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Without further ado, here is Learn To Love Again.

Well I thought that things would be better now that I was only a semester from graduating. Never had I been so wrong. I was crunching to excel in my many classes, and excel I must, if my plan to work aboard the Enterprise is to be carried out. The fleet's flagship was accepting none but the finest graduates to become part of her crew. Though repairs from the Nero incident were still underway, the Enterprise would be ready to fly again just after graduation.

I was mostly completing classes that I had started at the beginning of the year. There was only one class I had taken for only this semester. I felt the need to study a bit of Vulcan history after the planet's destruction, and this class had been the only one having an open space. I soon found out why. Commander Spock taught the class. Being half-Vulcan himself, he had a vast knowledge of the planet. I quickly found that because of this expertise, nothing short of excellence would be accepted.

Though at first quite intimidated, I found Vulcan history was my favorite subject. The lectures were most fascinating, and because of that I was able to excel. The only downside being that my ex-boyfriend, Cadet Robertson, also attended the class. Presumably stalking me. I couldn't let it intimidate me, especially now that finals were beginning, but there was always this nagging feeling that things would go sour very quickly.

I knew that Commander Spock must have noticed something odd, because he would raise his eyebrow ever so slightly when Robertson would sit next to me, no matter where I sat. But that didn't matter at he moment, finals did. That's why I was going to my Vulcan history classroom early, hoping to squeeze in some uninterrupted study time before Cadet Robertson showed up. It was the last class of the day, and I knew he could show up at any time.

I sat in a desk in the front row, and opened my textbook on my PADD. I was a few pages in when I heard the doors open and shut quietly. I glanced up long enough to see Commander Spock stride in, his PADD under his arm, and his uniform perfect, as always.

I discreetly straightened in my seat, and pulled my uniform straight. His mere presence made me want to appear my best. Not only was he my favorite teacher, but he was first officer aboard the Enterprise. I would do well to keep a good reputation around him.

Something about him told me that though he was Vulcan, and supposedly had no emotional capability, that he really did feel like a human does. That maybe he just hides it exceedingly well. Perhaps it was the way he would raise an eyebrow when I turned in a paper a week earlier than everyone else. Or maybe the way he would smirk ever so slightly after putting a unrulely student in their place. No matter the reason, I was sure that he did feel. And though it went against everything that I was being taught about the planet's history, I believed it suited him well.

My attention was drawn from my thoughts when his calm voice called, "Cadet, what brings you here so early? Final exams do not begin for almost an hour."

My mind scrambled for my reason. It was a good one, why had I forgotten it?

"I simply desired to study before the exam, Commander." I stated, finally remembering. "During class I find it hard to concentrate at times."

He simply nodded, and when I moved to continue reading, spoke once more.

"Is it, perhaps, the presence of the male Cadet that sits next to you, what you find distracting?" He queried.

I sat in shock for a moment, before answering. "Yes, Commander. Cadet Robertson and I had previously been romantically involved. When I called it off, he resorted to taking every possible class he could with me, and it makes me uncomfortable."

The Commander seemed to think for a moment, before offering, "I could assign seating for final exams, so he would not sit by your side."

"That would be...most appreciated." I said, shocked at his generous offer, "but please, I don't want to cause you any trouble."

"There is no trouble." He replied with what appeared to be a fraction of a smile, but it was gone before I could really tell, "I would not hear of my best student failing a final exam because of a distraction she held no responsibility for."

"Thank you, Commander." I said, smiling broadly.

"It is no trouble at all, Cadet..." he paused.

"Turner, Jamie." I said.

"Cadet Turner." He finished, with what appeared to be another fractional smile, but again it was gone before I could tell.

I quietly reveled in the fact that he had offered to go out of his way to help me, and that he had even called me his 'best student'. But shaking my head to clear it, I reminded myself that I had a final to study for, and I returned my attention to my textbook.

When the final was about to begin, I glanced at Robertson long enough to see a scowl across his face. I smirked to myself, and waited for Commander Spock to tell us to begin.

Once he had, I nearly flew through the test. When I had finished the essay, I returned the test to the Commander and sat down, a triumphant smile on my face.

One by one all of the students turned in their tests, their faces mostly uncertain, a few fearful. When the class was dismissed, the majority of the students left, speaking of their plans for the night. I remained in my desk, waiting for Robertson to leave.

But he didn't.

I started to put my PADD and other things into my bag like I was leaving, and he did the same. This wasn't good. And it made me very uncomfortable. I rose to leave, and Robertson did too. I stopped to briefly thank Commander Spock for his help. He motioned me closer, and said in a low voice, "Would you like me to escort you to your quarters?"

"No," I said, glancing at Robertson, "I believe that I can handle this myself. My sincerest thanks, though."

He merely nodded, and I left the building hastily. I knew I was pursued, but I didn't look back. I already knew who it was. Instead of leading him to my dorm, I started for campus security. But he figured it out too soon, and caught up with me quickly. Grabbing my arm with a grip of steel, he violently swept me into a side passage that looked like it hadn't been used in a while.

"I'm tired of your game." He whispered through clenched teeth, "Why don't you just acknowledge the fact that we were meant to be together?" He asked in a softer tone, coming closer to me, pressing me up against a wall.

"That's because we're not going be together." I spat, squirming to get free. But his grip on my arm tightened, And I knew it would bruise badly. His other hand gripped my other arm, and I realized what he intended to do. My face paled, my throat tightened, and my heart raced. I closed my eyes, waiting for the inevitable. Moments after his lips met my skin, he suddenly slumped down and fell to the ground.

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