"Moyashi get back here!" A black-haired boy no older than eight yelled.

The white-haired boy he chased laughing stopped as he turned around with a pout on his lips, "I told you not to call me that, Yuu! My name is Allen."

Yuu grabbed his hair tie from the whitette and scowled, "Well then stop calling me Yuu!"

"That's different; Yuu is your name… Yuu." Said boy threw a death glare at younger boy as he started to run away again.

They ran around like that for hours before the master's maid, and the care taker of the two kids, came out with a sad look in her eyes.

"Allen!" She called out. Both boys came running over.

"Yes Miss Moa?" Allen asked. He had always like Moa. She was nice but strict enough to keep things running. She had been taking care of him ever since his father fell ill.

Allen's father had been very sick for almost a year now. When he beca

me sick he let a friend of his and his family move in to take care of the estate. The man brought along his son, Yuu Kanda. The boys may fight and seem like they don't get along, but truthfully they glad to have a friend.

"We-well…" she hesitated, "Why don't you boys come inside and sit down.

They looked at her with curiosity before Allen yelled to Kanda, his preferred name, "Kanda, I bet I can beat you to the living room!"

"Yeah right, Moyashi!" He raced after Allen. Right before Allen could reach the couch Kanda unsheathed Mugen, his sword he had received from his mother while she was alive, "Che, I don't think so!" he used the sheath to trip Allen. Then he ran and sat on the couch with a smirk on his face, "I win."

"Hey that wasn't fa-"Allen started but was soon interrupted by Moa.

"Boys, calm down. I have something to tell you, Allen." Both were startled by the seriousness in her voice, "Kanda you might want to go speak with your dad about this instead. He's in the study." Kanda nodded and walked out to the study. Walking down the hall way he could only wonder what was wrong. He reached the study and knocked on the door.

A man with crazy grey hair, large glasses and warm eyes appeared at the door. But something was off. His usually kind and eyes were full of… sorrow maybe?

"Yuu, please come in." Kanda didn't even comment on his father's use of his first name. It was something that was going to happen whether he liked it or not. He looked as if he had expected him to come. Kanda wondered about this.

"Father, what's going on?"

"Well, Mr. Walker has been sick, correct?"

Kanda slowly stated, "Yes."

"This morning while you and Allen were out playing his condition got… worse." Kanda's eyes widened.

"How much worse?" he asked, worried for his best friend's father.

"Mr. Walker passed away maybe an hour ago." You could hear a loud cry from the other room.

"Moyashi!" Yuu said as he ran out the door.

"Yuu wait!" but it was too late.

Kanda ran to Mana Walker's room and saw the whitette crying into the limp body.

"Daddy! Come back!" He cried like any normal five-year old would. He knew what death was, and knew that people didn't come back from it.

"Allen." Kanda didn't know what to say so he just grabbed the boys hand and lead him out of the house to a secret hideout they had made.

Allen's cries started to subside. Kanda used the blankets that were already out here to help him wipe the tears away, "I'm sorry." Was all Kanda said but for the first time in a long time he felt tears coming up watching his best friends crumbled expression. Allen noticed the single silent tear and quickly wiped it away.

"I'm fine Kanda really! You don't have to cry, see?" The white-haired boy smiled brightly and realistically, "I'm glad to have a friend like you."

"I wasn't crying! Something was in my eye, but yeah. Me, too." The boys sat in silence for a minute, "Remember that I'll always be there for you, okay?

Allen looked up confused for a second and the smiled a real smile and nodded.


Both boys turned around shocked to see a man holding an injured Moa by her hair.

"Hey, let her go!" both Allen and Kanda called out. He threw Moa over to the side. Allen ran to her aid and Kanda unsheathed Mugen. Eight years old or not, he wasn't going to let anybody hurt Moa or Allen.

"Look kid, put down you little sword and we can talk calmly. You could seriously hurt somebody with that thing." The man tried reasoning with the boy.

"State your reason for being here." Kanda commanded strongly, well as strongly as an eight year old gets.

"I'm here to take that little boy over there to a-"he started.

"You're not taking anybody anywhere!" Kanda yelled getting closer.

"His father just died, no?" the man started, "His father was the brother of a very important man. Marian Cross." Everyone's jaw dropped.

"T-the king?" Allen shyly asked.

"Yes," The man redirected his attention to Allen, "You're the king's nephew. And he's willing to adopt you seeing as he doesn't have an heir."

"But, I don't want to leave them." Allen looked over to Kanda and Moa, then back to the man.

"Here, we'll make a deal. You can take that woman with you. I doubt she'll have any problem moving to the castle, since her job is now over."

"But what about Yuu and Mr. Tiedoll?" Allen hopefully looked at the man.

"They'll have to stay behind."

"If they stay, I stay." Allen firmly stepped forward trying to look fierce, not doing very well.

"Fine, then I guess I'll just have to take you by force." The man stated nonchalantly.

The man grabbed for Allen and threw him out of the club house where two other men grabbed him and held him while he struggled. Kanda fought hard with the first man; nearly having the upper hand several times.

"Damn kid, how old are you? You shouldn't be able to hold up against me!" The man laughed as he dodged another, what would've been fatal blow.

"Give him back! You can't take him!" Kanda yelled, fatigue in his voice. Finally Kanda collapsed. The man was out of breath.

He took Allen and set him on the back of his horse and mounted the saddle.

"YUU!" Allen called tears streaming down his face.

"I'll come for you Allen! I promise! I promise!" Kanda called back and then blacked out.

AN: Why Hello There! This is the prologue to my new story "The Promise" I hope this one will be more successful compared to my My Candy Love Fan fiction! The prologue just sort of explains how everything is the way it is after Chapter One starts. Once I write Chapter One Allen will be 18 years old and Kanda will be 21, so… 13 years later. A lot can happen in thirteen years! This story might be confusing for some of you. Chapter one is going to be the present (in their time). Chapter two will be a memory of when Allen was 15. Chapter 3 will be the same time but a memory from Kanda who will be 18. So it will switch from one memory to the other persons memory by each chapter until we get back to present time. Sound fun? Well I won't give any hints to the pairing except of course Yullen. Good night/morning/evening/afternoon/cheese wait what?