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"This is... unexpected."

Watery blue eyes glared at the man who dared to speak, breaking the rather awkward silence that had enveloped the room, "Unexpected?" She repeated, her fingers twitching as she resisted the urge to wrap them around said man's throat.

"What the hell do you want me to say?" Tony Stark blinked, running a hand through his dark hair as he looked over her with interested eyes that should not be interested in the first place, "But I do have to say you make a pretty sexy–"

"Enough, Stark!" Steve ordered, though it was partially ruined by the noticeable blush staining his cheeks, "I'm sure Miss Kagome is having a hard enough time already without dealing with your inappropriate innuendo!"

Tony pouted, but he watching with that same interest as Thor finally stepped forward, "Lady Kagome, how did this happen?" He asked with such a concern that it almost had Kagome feeling better.

Almost was the key word.

"It was Loki!" Kagome snarled, "He said he would turn me back to normal if I agreed to become his Priestess for all of eternity!" She sniffled, "I won't even live for an eternity! That's the last time I'll ever feel sorry for that silver-tongued bastard! I'll never visit him again!"

"I'm sure there's a way to turn you back to normal without Loki's help," Bruce said calmly, not even looking fazed by the whole change, "Considering what you are and what you protect."

"I can't use the Shikon for something like this," Kagome said miserably, "I don't think it would even care as long as it has its guardian alive."

"So then, Kagome," Tony purred, slinking an arm around her shoulders and dragging her in close to his body, despite her light struggles, "Want me to teach you everything I know?"

"Hands off the apprentice, Stark," Barton rolled his eyes, pulling Kagome from the playboy billionaire, much to her relief, "You okay, Higurashi?" He asked, despite knowing the answer. He could only glare when Tony pretty much summed up the whole situation in a few words.

"You make a damn cute boy, Kitten!"