TFATF : Letty Meets Dom

This is my first actual FanFiction so please be kind. It is long but i figured it should be since it's the first one. Thank you and Enjoy. Please Review !

Letty POV

I grew up with both parents, my dad worked at several shops in L.A while my mom cleaned houses or stayed home with me. Finally when my parents could afford enough money to buy a nice house in a more quiet neighborhood, they did. Today is moving day for me, thankfully I don't have much to move, just a bunch of car magazines and clothes. As we drove to our new home in East L.A, I noticed the place wasn't horrible like my old home but it wasn't the greatest place on Earth.

We arrived at our new house, a small one story house. It was actually really nice, my mom had started setting up the kitchen while I waited for the moving truck my dad drove. The neighborhood was nice, I noticed a Mazda RX-7 just down the street. "Nice car" I said out loud, not realizing my father just pulled up with the moving truck.

"Letty," I heard my dad call out. "Yeah?" I yelled back at him. "Come get your stuff down and start unpacking, then you can go out" he called out to me. I didn't mind unpacking but I had a lot of stuff actually.

My room color was white, how boring but whatever. My bed frame fit perfectly against the wall opposite of the door, my race car bed sheets were hard to put on the mattress but I made it work, my big blanket was all blanket and my pillows were placed perfectly. My dad promised to put up some shelves in the room for my small car collection, until then I decided to leave them in a box. The window in my room was perfect for looking at the nice Mazda just a few houses down. My dad carried my small dresser into my room and placed it by the door. I finished unpacking all my clothes and figured I go out exploring tomorrow before school started up again. I had been hearing that there were these drag races around, but it was the middle of winter, who would race in this cold weather.

I walked outside in my favorite blue jeans and sweatshirt, my parents definitely know how to pick a day to move houses. I heard the Mazda start and watch as the driver who looked rather small stepped out of the car. She had a thin build, long dark brown hair, thin pink lips, dark brown eyes, and she didn't look very short but not tall either. Then I saw a tall, well built guy, bald head, dark eyes, and something rather scary about him, but excitement as well. I tried not to stare but hey he was good looking. I could hear their conversation from were I was standing. "Mia you are not going tonight, I don't care how much you beg or complain, you are not going," the older handsome looking guy told the young girl, Mia. "Dom I haven't been out of the house since you decided I need to be grounded for nothing!" the girl, Mia was yelling at Dom. I didn't stay any longer to hear the rest of the conversation.

During dinner the door bell rang, my mother looked at me like I had something to do with the door. I got up and walked over to open the door, the girl from a few houses down was standing infront of me. "Hi. I'm Mia" she held out her hand for a hand shake. "Hi. I'm Letty. You live a few houses down don't you?" I asked. "Yeah, I saw a moving truck in front of this house. But you look a little young to be owning a house." She explained. "Mom we have company, would you like to come in? We were just having dinner." I chuckled at her joke, and invited her knowing my parents would be happy that I made a friend who was a girl.

Mia explained that her brother Dom was going out tonight and didn't want to stay in the house all by herself even though her brother would be home. I also found out that her brother owned a small garage and sandwich place, Mia was going to the same high school I was going to start. She was a few months older than me, but we would be in the same grade. I actually okay with knowing a girl for once, usually girls are just a pain and annoying. "Hey Letty do you mind if I spend the night? Your parents seem really nice" she asked me. I went into my parents' room and asked, obviously they said yes.

When I walked back to my room, I caught Mia looking through one of my cars magazine. She started telling me about her life when she was younger. "I remember everything about my dad, but my mom I don't remember much. Dom remembers more than I do. But my dad died just a few years ago. Dom is still taking it really hard. But he won't talk to me about it, he just ignores it or tries too, but he just needs to tell someone." Mia went on about her brother. I could tell she was like a mom to her brother but she knew her place went it came to him. "Can I meet your brother?" I asked immediatly. Mia smiled, but I didn't mean to say it or ask it. After our long talk about Mia's life, I realized it was around 2:30 A.M and I could hear music from Mia's house. I couldn't sleep at all for some reason, but somehow I fell asleep.

I woke up to chatter in the kitchen and the smell of bacon, eggs, and chorizo. I walked out of my bed in my gray sweat pants and black tank top.

"Hey mom, smells good in here, hey Mia." I greeted the two women in the kitchen. It was weird I just met Mia but I felt like I knew her for years already. My mom, Mia, and I ate in silence until Mia said, "I guess I should be going home now. It sucks living with all boys now." My mom suggested that Mia and I should hang out. I told Mia, she could come over and she could show me around. After all it was Saturday.

Mia and I went out around town, she invited me to the races that were going on tonight. "Letty, lets go, we can walk there and sneak out or something. Trust me the races are awesome," she said excitedly. Mia kept begging me to go with her, so I agreed. We went back to my house and got ready. Mia wore fishnets, a black leather skirt, a dark blue tank top, a black leather jacket, and some boots. "Mia my mom won't let you walk out of her house like that" I whispered to her. "Letty don't worry about it, your mom is knocked out. And we'll be back before she even knows we are gone" Mia explained. I'm not that girl who is all good and is the greatest daughter ever, but I wasn't in the mood to get in trouble with my parents. Mia pulled out a pair of dark jeans, black boots with a two inch heel, a brown leather jacket and a white tank top for me. We snuck out around 11:00 and had to walk pretty far. "Mia you have to be kidding me! This is the longest walk ever!" I started yelling at Mia. "I can hear the engines, come on let's go!" Mia pulled me with her and we ran to street that was blocked off by dozens of cars. We were watching the Mazda that was parked in Mia's drive way earlier today. Then out of nowhere I saw the car coming right at me, some guy pulled me out of the way, but I had this burning sensation on my left wrist. I looked at the Mazda that was now wrapped around a pole and the driver getting out coming towards me. I looked down my wrist and I saw all the blood spilling out of my wrist.

"I'm so sorry. Let me help. We should go to the hospital." I heard his voice, I knew it was his. So gentle, caring, deep, warm. Maybe I was losing too much blood. "LETTY!" I could hear Mia. "Dom we need to take her home. Come on let's go. I can fix her wrist at home" I heard Mia saying to Dom. We drove home well I sat in the back. Dom carried me inside their house and Mia brought out the first aid kit. Haha it's funny how Mia went from being a teenager into nursing mood, she took care of my wrist like my mother would but she also kept asking if I was okay, if I needed anything. I realized how cold it was outside when we were at the races, I mean I was wearing jeans but Mia was a skirt, she should of been freezing but she wasn't. I went to sleep right there on the couch. I didn't care, my night was full of excitement and I met Dom.