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Chapter 4 - Scoring

The last forty minutes of the game proved to be easier to watch than the first twenty. Both Edward and Jasper managed an assist each. Emmett only lost two goals, and the Canucks won 4-2.

After the game, Alice, Rose, and I stayed in our seats, while our parents headed to the restaurant. We had decided to stay to see the boys. I was nervous to see Edward, but uncertain as to why. He was still just Edward, who had begged me to marry him after winning State. I wondered what he would do this time. Whatever he thought up, I would likely do it. I couldn't deny it.

We talked to the other families that had stayed as the stadium emptied. The boys still had to do press conferences after they calmed down and cleaned up. It would be worth the wait. I was certain.

Finally Emmett texted Rose and told us to come down. Most everyone was gone by the time we got down to the lobby where family could wait for the players. I was a little surprised to find just Emmett and Jasper there. I let them have a moment before I got their attention.

"He's back there, brooding." Jasper nodded toward the dark hallway. "He said that you should go ahead and go down. It's the third door on the right. Don't worry. He's the only one still down there."

I thanked him and promised to see them at the restaurant soon. I quietly crept down the hallway and opened the door. I was a little surprised to see the team locker room.

"Edward?" I called softly. I had been in locker rooms before, and I had no desire to be on the receiving end of that kind of embracement tonight.

"Back here." I heard the velvet voice call.

I found him sitting in a tiny wooden stall, wearing dress slacks and a white button down and twirling a black piece of rubber. I sat next to him, watching the puck pass between his fingers.

"That looks good on you." I tore my eyes away to find him looking at me. I blushed under his intense gaze. "I mean, I figured it would, but it looks good."

"It looked better on you," I told him, picking the sleeve of my jersey. "You were amazing, Edward."

He shrugged as his eyes went back to the puck. "I didn't really do anything more than I normally do. It was just luck their zone was empty ."

I sighed. Figures. My brooding hockey player. "Edward, I don't believe that, and neither do you. You should have seen yourself out there. It was just amazing."

He looked back up at me, green eyes blazing with emotion and bottom lip between his teeth. "I wouldn't have made it this far without you."

"Again, I don't believe you. You were skating long before you met me. You would have been fine."

He shook his head, that beautiful twisted smile brightening his face as he gazed ironically at me. "You're incredible, you know that right? You don't even realize it, but you are. I might have had talent and drive, but I didn't have a reason before you. You gave me the reason to do it, other than I can. I want to make you proud."

I struggled not to sob. "Of course I'm proud of you, Edward. You were the best one out there. You shot a goal—the first one of the game. It was fantastic. How do you think I felt knowing that everyone cheered for you? Proud isn't a big enough word."

The words were barely out of my mouth before Edward's lips were on my own. He was heavy and demanding as his fingers tangled into the roots of my hair. His teeth nipped on my bottom lip, pulling and tugging, before his tongue plunged into my mouth. I sighed pleasurably. My arm wound around his neck, pulling myself up to him.

This was what I had been dying for all night, just him and me, together, happy, and content. It didn't take long for his adrenaline rush to come back. He practically lifted me from my seat, pulling me on to his lap. His hand slipped under my jersey, palming my breast. I whimpered and ground myself along his long, hard length.

He left my mouth and ran his lips down my jaw to my throat. He lightly bit on my throbbing pulse point. I threw my head back letting him do as he liked. Our breaths were heavy, and his hands and fingers were demanding. I loved him like this. He was raw, needy, and open after games. I had learned quickly after we got together that games did wonderful things to his mind and body. If I got to benefit from it then who was I to complain ?

He pulled away, breath ragged and deep, as he buried his face into my hair and the sweet spot behind my ear. "God, who's idea was it to go to dinner after the game? Fucking cock blockers."

"I think that was your parents." I clung to his shoulders and warm muscles under his thin shirt. "And don't think that got you out of our deal. You're mine tonight."

He leered down at me. "Take me. I'm your's."

"Don't tempt me." I climbed off his lap with a sigh. I would be happy when this settled into normalcy. Then we could just go home, and he could fuck me.

I picked up the puck he had abandoned to play with me. "Are you going to sign it?"

He nodded. "I thought I would do it during dinner with everyone else. I was just having trouble believing that I'm actually here—that you're here. I just needed a moment to let it all sink in."

Edward pocketed the seemingly meaningless piece of rubber and grabbed his equipment bag. I took his hand as we headed out of the stadium and into the cooling night air. "We'll put it on the shelf with the one that won State and your first AHL. Now we'll have to work on your Stanley Cup."

He snickered as he opened my door, but I didn't miss the yearning in his eyes. He wanted that, although he wasn't ready to admit it. "Getting a little ahead of yourself aren't you?"

I shrugged. "Every team has rookies, even teams that win the Stanley Cup."

He was quiet as he pulled out of the parking lot and set out into the Vancouver night. What I mostly meant as a joke, he was taking more seriously. This told me more about his state of mind than anything else. He was trying not to think about the inevitable end of the season. That was both good and bad. It did allow him to focus his mind here on this game, and the next, and the next ten after that. At the same time, I knew that he would keep pushing the thoughts away like an annoying bug, and he would eventually explode like an atom bomb. If he was brooding over this one thing, then there were likely others as well. I just had to get him to talk and start unpacking some of his thoughts in a constructive manner.

"The Canuks haven't been to the playoffs in five years," he finally said softly. So softly in fact, that I could barely hear him over the sound of the music issuing from the speakers. "At this point, it would be a victory just to make it that far."

"That doesn't sound like you." I wasn't harsh, but I was a little reproaching. It wasn't like my Edward to not aim for the best, to strive for the great. We all got insecure sometimes, but Edward didn't have time for that. If I had to be the one to correct him, then so be it.

"I guess it doesn't. I'm trying to be realistic, I guess."

"Realism is good, just don't let that stop you from putting in your best, or let it get you lost in the shuffle. I know you. You wouldn't be happy if you weren't giving it everything."

"See this right here." He reached over to brush his fingers along my arm until he captured my hand in his own. "This is why I need you so you much. You always know how to take care of me."

I blushed even though he couldn't see me in the dark. "Thank you."

We chatted quietly until we pulled up in front of the restaurant. Everyone got up from the table to hug and slap Edward's back when we got there. I had trouble letting go of him. I wanted to stay close to him, but I let his family have their moment. They had a major part in this moment. It wouldn't be right to refuse them.

Edward passed around his puck and everyone oohed and awed. I curled up at his side and remained silent. Since we had talked before, I didn't feel the need to talk about it. Edward, Jasper, and Emmett regaled everyone with stories from the ice going all the way back to when they played pee-wee.

"I started playing first," Emmett said proudly, puffing up his chest. Edward groaned, knowing exactly which embarrassing story was coming next. I rubbed my fingers up his side knowing that the motion would help keep him calm. "I was playing forward at the time and my sweet baby brother was jealous."

"Emmett, we're eighteen months apart," Edward muttered.

"Hush little brother." Emmett winked at him and continued. "Anyway Edward cried and cried because he wanted to play. So after the game Mom and Dad found him some skates and put him on the ice. Of course, a legend was born when he kept falling over."

"I was five. You fell over too jackass." Edward's cheeks were stained red as everyone else snickered at him. Even I had to laugh at the thought of a cute little five-year-old Edward, with his crazy bronze hair and big green eyes, tripping and stumbling his way across the ice rink. It wasn't hard to imagine how frustrated he got.

"He had you there, Edward." Their father, Carlisle, laughed at them. I had always liked Carlisle. He was Chief of Emergency at Forks Hospital. He was the kindest, gentlest man I had ever met. His sons took after him in their own ways. Edward had his kindness, and Emmett had inherited his humor, making it ten times worse. And then there was Alice who was definitely a daddy's girl. "You did take a few tumbles during that game as well."

"If you started out playing forward then how did you end up in goalie?" My dad asked. It surprised me a little but also made me happy. I was thrilled that these two families got along so well. Of course, Charlie had known the Cullen's longer than I had.

"It wa' that day actually. Ow!" Rosalie slapped the back of Emmett's head when he talked with a mouthful of food. He winced but cleared his mouth before he spoke again. "Eddie wanted to hit some pucks, so Dad went to get him a stick. When they got him in front of the net he pouted. He told Mom and Dad there was supposed to be someone in the net, and he refused to do anything until there was someone there. He wanted everything to be just right. Annoying little squirt."

"Oh trust me, he is still that way." I snickered. "I think he reorganized my kitchen three times before I finally convinced him to leave it alone."

"Oh. And how did you do that?" Jasper asked suggestively.

"This isn't the locker room, Jas." Edward didn't sound too upset, but there was still a hint of steel hidden underneath. His arm, which had been on the back of my chair, moved to rest across my shoulders. I immediately reacted to the warm weight. His fingers played with the ends of my hair, and I leaned farther into his side. It took every ounce of my willpower to remain focused on the table conversion and not what Edward might have been hiding under the table .

"So, since he wouldn't stop complaining, I got into the net. I don't remember if he got any shots or if I blocked any, but there wasn't any going back."

"And then five years later we met Jasper and the trio was complete." Edward smiled down at me before he turned back to the table. "God that was a long time ago."

We sat there for a while telling stories from school and college. Some of the ones from before I moved to Forks I had already been told, but the boys always had two or three new ones each time this happened. All of us blushed at least once, and there was plenty of laughter and giggling. By the end, I was actively hoping that we would be able to do this more often. I realized that Edward and I needed to talk, badly, and I wasn't at all sure that was going to happen tonight. Edward was making it clear with his fingers and his lips, which would occasionally find bits of exposed skin and made me very hot and bothered. Yeah, talking was going to have to wait until tomorrow.

"It's good to be playing together again." Emmett sighed, finally pushing away his third plate of food. "It's like old times. You know we haven't played together since high school.

"Oh, has it been that long?" Alice smirked. "I'm just glad we'll all be back in the same city."

Edward must have felt my muscles tense, because he sent a long worried look to me. I just shrugged it off. I really wasn't in the mood to talk about this—not tonight anyway. I was enjoying our families too much to worry about being separated from them and him.

"Speaking of," Rosalie said, side eying Emmett. But it wasn't the normal you're-being-an-idiot look. It was something much more serious. "There is something Emmett and I wanted to talk about."

I immediately noticed Esme perk up. I knew exactly what she wanted to hear. She'd been wanting for it a long time.

"Look, Edward, we're not trying to steal your thunder or anything. We're totally proud of you, man."

Edward shook his head. "It's just a stupid goal." I didn't believe that for a second, but he was trying to move things along. "Just spit it out, Emmett."

Emmett took a deep shaky breath, and I was surprised to realize that he was nervous. I had watched Emmett face down a hundred forwards and defensive men without batting an eye, but something about this was getting under his skin. He grabbed Rose's hands and clasped them on top of the table.

"Okay, so, Rose and I have been trying to have a baby for a couple years now, but nothing is happening. So about eleven months ago we got in contact with an adoption agency."

Emmett paused and we stayed sitting there in tense anticipation. We stared wide-eyed at Emmett and Rose, while they stared at each other.

"And?" Esme finally asked, half leaning across the table.

"We've been working with a three year old girl for a couple of months. If everything goes to plan then the adoption should be final in about a month."

Esme screamed, jumping up from her seat and pulling Emmett and Rose into a huge hug. Esme had been more than ready for grandkids. She was finally getting her wish.

Slowly the rest of us came around from our state of shock and gave hugs, slaps on the back, and congratulations. Rose brought out a picture of a smiling little girl, with kinky black hair and dark skin, sitting in Emmett's lap at the park. She was unbelievably cute.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Esme asked.

"Well, there was a chance that everything would fall apart, or that Emily's family would come back. We just didn't want to get everyone's hopes up if something happened." Rosalie smiled. "But it looks like everything is going to be just fine, and since everyone was here, we thought it was a good time to tell everyone."

Esme oohed and awed over Emily's picture and demanded that we be able to meet her soon. "When does the adoption go through?"

"November 29th."

"Don't we have a game that day in Detroit?" Jasper asked confused.

"Yeah, I'm not going." Emmett shrugged apparently unconcerned. "Newton can man the net for one night. He's half decent, and I need to be here."

We snickered. Emmett was tough, but inside he was a big softy. The proud smile on his face was an amazing sight. Emmett would be a great dad, and Rosalie would be a wonderful mother. They would be kind and loving. I was so proud of them.

Carlisle, Esme, and Charlie went back to Alice's and Emmett and Rose's houses for the night. The rest of us stayed around the table listening to the boys dissect the game. Edward's fingers were tracing the seam of my jeans on the inside of my thigh. It was making it very hard to concentrate. If he hadn't been enjoying the time with his brothers so much, I would have dragged him off to some quiet corner and had my crazy way with him.

I shook my head, trying to clear it. The boys were talking hockey, so what else was new, but I having trouble pinning down the exact topic. It seemed like they weren't talking so much about the game as the fans.

Emmett and Jasper laughed, and I realized that Edward was curious. "Okay, Edward, little brother, you remember in High School when we could barely get people to give us the time of day?"

Edward scowled and nodded. While he wasn't vain, it had ticked him off when most of the students didn't even know the team existed. Senior year the hockey team did better than the football team. However, most of students hadn't known that. Hockey just wasn't that big of a deal. It used to drive him nuts.

"Well, this is Canada," Emmett explained matter-of-factly. "Hockey is like a religion, and with your show tonight, you are the new great young priest. People will recognize you."

My husband snorted. "I'm a rookie center from a not that great hockey team. I managed one goal and one assist. No one is going to care about me."

The other two snorted, and I was inclined to agree with them. Edward was selling himself short. He had been nothing short of amazing tonight. I was sure that by morning he would be a fan favorite. It didn't help that he was drop dead gorgeous.

"Yeah, no, it helps that you're a rookie." Jasper was full out laughing at him. "You're an enigma, a mystery. Things are going to change quite a bit for you, buddy boy."

Edward snorted, unconvinced.

*Home Ice*

Charlie was already in bed when we got back to the house that night. I was glad. The last thing I wanted to do was stay up talking to my father. In fact, talking wasn't even on my mind. I was thinking more along the lines of Elvis, a little less conversation, a little more action please. Edward had been unable to keep his hands to himself all night, and it was driving me nuts.

Fortunately, Alice and Jasper seemed to have the same idea and said good night as soon as we stepped through the front door. Edward and I walked hand in hand up to the guest bedroom. He giggled at something, I wasn't sure what, and I chuckled in reply. Then I stumbled into him and he caught me around my waist. I began to think that we may have been a little tipsy. Not enough that we would feel it in the morning but definitely enough to loosen us up.

"You're looking a little unstable there, Mrs. Cullen." I could feel his lips brush my ear as he leaned down to whisper in it. I shivered. Edward's sudden motions were guaranteed to send me to my knees.

"Then it's a good thing that you're always there to catch me, Mr. Cullen." I tried to be alluring. It was a good thing Edward loved me so much, because I pretty much sucked at it. He would tell me otherwise, but there was no denying it. I just couldn't make my voice go to that deep raspy place that other woman could.

I felt his lips turn up on my neck and let out a surprised squeak when he bit down on my jugular. "Still so sure that you want me to be the one catching you?" he murmured before using his tongue to ease away the sting of his teeth.

I moaned and leaned back into him. I had to stand up on my tip-toes, but I managed to push into his crotch. Oh yeah, he was ready to go. I felt his gasp when I slowly ground up against him. His arms tightened around my waist to hold me in place. The back of my head hit his shoulder. My lips were pursed and begging for a kiss, a nip, a suck, anything to ease away the ache beginning to grip my body.

He swooped in with a groan. It was one of those wet, sloppy, passionate kisses—the ones that left you breathless and unfulfilled all at once. The sheer force of his kiss left me weak in the knees. I was powerless in his onslaught, letting him take what he wanted. I could feel every hard plane of muscle on his chest along my back, and his arms were thick and heavy around my waist. This was going to be good.

He pulled away with a ragged breath. "We should make it to our bedroom before Charlie or Alice and Jasper find us." He made no sign of movement however. If anything he pulled me closer. His fingers found the edge of the jersey I was still wearing and then the smooth skin of my stomach as he used one finger to trail a line around my navel.

"We're not doing anything that bad." The rational part of my mind knew how quickly he could have me naked, but his lips were making it impossible to think.

"You don't think?" he whispered against my neck while his fingers dipped lower, toying with the line of my jeans and the scrap of lace underneath. I whimpered.

"Um, okay, maybe you have a point."

Before I could utter another coherent thought, Edward grunted and threw me over his shoulder. I squealed in surprise and delight. His hand was on my butt and his hard shoulder jabbed into my stomach. I tried to grab fist-fulls of his jacket. "Edward Cullen, put me down, you meathead."

"I swear to god, Bella, you wake up your father, and I will kill you." He laughed, the condescending little prick. "I can't skate with blue balls you know."

"I'll show you blue balls," I muttered as he tried to wrestle the door open. "You won't be able to skate for a week."

Finally he got the damn door open, but I barely had the time to notice before he threw me off his shoulder and onto the bed. I landed with yet another surprised squeal and a bounce as the mattress threw me up again. My hair was tangled in my face and I couldn't help the excited laugh that escaped my lips. The first time Edward had done that, he had scared me out of my mind, and he really did have to skate with blue balls. "Edward, how many times do I have to tell you not to do that if it's not our bed?"

He chuckled, and the sound was like liquid sex. "Admit it, you like it."

I was going to argue, just for the sake of it, but I finally managed to push my hair out of my face to discover that he had pulled his shirt over his head. Each well-defined muscle of his chest stood out in a beautiful form. My mouth went dry and any words that I still had in my mouth left. I loved his broad shoulders and the thick bands that stretched across his chest. My fingers itched to touch, squeeze, and scratch .

He kicked off his shoes then crawled up my body so that he was on all fours over me. "See something you like, Bella?"

I moaned and reached up to grip his hard, muscled shoulders. Slowly I moved down to the hard planes that covered his back. I squeezed and massaged up and down his spine. He let out a shuddering breath and lowered himself down so that I could reach him better. "Yeah, I think I like what I see."

He swooped down to claim my lips, driving into me with a groan. I fisted my hand into his hair, holding him steady. I needed him like I needed air to breath. It had been too long, almost two weeks, since we had been together like this. Being together during the hockey season was always a little spotty. There were games to prepare for and he was out of town all the time. After all the changing this past week, however, it felt good to be back to this—just us and nothing else.

Edward pulled away and quickly tugged the jersey over my head and off my arms. After that, he just sat back and stared. I don't think that he had been expecting the deep blue sheer bra. To be fair, I did usually wear a shirt under my jerseys. I stretched my arms up and over my head, pushing my chest up like a contented cat. I watched as his eyes darkened and drool practically escaped from his lips.

"You've been hiding that all night."

I shrugged passively, but it was ruined when Edward ran his rough fingertips over the edge of one cup and caused a shiver of pure delight to race through my body. "It's team colors." I managed to say without losing too much confidence. "I thought that would be appropriate."

"God damn it," he muttered under his breath. "I love you, Bella Cullen."

And with that, any and all teasing ended, and the real stuff began. Edward swooped in, captured one nipple between lips and pinched the other with his calloused fingers. I cried out as the shock traveled straight down to my core. His skin was warm as I gripped his shoulders. I wasn't sure whether I was pushing him away or pulling him closer.

He feasted, going back and forth and across my chest never ceasing the onslaught. Every breath I took merely pushed my chest up to him like an offering made to a pagan god of sex. I whimpered, thrashed, and moaned, loving every jolt and shock but also beginning to realize that it was making other areas feel very neglected.

He pulled away with a groan, but I didn't have a moment to breathe before his lips were on mine again forcing my lips apart and delving into my mouth. His fingers would occasionally brush and nudge against my jeans between my legs. I tried to grind against him seeking any kind of release.

He pulled away from my lips with a laugh. "Would you stay still?"

"Get your damn pants unbuttoned, and I will." I tried to use my arms which were locked around his neck to pull him back down to me. He was having none of it and broke away with a laugh.

I pouted as he kneeled between my knees. "Your insatiable." He snickered as he began to work on my pants.

"I take it you like the bra?"

He groaned and finally managed to unsnap the buttons. "Dear god Bella, don't lose that thing. It's one of my new favorites. Just promise me that you'll wear a t-shirt next time, okay?"

I was going to give him a smart aleck reply, but he finally managed to get rid of his pants, and it seemed like such an inappropriate thing to do. His chest was perfectly sculpted leading to that tantalizing "v" that pointed to the most delicious part of him. I really wanted to lick him from his jaw all the way down.

Edward must have seen my plan because he laughed and playfully shoved me back down on to my back. "I don't think so," he said, tossing those damn jeans over the side of bed. I didn't regret seeing them go. "If I let you start doing that, we could be here all night."

"You've never complained before." I palmed my hand over his the top of his dick and swept it down to the base. The whimper that escaped his lips was a sound that I knew only I heard, ever, and it made me feel powerful.

"Bella." His voice was gravelly and broken and sent a fresh shot of arousal traveling through my body. "We are not going to make it that long tonight. I've wanted to take you since you walked into the locker room. I've been denied for too long ."

It was my turn to whimper as finally, after making me wait for too long, he pulled away from my mouth, pulled my legs up so that my knees were over his shoulders, kneeled between my spread thighs, and pushed home in one solid thrust. I couldn't stop the sharp cry that escaped from my mouth with sensation of suddenly being so full.

Edward remained motionless, trying to give me a chance to adjust to the sudden intrusion, but I could see the lines of stress still evident across his forehead. His breath came in great panting heaves, and his eyes were so dark, clouded with lust, desire, and love for me. I could feel his weight against my thighs and knew that this was going to be hard, fast, and so very good.

I nodded, letting him know that I was okay. He leaned down, capturing my lips again, before pulling away and slamming back into me. I arched my back, trying to get him deeper, closer.

Our breaths mingled in front of our lips, just inches apart. We sighed and moaned, retreated and returned. I whimpered as he captured a nipple in his mouth.

I could tell that he wasn't going to last much longer. His thrusts were already growing jittery and short. I was close but not close enough. I could tell that he was trying to hold on, but there was only so much that he could do. I snaked a hand down between us and began to rub the sensitive nub just above where we were joined.

I came with a shout and a cry. I had just enough awareness to hear Edward grunt and moan my name before I was washed away on a sea of pleasure that I didn't try to fight.

When I was able to focus again, it was to discover a great deal of weight on my chest. "Edward." I shoved weakly on his shoulders. "You're squishing me."

He grunted and rolled over, lying on his back panting like he had run a hundred miles. His eyes were closed, but he smiled. "God dammit. I am never leaving again."

I giggled as he mindlessly began playing with my hair. "You say that every time."

"I mean it every time."

"So what happens?"

He shrugged, his breathing returning to normal. "I remember that I love hockey almost as much as I love you."

I snickered, but he was right. He would be lost without his hockey.

Eventually Edward dragged himself off the bed and went to get a washcloth from the bathroom. After tenderly cleaning us both up he turned the lights off and spooned in next to me. We lay next to each other silently, breathing in time.

"Why?" I broke the peace.

"Why what?" he asked groggily.

"Why do you want me to wear a t-shirt next time?"

He chuckled darkly and cupped one of my tender breasts. "Because you were wearing that tiny little see through scrap of a thing underneath a jersey. Anybody could have seen anything."

"Edward." I groaned but didn't bother to fight with him. The holes in a jersey weren't that big.

The last thing I remember was Edward gently kissing the crown of my head before I fell deeply asleep.

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