Chapter 2: Misfortune Strikes! What Do They Do Now?

As the sun started to set upon the horizon, Robin and Zoro made their way to the ship. It took a bit longer than usual, due to Zoro's misdirections. They were greeted by the guard detail of Chopper and Brook, as well as Usopp and Franky. "Hey you guys. Did you get all of my items I needed?" The diminutive doctor asked as he ran over to the duo, looking at the haul they brought in. Chopper transformed into his Heavy Point while Robin and Zoro handed off the medical supplies to the reindeer-man. "Hey Brook, can you give me a hand with this as well," asked the doctor as he turned to the skeletal musician. Brook set down his cup of tea as he stood up and made his way to the trio, replying "Of course, Chopper. It's no skin off of my nose." He took several steps towards them before stopping. "But then again, I don't have either skin or a nose. YOHOHOHOHOHO! SKULL JOKE!" Chopper laughed, Robin chuckled, and Zoro got irritated as he yelled, "JUST GRAB THE STUFF ALREADY, WILL YA?!"

As the hand-off started, the gentleman skeleton noticed the addition to Robin's ensemble and the remaining equipment that Zoro had. "May I ask as to what you have there, Robin and Zoro," questioned Brook as he had the rest of the medical supplies handed to him. "Kenshi-san has agreed to teach me basic swordsmanship," replied the raven-haired archaeologist revealing the sword brandished on her hip, as her comment was met with an eye-twitch from her green-haired crewmate. "Sounds interesting. I would be happy to offer any assistance to the training, if Zoro-san would have me," asked Brook politely as he started to follow behind the doctor. "I have no problem with that, but we'll talk about that later," replied the first mate.

As the two made their way down to the doctor's office, the swordsman and archaeologist turned their attention towards the tinkerers, intrigued by their haul. The various machinations and parts were strewn across the deck of the ship, not to mention several large barrels of cola. "This is quite the collection you have, you two. What all are you two planning to build with them" asked the inquisitive woman. "Well, Usopp-bro and I had some ideas for making some improvements to the Dock System as well as new updates to the weaponry. It's gonna be SUUUUPPEER" said the blue-haired man as he stood up and did his trademark SUPER Star pose. Usopp stood up and dusted himself off a bit. "Yeah, I picked up some new items to help modify Nami's Perfect Clima-Ta..."said the sniper as he was interrupted by the sound of an explosion. The four members on deck turned towards the sound as the duo of Chopper and Brook made their way back, simultaneously asking, "What was that?" The crew looked intently towards the smoke and all hoping for what it to not be what they expected.

Unfortunately for them, it was.

Through the smoke, they saw Nami and Sanji screaming and yelling at a laughing Luffy as they were being chased by dozens of marines. "STOP THOSE PIRATES! GET'EM," screamed the soldiers as they chased after the notorious pirates, as Luffy continued to laugh. The crew on deck were dumbfounded by what they were seeing, as Robin let out a chuckle. Nami saw that the rest of the crew was on the ship already and began to scream orders. "Franky, turn the ship around and prepare the Burst. Usopp and Robin, thin out the numbers behind us. Zoro, Brook, and Chopper, prepare the sails for the Burst."

The crew let out a sigh of disappointment but were not shock by the revelation. They dispersed to the various sections of the ship to carry out the commands yelled by the navigator. Franky ran over to the helm and activated the Docking System, causing the ship to turn around. As the ship continued to turn, the trio of Zoro, Chopper, and Brook climbed the rigging and began to furl the sails. Robin and Usopp ran to the railings of the ship's deck and began to focus on their sights on the Marines chasing their crewmates. "Renpatsu Kaen Boshi," said the long-nosed sniper as he fired a multitude of fiery shots, each hitting their marks. Robin struck her pose and began her attack. "Cincuenta Fleur," said the archaeologist as fifty arms sprouted along the ground right behind the trio of pirates. "Grab," she said as she closed her hands, grabbing onto the legs and ankles of the soldiers chasing her nakama and sending them crashing into the ground.

"Awww. Why do Usopp and Robin get to have all the fun," whined the boy captain as a punch came crashing upon his head. "THIS ISN'T FUN! THIS IS SERIOUS," yelled the navigator as she held up her fist in anger. "Ahhh, whether in danger, angry, or both, my darling Nami-san is still a picture of beauty," swooned the cook as a heart appeared in his exposed left eye below his inward curly brow. "NOW'S NOT THE TIME FOR YOUR SWOONING, SANJI-KUN," she yelled as she delivered a punch to the back of his head as well.

As Chopper finished tying up the rigging on his side of the sails when a set of blurs entered his peripheral vision courtesy of Franky's ship turning.. He turned his head, only for his eyes to bulge and his jaw to drop. A trio of warships were closing in on their location as the Sunny finished its spinning. The reindeer-man turned towards his friends running from town and screamed, "3 WARSHIPS ARE CLOSING IN! HURRY UP, YOU GUYS!" The worry in his voice was obvious. A grin appeared on Luffy's face as he yelled back, "Roger." The rubberman stretched his arm out towards the ship and grabbed a hold of railing. "Get ready, guys," he said with a laugh as he wrapped his other arm around the other two. Looks of dread and surprise appeared on two faces as Luffy yelled out while laughing, "Gomu Gomu no Rocket." The three pirates were launched towards their ship, with Nami screaming the entire way.

The captain, the navigator, and the cook landed on the grassy deck of the Sunny as Chopper jumped down after he finished tying up the sails. "Is everyone alright," said the doctor as he ran over to check for injuries. Luffy continued laughing until a angry fist collided with his head. "We're FINE, thanks to this idiot.," said the navigator as she stood up and dusted herself off. She ran over to the ship's calling system on the mast and hollered into it, "We're all here, Franky. Let's fly." "You got it, Nami-sis," came the cyborg's voice in response. She turned back away from the system, hollering to the others, "Hold on, everyone."

The large barrels of cola began to shake as Franky pulled the lever. "Alrighty, Sunny. Time to fly! Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooup deeeeeeee," said Franky as the engine port at the back of the ship began to glow. The Marines that had gathered on the dock began to run away, thinking a weapon was about to fire. A series of flashes came from the Navy ship as the preparations were final for the ship's launch. "BURST," yelled the cyborg as the Sunny blasted into the air. The Sunny began to take to the air when the cannonballs launched from the warship started to collide with the side of the ship. Two of the five cannonballs launched from warship struck the side of the rocketing Sunny, jarring it violently. The sudden jarring combined with the force from the launch caused everything on the deck to shift. The sword training supplies flew towards the raven-haired archaeologist, crashing into her and sending her over the railing.

The Sunny flew fast through the sky, but the swordsman was able to move faster. Without a moment of hesitation, he jumped from his spot over the railing. The captain and several other crewmates gasped in shock as two of their friends were now overboard in mid-flight. He turned towards the ship as he fell into the water below, yelling, "Don't worry about us. Come back when you can." He turned back towards the sea, seeing a small splash from where Robin landed. "Damn it. I need to hurry," Zoro said angrily as he reached for his three swords and turned his back towards where Robin splashed down. "I hope this works. Hyaku Hachi Poundo Hou," he yelled as let loose his triple flying blade attack, the motions propelling him rapidly towards his crewmate. He sheathed his swords as he entered the water and began to survey the water for the older woman.

Zoro spotted his raven-haired nakama sinking towards the bottom of the Grand Line and moved towards her using the same technique he used against Hody Jones underwater. He grabbed a hold of Robin and the supplies and rapidly made his way to the surface, taking in a deep breath of fresh air upon reaching the surface. He turned towards Robin with concern on his face, but he was elated when she started to cough up the water and take in deep breaths herself. The green-haired man spotted the port where they were recently docked at. The Marines were still swarming the area. He began to swim away from it to a point further down the shoreline. After swimming down the shoreline while avoiding the ever-searching eyes of the Navy, he managed to make it into the woods that were on the outskirts of the town, going a bit further inland from the shore so as to avoid detection from the closing in warships.

The swordsman leaned his archaeologist crewmate against a tree and proceeded to start up a fire to assist in drying off the sea water. He took off his kimono and draped it near the fire as he went through his swords to make sure they were dry. Being a swordsman, he knew the havoc saltwater can do to the blades. After ensuring his swords were taken care of, he went over to Robin and began to unhook her sword from her belt. Robin began to awaken from the jostling and was startled by the closeness of another person, especially one that was topless. "Calm down , Robin. It's only me," said the green-haired man as he backed away a bit, knowing the true strength of the woman. "What happened? Why aren't we on the Sunny," questioned the raven-haired woman as her vision began to adjust to her surroundings. "Hand me your sword, and I'll explain," as the swordsman extended his hand out. Robin finished unlatching the sword from her waist and handed it to Zoro. As he recapped the recent events, he performed the same sword maintenance he had done to his swords.

"So what's the plan going to be," questioned the older woman as she looked at her companion. Zoro was lost in his thoughts as he tried to figure out how they were gonna take care of their problem until the crew returned. "Well, I don't doubt that they're making their way back to us as quick as possible, especially with Luffy in command, but with the Marines' firepower in the area and those in pursuit of them, it'll take a while," said the swordsman as he handed the sword back to Robin. "Very true. Plus, with us being close to the shore when we fell from the ship, we might have been spotted by the marines on the shore. They might be looking for us, so we need to hide ourselves," stated the older woman, taking the same sort of logical thinking that the swordsman displayed. "Luckily for us here, they have yet to get our updated bounty posters, so we won't be identified right away, but we still need to make ourselves more inconspicuous. Especially, with your green hair. It makes you stand out too much," stated Robin as she pondered their situation.

Zoro thought about the point that Robin brought up with the posters, and he started to laugh, starting with a low roar and becoming louder and more boisterous. Robin became perplexed by the laughter and thought something was wrong with the swordsman. "What's so funny, Kenshi-san?" Zoro opened his eyes from the enjoyable laughter as he tried to suppress his laughter enough to answer the question. Wiping a tear from his eye and catching his breath, he responded, "If Luffy wasn't with him, that stupid Ero-Cook could've stood next to his poster all day, and the Marines would never had known it was him." His eyes began to well up as he started to laugh loudly once again and fell over onto his back and rolled. "Maybe...he'll finally...get...his poster...fixed...after...this," said the swordsman in between his laughs.

Robin's face went completely dumbfounded with shock and began to chuckle along with her green-haired compatriot. Her little chuckle grew into a moderately loud laughter, much louder than she normally does. They both continued to laugh uproariously as they continued to sit by the fire. As the duo continued to laugh, Robin was beginning to tear up when she laughed out, "Dereshishishishishi." She immediately covered up her mouth in embarrassment as Zoro stopped laughing and turned towards Robin upon hearing that laugh. He began to laugh even harder. "What is up with that silly laugh? I've never heard that come from you before," said the swordsman as his archaeologist nakama began to slightly redden from embarrassment. "So, did you have a plan in mind," asked the raven-haired woman as the laughter began to die down. Zoro grabbed a hold of his swords and began to stand up. "The plan is to head over to the only person we were able to become friendly with, the sword shop owner," he said as he synched the triplet of swords to his waist.

"Do you think Abura-san would be willing to house two notorious pirates from the Marines," inquired the female pirate as she stood up, synching her sword to her hip as well. "He's the only one we can trust as of right now," he said as he looked towards the sky. The dark blues and purples of the sky were starting to creep towards the horizon. "Now is the best time to do it, before the shops close for the night," he added. Robin nodded in agreement as she brushed the sand off of her clothes. Zoro donned his kimono, the duo made their way into town. The streets were still busy from the Marines as they traversed the streets, looking for clues as to the where the Straw Hats had visited and where they were going. The pair of pirates made their way to the sword shop swiftly and without attracting the searching gaze of the Marines.

The chime of the bell filled the air once again as the two pirates reentered the store, and the familiar voice of the shop owner went through the air once again. "Sorry folks, but we are closing up for the da..., oh, it's you two again," said the owner as he came out of the back room. Zoro closed the door and locked it behind him as Robin walked over to the owner, holding a finger up to her lips, stating in a hush voice, "We need your help, Abura-san." The vigilant eye of the swordsman caught the figures of two soldiers talking with some of the other store owners, one of whom was pointing towards the sword shop. "Robin," said the swordsman as he walked away from the window, "they're on their way over here." "Who's on their way ov...," started to question the old man as the duo made their way into the back. "Hey, wait a minute. What's goi...," attempted to ask the perplexed man when several authoritative knocks rang from the door.

The shop owner walked over and opened the door to see two Marines standing in his doorway. "Excuse us sir, but are you the owner of this shop," questioned one of the militant men. "Ye-yes, I am, gentlemen. I was just closing shop for the evening. What brings you two here," asked Ken as he was slightly intimidated by the towering men. "We need just a moment of your time to gather some information. May we come inside and talk," asked the other one. "S-sure, of course," said the old man as he allowed the two men in, continuing, "so what seems to be the problem, gentlemen?" "If you were unaware of what happened earlier, the notorious Straw Hat Pirates came to the island today," stated one of the men, allowing the other one to finish, "we have received word from several eyewitnesses that two of these pirates had come into your store earlier today." "My word. Are you sure? What did they look like," asked Ken as he tried to keep his cool. He knew the penalty for harboring fugitives was years in prison, but with this being the Straw Hats, it might be his one-way ticket to the gallows. "The reports state that a man with green hair and three swords accompanied by a woman with long black hair. We assume that these people are 'Pirate Hunter' Zoro & 'Demon Child' Nico Robin," stated one of the men as the other held up the two posters.

Luckily for the pair, the posters were from before the Straw Hats were separated at Sabaody.

As the shopkeep was stammering trying to come up with an excuse, a clamor of metal came from the back room, causing the two military men two draw their weapons. With the escapades from earlier in the day, all of them were on edge. "Who's back there? Come out with your hands up," demanded one of the marines as their barrels were trained on the entrance. "W-we're coming out. Please, don't hurt us," spoke a cautious female voice as two pairs of hands emerged from the back before the rest of the bodies followed out. "Ojisan, what's going on," asked the male voice as the pair of people stood from the back room. The soldiers lowered their weapons as they looked between the posters and the duo that had recently appeared: a woman sporting a short bob haircut similar to Shakky's, covered with a black bandana, wearing an apron, and covered with smudges along with a one-eyed man with black hair wearing a green bandana and a blacksmith's apron covered in soot.

Renpatsu Kaen Boshi – Continuous Flame Star

Cincuenta Fleur: Grab – 50 Flowers: Grab

Gomu Gomu no Rocket – Gum Gum or Rubber Rubber Rocket

Coup de Burst – Burst Blow

Hyaku Hachi Poundo Hou – 108 Pound Cannon/Phoenix or 108 Caliber Phoenix or Phoenix of the 108 Earthly Desires
Ojisan – Uncle