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The Promise

Chapter 7

8 years old

His "Trusty" Servant

Allen's POV

"What?!" I exclaimed as the news reached my ears.

"I said-" started Cross.

"I know what you said but why?" Allen whined. Cross slapped him.

"Don't interrupted. Tyki will become your servant whether you like it or not! I don't know why the kid, rich as he is, wants to be your servant but he does, so deal!" I held my cheek and glared at him under my bangs.

"I don't like him."

"Give 'em a chance. If you ruin my connections with the Earl your life will be on the line." I shuddered as he threatened with all seriousness.

"Good morning Master." Tyki bowed to me while I put a bit of distance in between us.

"Why have you decided to stay?" The rest of the Earl's family were leaving today. But for some reason, Tyki, who I avoided with all my heart, has decided to stay.

"To serve you of course! You're a very interesting young boy." He smiled genuinely at me. He was being nice?

"Th-thank you. But before I even agree to this, Tell me what happened to the man in the alley way last year ."

"What person, Master?" He look truly confused.

"The man by the name of Neah Walker." He looked as if he was racking his brain.

"The only Walker i know is you, Master." No one could put up an act that good right?

"I apologize." I say after a minute, "I must have the wrong person." It was probably just someone who looked like him. He just smiles at me and offers some tea. I gladly accept and ask for a few plates of food.

"I must say your appetite amazes me! Are you using some kind of magic to stay small?" I was irritated by the fact he called me small but I strained a smile.

"I can assure you I don't choose to be small." I said while finishing up my last croissant. He realized he had said something wrong and apologized profusely.

"It's alright, I know you meant no harm."

After a few weeks I became more and more relaxed around him. He told me about his life before the Earl adopted him. He had such good friends. It's such a shame that the town caught on fire. I also found out he has a talent for poker as well. Though he was never able to beat me he came close a few times. I told him about Mana, Moa and Kanda. He liked to ask a lot of questions about Kanda. Tyki quickly worked his way into my heart and became like a big brother to me.

"Shh! Tyki you're being too loud!" I giggle as I drag him along the hallway to the garden with the secret door. "I hope we see Chouko today! It's her birthday, I think!"

"Shounen I have no idea who you're talking about." I ignored him and opened the garden door and saw the pretty girl tending to the lotus flowers that hadn't been there a few days before.

"Chouko!" Both our eyes lit up as we met in a hug, "Happy birthday!" I pulled a gem bracelet out of my pocket. she gasped.

"Thank you Allen!" She slipped it on.

"Don't tell anyone, either of you! I Cross finds out I took one of those bracelets for the queens he'll beet me blue." I looked over to see a confused Tyki and an angry Chouko.

"Whose this?" He asked.

"She's my best friend in the entire castle!" Allen laughed joyously.

"How can you be laughing when such a mean man does such horrible things to you?" she pouted.

"Well since Tyki's been my servant nothings happened." I smiled, at that she smiled too.

"Alright, so he's a good guy!"

"Yupp, sure is!"

"Why is she here?" Tyki asked confused.

"And what if I saw that's none of your bee's wax?" She faked an angry look at him. When he started stuttering she laughed. "I'm just joking with you! I'm here to help the flowers, and to be friends with Allen. I came here by accident one day and now its my home!" She explained cheerfully.

"Wouldn't the king be mad if he knew?" Tyki asked. I suddenly grew serious.

"Tyki I order you not to ever mention Chou-chan to Cross." I never order Tyki to do anything so he seemed surprised at the command. Usually I ask very nicely.

He gained his composure and gave a slight smile, "Of course, Shonen. A friend of my Master is always welcome ion my eyes."

I smiled back at him, "Good! Now out to the town!" Now he look even more bewildered then when he first saw Cho-chan. I led him out into the town. He was surprised at the secret doorways asking how they got there.

"Come on! We have to go see Reever and the others!" Tyki was tring his best to keep up with my small fast form.

"Shonen wait up!"

"Are you ordering you Master around?" I laugh at his expression of worry. "Can't you take a joke Tyki?"

He looked relieved but then again a look of worry came over his features as I tripped over something, or rather... someone.

"Oh my! I'm sorry! I shouldn't even be alive! I tripped such a cute innocent little boy! Just take my life please!" She pulled a dagger from no where and went to stab herself.

"Tyki stop her!" I yell, and he does so. "You musn't do that miss!"

"W-Why not?" she sniffled.

"Because you didn't hurt me! See? I'm tough! Now why were you lying in the walkway?" She got an even more depressed look, if possible! The woman had her hair tied in a tight bun, she was wearing a black dress, and had dark rings under her eyes. She looked like a nervous reck.

"I've been fired from my hundreth job today!" She wailed, "There's probably no place else to work!" She started stroking her watch, then tinkering with it.

"What are you doing Miss?" I asked. Tyki was trying to pull me away.

"Come one, we should go back!" he urges me.

"Oh call me Miranda!" she smiled, apparently happy at the turn of conversation. "I'm just re building my watch. I do it when I'm sad, worried, mad, nervous, etc."

"I have an idea." A smile formed on my face.

"Wow you're excellent! Much faster than I've ever been!" the clockman was astonished at Miranda's ability to fix and build the clocks and watches; I was a bit amazed myself.

"N-no. I'm not that good! My friend from a neighboring country is much better She taught me everything I know." They conversed a bit about watches and other such timely things (cx Get it? Timely things? heh heh heh? no? okay :( ). After a while she got a job as the clock caretaker.

"I'm glad everything ended up all right with her." I said to Tyki.

"Why'd you help such a person?" He asked with an air of arrogance., "You're a very important person and she's just a foolish peasant." I was surprised at his words but didn't show it.

"My status does not make me any better than anyone else. If someone is in need of help I intend to help them." He looked embarrassed that an eight year old just one-upped him in the persons department. Or that's what it seemed like anyways.


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17 years old

Forever Marked

Allen's POV

I lay curled up on my bedroom floor. The fresh bite marks, scratches, and bruises were hurting but not as much as my abused bottom. In m,y sniffling heap on the floor I found that I couldn't move due to pain. You'd think that over time it would stop hurting as much, but that's not how it's working for me. Every time it's agony, like reopening a wound. I want to tell Kanda, but he'd try and kill Tyki if he knew, and if he did The Earl would attack us full on. As much as my own body matters to me, I have a whole country that I care about. But Tyki doesn't know that...

I slowly crawled to my bathroom, whimpering at every used muscle. I thoroughly cleaned myself of the wicked man I used to see as my brother. How wrong I was. I should have never trusted him. I should have known he was the one who put my uncle in that state. But instead I let my childish, trusting mind get the best of me.

Making my way down the corridor Lavi and Lenalee passed by me. They worriedly ran over to my limping body.

"Allen, are you okay?" The red headed servant, and my good friend, asked.

"Yes, I'm fine, I just... fell..." The gave me a doubtful look, "The stairs."

"Oh my goodness! Are you okay? That'll have been the with time this year! We need to put 24/7 surveillance on you!" Lenalee checked my for wounds. I pulled away.

"I really must be going. I need to speak with Tyki." both their faces darkened at his name. Though they don't know about how horrible he actually is they know that he shouldn't be trusted to much.

"Be care little buddy. Oh and by the way Kanda's looking for you."

I continued down until I reached Tyki's quarters. I knocked on the door and he answered surprised to see me but then he put on an evil smirk, "Come back for more, eh Shonen?"

"No." I said sternly. I shut us both into his quarters so as not to be heard. "I've come to stop this madness." He looked amused as I limped over to put my finger to his chest. "You will stop doing that to me, you will not speak to me, as a matter of fact you'll do nothing but the orders I assign you! Other wise the whole world, including the Earl will know of your disgusting habbit." He look of amusedment slowly turned into one of fury.

"You think you actually have power over me, don'cha?" He started laughing madly. I backed away from him, reaching for the door knob. "Where do you think you're going Shonen? I still have to teach you a lesson for raising your voice and threatening me."

My eyes filled with tears of fear as he slammed to the bed (I know what you're think, and NO! I'm not making Tyki rape Allen again! yet...). He picked up the butterfly clip on the dresser and started carving into my face. I started to scream in pain but he covered my mouth. See the familiar inscription on the butterfly pin completed my complete depression. I was in pain, sad, angry at myself and Tyki, ashamed. Chouko would throw a fit if she had lived to see this..

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