Chapter 6

Soul's POV

The final bell rang and Kisa and Hiro came running out of the school. After lunch, we stayed for a few minutes, but soon found out that we weren't needed. All of the kids started being nicer to Kisa and so, we left, promising to come back to walk them home.

"I don't wanna go home nii-chan! Can we go back to Grandpa Shigure's house? Please?" Kisa asks and I smile, nodding. "Of course." "Ugh, another day with that dumb girl Tohru," Hiro groans and Kisa frowns at him. "Hiro, don't call Sissy dumb, please," She says and Hiro scowls at the ground.

"She's right Hiro, Tohru has been nothing but nice to you. You really need to learn some respect and stop being so jealous," Maka scolds him and he glares at you. "Who asked you?" He spits and stomps ahead of us. Kisa sighs and starts to walk after him. "I'm really sorry about him, he doesn't think before speaking, but he's getting better!" Kisa explains, before running after him.

"He really doesn't deserve her," Maka says and I frown. "What do you mean?" I ask and she looks up at me. "What? Come on don't tell me you haven't noticed? It's so obvious!" She says and I shake my head. "What?" "Kisa and Hiro are obviously dating!" She exclaims and my jaw drops.

"No way! Kisa is not old enough to date!" I exclaim and Maka chuckles. "Oh please Soul. I thought you were a 'cool guy', and right now, acting like her dad, is not cool," Maka says, lightly bumping her shoulder against mine. "Whatever," I grumble and she lets out a light giggle, which for some reason, causes my heart to flutter.

Wait, what am I thinking? I sound like such a girl! That's so not cool. And I don't like Maka in that way, she's just my partner. My flat chested, book reading partner. Nothing more, right? But I can't get over the fact that everytime I look at her, I feel butterflies in my stomach. Ugh not again! I'm turning into girl!

I groan and Maka looks at me with furrowed eyebrows. "Soul, are you ok?" She asks and I snap out of my thoughts. "Hmm? Yeah, I'm fine," I brush it off and she nods, looking back ahead at Kisa and Hiro. Oh Maka if only you knew.

There I go again, sounding like a girl. Ugh, maybe I do like Maka. Is it possible?

Oh my gosh I'm so sorry it's been so long! I've honestly had no time and I know this chapter was really short, but I promise to update really soon! Love you all! Mwah!