Author's Note

Guess what, there's a third book coming around the corner. Savage is the main bad guy in this one, and you'll see Nightmare as a bigger and bader villain. Dark Bolt will also make another appearance in this one. And as usual, here's a clip from my third book.

"Are you sure you can help her?" Dustin asked as Bolt turned to leave. "I hope so, I've seen enough death to last the rest of my extended life!" he said. Mittens walked up next to him, and placed a paw on his shoulder, "It wasn't your fault Bolt, you didn't know that Dark Bolt had taken the chains off of you." she said. "But I didn't even try!" he told her. "I told you, I was to blame for that." she told him. "Hey!" Dustin said, cutting the two of them off from fighting, "Savage is still out there, alone and scared out of her sane mind! She said she's looking for her ship!" he told her. Bolt turned his head, in the direction Dustin had pointed them, "Alright, let's go." he said, not quite sure of himself. "You know what, screw this! I'm coming with you!" the human said. "Wait, what?" Mittens said. "She's scared of Bolt alright, she'll just freak out and want to kill him. I'm probably the only one she'll listen to right now!" Dustin said. "And?" Mittens asked, causing Bolt to turn to her in curiosity. "That's none of your business!" Dustin said in defense and turned around to go pack. "And what?" Bolt asked. "Really?" Mittens asked, "They're falling in love! It's obvious!" Bolt looked to Mittens, then back to where Dustin had disappeared to, and finally out the door. "How is it that girls pick up on these things faster than boys?" Bolt asked as he turned back to his wife. "It's a girl thing!" she said as she passed by him, and brushed her tail against his chin. "Oh…" he said, "I don't get it!"

There you go, the first sneak peek at 'Bolt's Soul Chronicles Book Three, Madness in the Eyes'. Till then; Read, Review, and enjoy!