be changed for the better. My opening paragraphs were written just before the interview. I printed them as I originally wrote them, hoping that you would recognize the blind optimism in them, and see this stupidity in yourselves. Please don't let them continue to hold our world hostage.

"Seems we've scared the reporter," Draco said, laughter in his voice. He stalked to his husband, sitting on the sofa in front of the fire, unbuttoning his pants as he went. Harry's eyes widened as he watched the blond pull his turgid member out, before Harry's hands fell to his own waistband, fumbling the fastenings open frantically. Draco leaned down and pulled Harry's hardened flesh from the pants, murmuring a spell that slicked it immediately with lube. Stepping out of his own trousers, he straddled the brunet's lap and slowly sank down on the thick cock gripped tightly in his fist. A whimper from above the fireplace mantle had both boys glaring.

Pinned to the stonework of the chimney was Ginny Weasley. Her bare flesh was marred with stripes and bruises; cuts and gouges, and her brown eyes were glassy with pain. She had stupidly tried to get Harry into bed, tackling him to the mattress in his own rooms. Draco had entered as the girl was fumbling desperately at the front of Harry's trousers, the brunet's hands tied to the headboard. She had somehow gotten hold of a potion that rendered Harry immobile, and it was taking a little time for him to work up enough of his magic to fight off the effects. He was snarling, his eyes spitting rage at the girl when Draco walked through the door. He saw red. Instantly, the magic that he shared with Harry flew from him, blasting the girl away from his husband and slamming her into a far wall. Draco flicked his fingers, freeing Harry, before he stalked to the prostrate girl, glaring menacingly at her.

"That's it, Weaslette," he hissed venomously. "I've had all I can take of your persistence in trying to seduce my husband." Reaching down, he wrapped his hand around her throat and popped away. It was many days before she was seen again, and it was a present to Harry.

"Close your eyes," the blond had said, smirking widely. Grinning in response, Harry did as he was bid, and Draco led him carefully through the den until they were positioned in front of the fireplace. "Open," Malfoy sang out, glee in his voice. Emerald eyes popped open, and Harry gasped in delight.

"She's perfect," he breathed, staring at the living work of art over the fireplace. Her flesh was covered with welts, cuts, scrapes, bruises, and other injuries too numerous to name. Her red hair was lank and lifeless, and her eyes were sealed shut. All in all, a lovely addition to the room's décor.

Now, Draco hissed out a silencio, ending the pitiful whimpers coming from the girl, before turning back to the boy under him and slowly riding the hard cock. Harry thrust into Draco leisurely, the slow careful pace just what they'd needed to relax from a trying day. Hands were busy, caressing skin and teasing nipples, as lips hungrily devoured the passionate cries each boy emitted. They spent hours on the sofa, Harry thrusting softly, then harder, then softly, keeping Draco teetering on the edge of release.

Sweat poured from them, and Draco's thighs burned with the effort of pushing up and down on Harry's still hard cock. He leaned closer, keening into the raven's ear, begging for release. A callused fist wrapped around a throbbing cock, and Draco bellowed his release as his channel tightened painfully around Harry's cock, dragging him into orgasm. Collapsing, Draco shivered and shuddered through his orgasm, panting heavily as his skin tingled pleasantly. Harry's arms shakily wrapped around the blond's back, pulling him tightly into the raven's body as Harry's hips continued to thrust shallowly, stimulating Draco's prostate almost painfully before the brunet's cock softened completely.

Curling up on the couch, they cuddled each other, nuzzling necks and faces and ears while they regained their equilibrium. "Is everything the way you want it?" Harry asked some time later. There was a quiet, thoughtful pause before Draco answered.

"Everything's perfect."