Author's Note: I felt the need to finish this story. This chapter focuses mainly on Letty finding trust in Brian. This chapter was written In honor of Paul Walker. I plan to another story soon that focuses just on Brian. Anyways, I am another fan of Paul Walker and is very upset and startled by the news of his death, I can not fathom what this may mean for the franchise but also for his 15 year old daughter who will never see her father again. R.I.P Paul Walker. You will never forgotten.

Chapter 12 Keep Going

I won the race with ease, thanks to my amazing driving skills. I returned home, but before I got out of the car I called Brian. "Letty it's 3 in the morning. Are you okay?" I could hear his voice full of sleep still. I felt somewhat bad for waking him. "I got in." It took him a few minutes to register what I was saying. I could picture him rubbing his eyes and his eyes opening at the realization.

"Letty, we'll talk tomorrow. Meet at the sandwich place," I was shocked, I thought he would be happy. Maybe I was reading into his reaction too much, whatever it was it didn't matter, I needed this as much as he needed this.

I walked into the dark house, the only light on was the one in the kitchen. It brought back memories of when Dom would wait up for me after we had a fight. I saw Mia, head in her hands, she wore her pink slippers, pink shorts, and a black t-shirt. "Letty where have you been? I was beyond worried. You leave and don't come back until the morning hours." I felt I was being scolded, like I was that sixteen year old girl again coming home. I didn't even bother to tell Mia were I was.

"Letty you can't just ignore me!" Mia's face was starting to turn red, I continued to ignore her. I opened the fridge and noticed the plate that Mia had saved me. I took it out and unwrapped the foil paper. I turned around to find a very pissed Mia starring straight into my eyes. "Don't lie to me." I wanted to tell her but I can't, she would hate me for going to Brian, she would be upset for me finding trouble again.

"Mia I had to go, I need to talk to an old friend." I lied through my teeth, at least not entirely.

"Who? Dom called while you were out. He wanted to know you were." My heart stopped, the blood in my veins went cold. I left, I couldn't hear this, I wouldn't. If Dom wanted to know how I was doing he would call me, he knew my number or he would come looking for me. I went into my car and called Brian again.

"Meet me by the oil rigs." I hung up. I drove away without thinking, I couldn't do this anymore. I needed to start now, Brian was the only one I had left who wouldn't make me feel like Dom did the right thing for me.

I waited in my car for ten minutes, just waiting for Brian's Skyline to into view. I saw it and I got out quickly. "Letty what's going on? Are you okay?"

I didn't mind him asking the questions, I felt better now. "Dom called Mia, looking for me or some shit."

"Letty we'll bring him back."

That was it, I believed him.

Over the next couple of weeks, I ran small jobs for Braga. Brian and I became close, he was apart of my family even if Mia and Dom didn't trust him, I did. He cared for me and I cared for him, we spent hours talking about our adventures between our last encounter and to the present moment. And that's when it stopped. My last job for Braga.