Soul's Got A Sister AND A Secret?

Summary: Soul Eater Evans has a secret, his name isn't Soul Eater Evans, it's Soul Sohma. He is cursed by the zodiac, but he's the forgotten zodiac. He is cursed by the lion. His dad didn't want him and forced his mom to give him away. She sent him to the DWMA, or Death Weapon Meister Academy with his older brother Wes. He was allowed to see his sister Kisa, who is cursed by the tiger, sometimes, but more often after his dad died. What will happen when Kisa comes to his school with an important message?

Hey this is my first Soul Eater Fruits Basket crossover and my first Soul Eater so go easy on me.

Disclaimer: I do not own Soul Eater or Fruits Basket or any of their characters.

Soul/Maka, Kid/Liz, Kisa/Hiro, and a little bit of Black Star/ Tsubaki.

Chapter 1

Soul's POV

I strolled down the hall with my meister, Maka, and Black Star, Tsubaki, Kid, Liz, and Patty. We were making our way to our classroom, when something small bumped into me. I looked down shocked to see a small girl sitting on the ground rubbing her head. "Ow," I heard her mutter and she looked up at me. I gasped at the exact same time she did and she jumped to her feet wrapping her arms around me. "Soul! Oh thank god we found you. We've been looking everywhere for you!" The girl said, her voice muffled by his t-shirt. "Oh my god, Kisa! What are you doing here? How'd you get here?" I asked pulling away from her and looking at her face.

It's been about 2 years since I last saw her and she's grown so much. "Grandpa Hatori drove us. We got her about an hour ago," She explained. "We? Us? Who's with you?" I asked. "Me," a voice said walking up to us. "Hiro?" I asked. Kisa nodded and looked over my shoulder. Suddenly I realized that we weren't alone. I turned around to see confused expressions on my friends' faces. "Soul, who are they?" Maka asks slowly. "Umm, guys, this is Kisa, my little sister, and Hiro, her friend," I mumbled. "Wait, did you say little sister?" Maka exclaimed.

"How come you never told us you had a sister? We thought it was just you and Wes!" "You never asked?" I said in the form of a question and Kisa giggled, then turned serious. "Bubby, I need to talk to you. Its really important-" She began, but was cut off by Black Star. "DID SHE JUST SAY BUBBY? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!" He screamed and I rolled my eyes and punched him, causing him to fall to the ground in a limp, unconscious heap. "Black Star!" Tsubaki exclaimed and bent down to hover over him. "What is it Kisa?" I asked turning back to her. "She's coming," She replied. "What? Who's coming?" I asked.

She looked over my shoulder at my friends then back at me. I nodded and said, "Will talk later." "Soul, we have to get to class!" Maka suddenly gasped realizing what time it was. "Um ok one second," I said looking at Kisa and Hiro. "Come one Kisa. Let's go find Hatori," Hiro muttered puling on her arm. "No! I wanna stay with Soul!" She exclaimed, clinging to my leg. Hiro looked at me and I shrugged.

"Yay!" Kisa exclaimed jumping on my back. We walked to class and Kisa waved goodbye to Hiro as he left to go look for Haatori, a sour expression on his face. When we got to class, I got a lot of weird stares as people noticed Kisa on my back. We went to our usual spot and Kisa jumped off of my back.

"Hey Soul, who's that little shrimp? Your girlfriend?" a guy named Hajime sneered, causing snickers to be passed through the class . Kisa's facial expression turned dark and I muttered, "Shouldn't have said that." Kisa jumped into the air and kicked him in the face. He fell back stunned and rolled over the dsks all the way to the floor.

She flipped down to him and began to punch and kick him, finally picking him up and throwing him into the wall. He slumped to the ground and she jumped back up to us, but about halfway there, Hajime got up and pulled her down and they went tumbling to the ground. "Kisa!" I exclaimed, jumping up and diving over her, so that she fell on me and no Hajime. That would not be good if she transformed in here. Akito would be pissed. Wait, Akito. She's coming. Kisa's words wrung through my head and suddenly, they all made sense. Right then, Professor Stein rolled in on his chair and looked down at us.

I got up off of Hajime, who limped off to the infirmary, and pulled Kisa to my side. "Soul, who is this girl and what is she doing in my classroom?" Professor Stein asked eyeing Kisa. "Um, this is Kisa, my sister. She's gonna stay and um, observe the class," I said. "I don't think she can-" He began, but was cut off as Kisa suddenly exclaimed, "Lord Death said I could stay with Soul for the rest of the day!"

Stein looked at her than nodded and said, "Fine. Back to your seats and no more disruptions. Ok class, today we will be dissecting whatever this creature in this cage is."