Sunset Kisses

The warm sun touched Allie's cheeks as it slowly fell into the distance as she sat on the rocks of the warm shore the sun previously kissed. After all the danger and battles she had been through with the Kaiju dojo she was glad that she was able to get some peaceful relaxation for a little while. The masters had suggested that they all go to the beach to loosen up after their previous encounter with the Choten and Master Nigel's betrayal. Which She, Ray, and Gabe thought was a great idea, so here she was now. Lying on sand while she watched the stars come out.

"Hey Allie, what's up?" Ray asked as he came up besides her and sat down.

Allie smiled, "Hey Ray, I'm just looking at the sunset. Today was definitely what the doctor ordered because I haven't had that much fun in a long timeā€¦."

"I know what you mean. Today made me feel like I was a normal teenager again before we became Kaijudo warriors." He softly said as he gazed out into the distance.

The feeling of normality was neutral between Ray and Allie because in reality they longed for their troubles to be over and just go back to being normal teens again. But they knew they had a destiny that needed to be fulfilled.

Out of nowhere, Allie rested her head against Ray's shoulder and closed her eyes gently. This action surprised Ray, but in a good was as he rested his head against hers. After the battle with the Choten, Allie had squeezed his hand in a comforting and affectionate way that signaled she had deeper feelings than what she was letting on.

"Allie. I've been meaning to ask you something for a long time now." He whispered gently, Allie fluttered her eyes open and replied, "Yeah and what's that?"

It took every amount of Ray's courage to get it out but finally he asked her, "Do you like me? I mean more than just a friend?"

Allie's heart skipped a few beats as her eyes grew wide with shock at his question but she couldn't back out of his question. But she didn't know how to respond to him until finally she knew what she wanted to do rather than answer verbally.

She lifted her head from his shoulder to look him directly in his eyes and slowly moved closer and closer until finally her lips fit perfectly onto his. Ray, shocked at her sudden advance was stupefied at first but slowly, he melted and returned her affection.

When they parted she smiled softly, "Does that answer your question?"

Ray chuckled, "Yeah it does." And he pulled her in for another tender kiss, a request that she was happy to fulfill.