Hi everyone, here is the next chapter for I Will Make You Epic(wait for it)dary. I enjoyed writing this chapter so much and I hope you all enjoy it as well. I really found some inspiration for this story after watching Fairy Tail on Netflix and came to a startling conclusion when it comes to the battles. They are horrible. Nearly every battle consist of no training, no strategy, just who either has to most magic, trickiest magic, or a cheap power up. Now, I grow up watching shows like Samurai X, DBZ, and Yu Yu Hakusho, and while DBZ may not be the best example, at least they trained to prepare for future enemies, and by this, I mean actually train. Yusuke and his team may not have a lot of powers and special moves but they could at least learn new ways of using their power or trained to increase the effectiveness of their moves.

That is what I want to do with this story, yes, it will be getting crazy, but every character is going to train and actually understand the threats they face. Now, this will lead to conflict between Natsu and certain characters, as Natsu was trained by warriors, and his views of enemies and fighting will differ from others.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who reviewed, I can't believe this story already has 30 plus reviews and so many favorites and followers. You all are so awesome. Also, to let everyone know this will be a harem, and don't worry, it will not be some every woman trying to bang Natsu, now this will happen, but I am going to build actual relationships between the women and Natsu. This is also why I will not write lemons, I have nothing against them, I will allude to them, but I am not going to write them. I think I did it once for an older story and I didn't care for it. Sorry folks.


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Galuna Island:

Gray Fullbuster was not having a good day. First, he got dragged into an S-Class mission by Lucy to help her pay her rent. Then he finds out that the population of the island the mission originated from consisted of demons. Then, Erza hunted them down and proceeded to kick their ass for taking an S-Class mission without an S-class mages with them. Then, he got his ass kicked by his asshole friend Lyon, learning that he planned on waking Deliora for some hair brained scheme. Now, in order to stop this plan, Gray was currently preparing to sacrifice himself to end Lyon's plan once and for all.

As ice and magic began to swirl around Gray, growing in intensity ever second, Gray began to reminisce about his life. Recalling his training with Ur, joining Fairy Tail, making new friends, and losing one. When Natsu left with Gildarts to train, everyone figured he would only be gone for a few months, a year tops. But, as the years stretched on and no word from the dragon-slayer, everyone began to fear the worse. Luckily, the Strauss Sibling returned from one of their missions with news of Natsu, putting everyone mind at ease. Yet, the guild never truly had the same spirit without the dragon-slayer.

"Well, Natsu. I guess I am going to have to kick your ass in the afterlife after you kick the bucket!"

Feeling his magic reach its peak, Gray began to cast the spell, "ICC-ACK" cried Gray as he was knocked to the ground.

"What the heck are you doing Gray? I know you can't fight worth shit but I never figured you as a coward!"

Gray scowled as he rose from the ground, "Fuck you, Natsu! I am trying to do something awesome and sentimental but you-Wait a minute, NATSU?!"

Natsu grinned, "In the flesh!"

Gray couldn't believe his eyes, in front of him stood his rival, Natsu Dragneel. Yet, he was so different, his hair was spikier than before and he spotted light stubble along his face. Gray had to look up as Natsu was not taller than him by five inches and far more muscular. He wore a brown cape, white gi pants, a pair of sandals, and his trademark scarf around his neck. Also… he had a pink, monkey, tail!

"Natsu! What the hell!"


"Why do you have a monkey tail!"

"It's none of your business that's why!"









"Oh." sheepishly said Gray.

"Yeah." said Natsu, as he rubbed the back of his head, the two standing in silence.

"You missed me, huh?"

"Don't let that hot head of yours overinflate, but yeah, we all did."

"Wow, I think this might be the first time we ever talked to each other and not try to kill each other." smiled Natsu.

Gray chuckled, "I guess so." as he smiled in return.


Natsu and Gray turned to Lyon, who apparently was growing impatient with their reunion,

"I'm trying to hatch an evil plan here, so why don't you two wrap this up so I can kick Gray's ass. AGAIN!"

Natsu frowned, "Jeez, Gray. Are you really having a problem kicking his ass?"

Gray scowled, "Yeah, but I am about to deal with this bastard right now!"

"Damn it, Lyon!" roared a green haired masked man as he stepped into the chamber, "What's taking you so long?"

As Zalty looked around the room, his eyes finally landed on Natsu, "YOU!" he hissed as he pointed a finger threateningly at Natsu.

"Me?" asked Natsu as he pointed at himself.

"Don't 'me' me, you bastard! Three years, Three fucking years! You don't call, you don't write, you don't even leave a friggin note."

Natsu blinked, still confused on what was happening, "I'm sorry, but do I know you?"


"WHAT!" cried everyone else in the room.

"Natsu, what-I mean, I'm cool if your that way, but really?" asked Gray, unknowingly taking a few steps away from the dragon slayer

"I'm not gay, Gray! I have never slept with a man! So he or she, or whatever the hell that thing is, because it looks like a man, but it smells like a woman!"


Lyon sighed, "Look, I don't know what's going on in this transgender, soap opera, drama that is going down, but I am going to ignore you two" he said pointing at Zalty and Natsu, " and kick your ass!" he finished, pointing at Gray.

"That's fine by me!" said Zalty, reigning in his emotions, "Catch me if you can, dragon-slayer!" he said, before taking off down the hallway.

Natsu shrugged, "You got this guy, right Gray."

Gray grinned, "You know it, now go deal with the weirdo!"

Nodding, Natsu took off after Zalty, leaving Gray to his fight.

Underneath the temple:

Natsu frowned as he ran along a path, using his nose to follow Zalty's scent.

After a few minutes, Natsu arrived in front of a mountain of ice with a purple magic seal raining down upon it.

"You're too late Natsu, the ceremony has already started and soon, Deliora will return!" called Zalty from the top of a rock formation.

"So what, I'll just climbed up through the hole in the roof and stop it!" yelled Natsu, as his hands ignited in fire and he began to scale a wall.

"I don't think so!" challenged Zalty, as he summoned a pearl orb and hurled it at Natsu.

"What tha-"Natsu quickly jumped off the wall and flipped over the orb as it plowed into the wall.

The orb spun in the wall before flying out, aiming for Natsu. Natsu rolled to the side, allowing the orb to sail past him. The orb quickly righted itself before flying at Natsu again.

"Enough of this!" yelled Natsu, as he punched the orbs, smashing it into pieces. Natsu grinned, preparing to deal with Zalty, when the pieces of the orb shined brightly before fusing back together. Before Natsu could react, the orb charged forward and smashed into Natsu's chin, knocking him on his back.

"Oh dear." crowed Zalty, "I should have told you. My magic allows me to control the passage of time, moving time forwards or backwards. So you can destroy my orb as much as you want, I'll just restore and attack you again!"

"Hmm," said Natsu as he rubbed his chin, "Okay, but since you didn't try to take control of me; I can assume that your control is limited to non-sentient beings."

"Oh, your smarter than I thought, but that doesn't matter, as I am about to crush you!" called Zalty, as his orb shined once again, before multiplying, filling the cavern with hundreds of orbs.

With a flick of his hand, Zalty commanded the orbs to attack Natsu, each orb rushing to slam into the dragon-slayer, kicking up a cloud of dust as they attacked.

After a few minutes went by, Zalty called off the attack, and waited for the dust to clear to show him the broken dragon-slayer.

"You missed."

"Wha-" cried Zalty, before he was struck by a powerful right hook, sending him flying into a wall.

Natsu grinned as he dusted his hands off, "Not bad, but your attacks aren't that fast, especially compared to my sensei's attacks. Anyway, I'm going to stop this Moon Drip Ceremony and then I'll be back to deal with you."

Zalty groaned from his spot on the ground, "Dear Kami that hurt!" before his eyes widen in realization, "Too late, Dragon-Slayer!" he called, before quickly shutting his mouth as his cheek began to swell.

Before Natsu could say anything, he noticed a shadow loom over him before a roar shook the cavern. Natsu spun around to stare into the eyes of an awaken Deliora.

"Huh, I guess it took longer for me to finish that fight than I thought. Oh well, bring it on big guy!" challenged Natsu, as he dropped into the turtle martial art's fighting stance.

The beast roared, angered that a mere human would dare challenge him, and as it lifted its arm to crush the bug, it froze as tremors pulsed throughout the its frame.

Natsu and Zalty watched as Deliora's arm crumbled to pieces, followed by the rest of him.

"You have got to be shitting me." groaned Zalty, as he pulled out his orb and began to focus his magic into it, "I guess I am going to have to call them."

On the Moon:

The Master of Evil sighed happily as he sipped his margarita, actually enjoying some quality relaxation time for once with his wife.

No reports that a monster his was destroyed by those meddling, power rangers. No arguments between Goldar and Scorpina, about who looked better in gold, no baby nonsense from his wife, and that damned Nightmare Moon finally stopped eating his evil crops.

"Master!" called a minion, carrying an orb in his hands. Lord Zedd never understood why he gave them the ability to talk, "Oh yeah, so the missus would have someone else to bitch to other than me."

"Didn't I tell you I didn't want to be disturbed!" growled Zedd.

The minion gulped, "Yes sir, but it's important, it concerns Lord Hades!"

"Oh, H-dog! Why didn't you say so!" said Zedd, as he snatched the orb from the minion, eager to help his fellow evil Lord, "Oh, Ultear! How may I help you?"

"That bitch!" roared Rita, as she tossed her drink to the ground, "Zedd, what have I told you about talking to that big-breasted, harpy!"

"Rita! For the last time, I am not cheating on you with a far hotter, thinner, stronger, evil woman! Now where was I. Oh! You said you need me to revive a monster…well, I don't normally do this but since it is for a friend and you asked so nicely, I would love to help! Hey… what are you doing in your free- Hello, HELLO, I guessed the link died.

Lord Zed turned to his wife who was giving him the evil eye, "Cmon woman, grab your staff and let get this done!"

Rita glared at Zedd before grabbing her staff and crossing it with his, power coursing through the weapons before bolting to Earth.

Lord Zedd nodded, his evil deed done for the day.

"Hey, boss." asked a minion, "Can we talk about some evil minion benefits? Not to be a rebel, but the guys are talking about a health plan, since our job is to mainly get our butt kicked by the Power Rangers. I don't want to be that guy, but Mumm-Ra gives his minions benefits, and free dental!"

Zedd rubbed his forehead, he never got a break.

Back on Earth:

Natsu shrugged as he prepared to leave the cavern when a bolt of light struck Deliora's remains, kicking up enough when and shockwaves to knock Natsu off his feet. He watched in amazement as Deliora's remains glowed, before recombining, forming a bigger Deliora, who easily broke through the roof of the cavern.

Deliora roared as new life pumped through his veins as he pulled himself into the open air, ready to start a new reign of death and suffering across the globe.


Natsu looked up to see Happy in his tiger form float into the cavern with a few beats of his powerful wings, landing easily in front of him.

"Did you see that?!" asked the tiger.

"Of course I did!" responded the Dragon-Slayer, "Now come on, let's go kill a giant demon!"

"Aye!" cheered Happy as Natsu hopped on his back and they took off into the air in pursuit of Deliora.

As they entered the night sky, they quickly notice the trail of destruction that Deliora left in his wake.

"Okay Natsu! How are you going to take that monster out?"

"I don't know Happy? Maybe a Fire Dragon's Roar or a Falcon Punch or… wow, the moon is really nice tonight." said Natsu, as he finally noticed the full moon, his tail beginning to move erratically.

"Yeah… Natsu are you okay?"

"Yeah, Happy. It's just… the moon is really nice." growled Natsu as his eyes began to turn red.

"Natsu, are you okay? You're getting kind of heavy!" said Happy as he struggled to maintain flight, before quickly landing and rolling Natsu off his back.

Natsu growled as pink fur began to grow across his body, his muscles bulging, and his mouth elongating. Happy watched in horror as Natsu body continue to grow, changing from human to beast with every second. Happy quickly took to the air to avoid Natsu's magic, as it exploded, destroying the land around him as his transformation began to finish.

Happy watched in horror as Natsu beat on his chest, roaring in power to all that was near.

"Crap!" said Happy, "How could I forget what Goku-sensei told us!"

"Remember Natsu, Happy. Right now, I am allowing Natsu to grow his tail to help him train but remember Natsu can never look at the moon. If he does, he'll transform into a Great Ape, and that is not good."

"Ooh, this may cause a problem." said Happy, as Natsu began to rampage across the island, tearing swathes of trees out of the ground and causing destruction in his wake.

Natsu roared as he continued his mayhem, before a beam of energy slammed into his back, knocking him into the ground and skidding across the forest.

Natsu growled as he rose from the ground and turned to find Deliora glaring at him. Deliora roared in challenge as he rushed toward Natsu, grabbing the ape by the throat and throwing him across the island. Deliora opened his mouth and began to collect magic in his mouth before unleashing his attack, unleashing a wave of destruction aimed at Natsu.

Natsu roared as he crossed his arms across his chest, tanking the blast. Deciding to go on the offensive, Natsu quickly dashed forward, faster than Deliora expected and punched the demon in the chest, knocking it back. Natsu continued his assault ramming into Deliora with his shoulder, keeping it off balanced. Deliora roared as it lifted it arms above its head and brought them down on Natsu head, raining blow after blow in an attempt to stop the ape's charge.

Raising its hand once more, Deliora cupped his hands together to deliver a double axe hand to put the ape down once and for all. As his hands came down to crush the ape's skull, Natsu brought his hands up, catching the attack. Before Deliora could attempt another move, Natsu pushed Deliora's arms away, grabbed the demons head, and delivered a devastating head-butt.

Deliora roared in agony as it stumbled back, trying to put distance between it and its' attacker. Natsu refused to lose his opening and lunged forward, tackling Deliora to the ground and began to rain punches on the monster. Deliora roared in pain as it shoved it hand into Natsu's face to stop the assault, only for Natsu to bite into the creature's hand, ripping a chunk out. Trying to gain the upper hand, Deliora used it other hand to punch Natsu in the face, causing the ape to reel back in pain.

Anger coursed through Natsu as he punches became harder and faster, turning Deliora's face into a bloody mush. Raising his fist back, Natsu roared as he slammed his fist into Deliora's face, the force sending a shock wave across the islands, ripping trees from the land and tearing the ground asunder. Feeling the life force of his enemy slip away,its body break down into dust, Natsu rose to his feet and roared to the heavens, beating his chest in triumph of his victory.

"Aye Natsu! You did it!" cheered Happy, as he flew down from his cover in the clouds.

Natsu's ears perked up as he heard the tiger, before growling in anger. Natsu quickly raised his arms to knock Happy out of the air, only for the tiger to fly low and dodge it.

"Natsu, what are you doing?!" cried Happy as he began to speed up to dodge Natsu's rampage. Unfortunately, this only angered Natsu, before he opened his mouth, revealing a large ball of magic and ki pooling inside it.

"Oh, crap!" cried Happy as Natsu fired a beam of energy and fire, barely dodging the attack as it hit the far side of the island, causing a huge explosion. Excited by his new found power, Natsu fired another blast, destroying another part of the island, completely forgetting about Happy.

"Of course, the moment he find himself with a new power, he goes and blows stuff up!" grumbled Happy, "I have to stop him but he is rampaging too much for me to cut off his tail and I can't blow up the moon…or can I?"

Plan in mind, Happy quickly began to fly in circle around Natsu head; "Come on Natsu, bet you can't hit me!" mocked Happy, pulling up from his path to float in front of the moon.

Angered by the nuisance, Natsu readied another blast to eradicate the tiger, putting all of his energy into it, before firing, letting loose a torrent of burning, hot, ki and magic at the tiger.

"Wait for it, wait for it, and …now!" yelled Happy shrinking down to his regular kitten form and falling out of the air, avoiding the attack and allowing it to continue on its path.

On the moon:

"Babe," pleaded Lord Zedd, "I am not leaving you for a hotter, eviler, woman!"

"You better not!" screamed Rita, "Because if you do…what is that?"

Lord Zedd looked over his shoulder to see a beam of ki surging across the emptiness of space, heading straight for the moon.

As his destruction got closer, bathing the moon in red light, Lord Zedd only had one thing to say.

"Fuck all ki-powered, martial, artists, fuck those goddamn power rangers, fuck the moon, and most of all FUCK MY LIFE!"

Back on Earth:

Happy quickly changed back into his tiger mode, catching himself in midair, to watch the beam collide with what seemed to be a force field around the island, before pushing through, destroying the force field and continuing on its path to the moon, blowing it to pieces.

"Yeah, I caused the moon to blow up! Time to add another notch of unnecessary destruction to my list."

Happy turned around to see Natsu look up in a daze, before his body began to shrink down, his fur disappearing and his physique become more human.

Happy quickly flew down to find his friend, using his nose to follow the scent of his friend. A few second later, Happy lighted down into a clearing to find his friend, unconscious and naked.

"Natsu, your okay!...But, I am going to have to do something about your tail!" said Happy, before a grin spread across his face and he unsheathe his claws.

Twenty Minutes Later:

Natsu groaned as he woke up, struggling to get off the ground due to the aches of his body.

"About time you woke up."

Natsu turned to see Happy calmly sitting down, chewing on a…pink tail.


Natsu quickly patted the base of his spine to find a stump.

"Happy! Did you cut off my tail?"



"Because you went on a rampage as a Great Ape! I wanted to make sure we wouldn't have this problem in the foreseeable future."

"But…my tail." pouted Natsu.

He really enjoyed having a tail.

"Well, that's not the least of your worries." said Happy, his sensitive ears picking up the sound of footsteps.



Natsu froze. He recognized that voice. The years may have changed it, adding a deeper, feminine, coat to the original, higher, voice; but he knew who it was.


Natsu turned around to see the woman standing at the edge of the clearing, noting how the years have changed her. Her outfit consisted of the basic from her old attire, a custom-made armor by Heart Kreuz smiths, a blue skirt, and black boots. Her hair was no longer in a braid and instead, flowed down her shoulder.

Natsu grinned to hide his unease. He was not ready to make this reunion, as he definitely remembered the promise to return in a few months that stretched into 13 years. Unfortunately, his sensei was clueless on how to apologize to women for disappearing for years on end.


"Goku-sensei, how do you apologize to women?"

"Oh. Why do you ask?"

"Well, there was a girl I promised I would return to soon, and years went by, so I am pretty sure she is going to be pissed when I get back."

"Oh, well that's easy Natsu. Let her hit you with a frying pan."


"Yeah, whenever I disappear for a while to deal with a universal threat, I would be gone for a while. Then, when I get back, Chi-Chi would hit me with a frying pan, yell at me, and then we are back to our normal husband and wife situation."

Natsu shivered, Chi-Chi was a woman not to be trifled with. Something he learned when he tracked mud into the Son home after a training exercise.

He still had a knot from her frying pan.

"But, I don't want to be hit!"

Goku shrugged, "Sorry Natsu, but that's all I got for you. Just don't pull a Vegeta."

Natsu shivered, remembering how that situation went with the King of Hell. Apparently, Vegeta decided to forgo his paperwork to go hunt down some soul called Uchiha Madara instead of sending his son, Trunks, after him.

His wife, Bulma, the Queen of Hell did not appreciate this, since he never bothered to inform her. Then Vegeta made a huge mistake.

"Woman! I am the King of Hell! I'll do whatever I want, when I want, and nobody can stop me! Now go in the kitchen and make me a sandwich, bitch!"

Before Vegeta could realize his mistake, Bulma was on him with the Frying Pan of Doom and the Mallet of Doom, beating the crap out of the saiyan for two weeks straight.

End Flashback:

Natsu couldn't help but blush as he remembered how the two reunited a few days later. While he certainly wouldn't mind doing that with Erza, he didn't think it would be a good idea to ponder on it too much since he was naked.


Natsu blinked, realizing that Erza had called him again; he quickly stood to his feet as Erza took a step towards him.

"It's really you." She whispered, before she took off in a sprint towards him, arms open.

"Maybe she's not mad at me!" thought Natsu, as he sprinted towards his longtime friend.








"Er-what?" said Natsu before Erza nailed him in the jaw with a devastating right hook, causing him to spin a complete 360 degrees, before Erza hit him with the left, knocking Natsu on his ass. Before Natsu could say anything, Erza pounced and straddle him, continuing to rain punches on his face.


Before she could hit Natsu again, her wrist was caught in Natsu's hand, before she could strike him with the other, he caught that one as well.


"I'm sorry!"

Erza froze, "What?"

"I'm sorry, Erza." said Natsu, looking straight into Erza's eyes, "I am so sorry Erza. I know I should have written, or visited, or at least tried to show you I was okay, but things got really hectic for a while. I know this is not a good excuse, so if hitting me can make amends for what I've done, please continue you!"

"Natsu." whispered Erza, more tears flowing down her face as Natsu let go of her wrist, "You idiot!" she cried, as instead of hitting him, she collapsed onto Natsu chest, letting him wraps his arms around her as she cried.

After a few minutes, Erza sniffled as she hugged Natsu, "So, are you really coming back to the guild?"

Natsu nodded, "Yep! I'm back for good!"

Erza smiled, "Good." as she snuggled into his chest, blushing as she realized how muscular Natsu became.

"Yep, but Erza, you might have to get up."

"I don't want to."

"But Erza, I think people are getting the wrong impressions."

"What, people?"

Erza turned her head to see that not only had Happy been watching her and Natsu moment, but Gray, Lucy, and the villagers.

"Erza!" blushed Lucy as she covered her cheeks.

"Wow, did not see that coming." said Gray

"Oh my! Fairy Tail's Titainia having sex right here in the woods after a mission. So scandalous!" said one of the villagers, with the other agreeing.

Erza turned red, until she realized that while she was straddling a naked Natsu.


Later that evening:

Erza blushed as she led her team to the harbor. After being treated to a feast by the villagers, the team decided that it was time to make their way back to the guild.

They managed to find a pair of brown pants for Natsu to wear to protect his modesty, as he and Erza walked hand in hand to the harbor.

Erza would say it was to make sure that he didn't disappear again.

No one believed her.

"Okay you guys! The boat's here!" called Gray as he made his way down the pier.

As the team made their way to the boat, Natsu frowned as his left hand began to itch. Looking at it, his eyes widen as a green 'M' flared to life on it. The 'M' was gothic in design and sat in a magic seal.

"Hey you guys," he called, "You guys go back to Fairy Tail, I have something I need to take care of real quick."

"What?" asked Erza, "I don't think so! You just got back and I am not letting you disappear on me again!"

Natsu grinned, "Don't sweat it, Erza! I'll take care of this and I'll meet you guys back at Fairy Tail in a jiff. I promise!"

With that, Natsu slipped his hand out of Erza's and Happy transformed into his tiger mode and with a quick hop, the two were gone.

Erza sighed as the pair disappeared into the distance, "Well, come on you two. It's time to go!"

Lucy blinked, "But Erza, are you sure Natsu is going to come back?"

Erza smiled, "He better, because if he doesn't get back to the guild in two days, I am going to stab the crap out of him."

With Natsu:

When Natsu entered the Makai kingdom to find the source of the marking on his hand, he was expected something similar to Vegeta's kingdom. Violence, suffering, a random Galick Gun attack, and lake of hellfire.

While some of these things were found here, he didn't expect so many dagger wielding penguins.

"So, Natsu," asked Happy, easily flying over the warped wasteland, watching a blue haired kid beat the crap out of a couple of golems, "Where are we going?"

Natsu pointed his hand in multiple directions, until it shined brightly in the direction of a gothic castle in the distance, "I guess we go that way."

"Aye!" called Happy as he beat his wings a few times before jetting to the castle, covering the distance in a few minutes.

"Here we are." called Happy, as he lighted down and allowed Natsu to climb off his back. "So…"

"Yes, Happy. I think I can deal with this myself, you can go eat some of those penguins you saw earlier."

"Aye, sir!" and with that Happy was gone.

Natsu grinned, saying a slight prayer for any penguin who was unlucky enough to be caught by Happy.

He really enjoyed being a flying, alpha, predator.

Noticing his mark glowing brightly, Natsu venture into the castle, paying a close eye to the many gothic, statues of various monsters in their final moments. After he cleared the hallway, he found himself in a large throne room.

Before Natsu could continue his investigation, he hurled himself to the side to avoid a number of black spears stabbing into the ground where he once stood. Natsu turned around to face his attacker, a beautiful woman with long, light green hair, a very revealing top, and bat-like wings on her back and the sides of her head, floating in midair. She smiled seductively as she lazily landed, eyeing Natsu like a snake about to consume its prey.

"So, you must be Gildarts's student." she asked, walking over to Natsu, putting an extra emphasis on the sway of her hips.

Natsu nodded, making sure to keep an eye on the woman. If there was one thing Gildarts taught was to always be wary of sexy woman.

Also, how to use a candy wrapper as a condom to varying degrees of success.

Lost in his thought, Natsu finally paid attention to his surrounding when he felt a soft hand slowly stroke his chin as a voice whisper in his ear.

"I was disappointed that I couldn't get Gildarts', but I feel that you would be perfect replacement. After I remove your soul and turn you into a Frankenstein-like vassal to fight my battles, of course."

"What?" asked Natsu confused by the woman's words, until he felt a strange pressure in his chest. He looked down to see the woman other arm glowing green as it her hand dug into his chest, searching for something.

"What the hell?" screamed Natsu as he jumped back.

The woman pouted, "Oh dear, this would have been so much easier if you simply gave me your soul, but apparently we are going to have to do this the hard way."

"Damn it, why are you trying to take my soul?" yelled Natsu.

"Well, technically, it belongs to me, Morrigan Aensland. You see…"


Morrigan peered over the top of her cards at her opponent, Gildarts Clive. The stakes were high, each party betting something personal; Gildarts bet his soul, Morrigan bet her body.

Gildarts smiled as laid his cards out, "Four of a kind."

Morrigan smiled like a Cheshire cat, "Straight Flush. Yes, your soul is mine Gildarts!" cheered the succubus as she plunged her yokai covered arms into Gildarts chest, searching for his soul.

After a few minutes of nothing, Morrigan frowned as she pulled her arms back, "Where is your soul, Gildarts?"

Gildarts grinned, "I traded it for a popsicle."

"What? Who did you trade your soul for a popsicle with?"

In the Land of Ooo:

"I did it Gunter, in my hands is the soul of one of the most powerful men in the known universes… now, how do I use this thing?"

End flashback:

"Fortunately, Gildarts did offer me a better deal, your soul; so how about you come over here and let me rip your soul out of your chest!" cooed Morrigan.

"How about no?" said Natsu.

"Fine then, how about I kick your ass and rip your soul out of your chest!?"

Natsu grinned as he took a fighting stance, coating his fist in flames, "Oh, so you want to fight? I'm all fired up!"

"After I turn you into my vassal, I might have your mouth sewn shut. But remember, I'm just as beautiful when I fight. Try not to admire me while we're fighting, though... it doesn't make for much of a challenge." called Morrigan, as her wings turned into jet thrusters and she charged Natsu.

In the fields of Makai:

Scotty the Prinny wobbled happily, enjoying his stroll. As a Prinny, Scotty had to admit that his life sucked. They would get beat up by Laharl, abused by Etna, thrown at walls so that they would explode, and abused by every single creature of the Makai realm.

But not today. Today, Scotty was enjoying his life by having a relaxing stroll, knowing nothing could go wrong.

Until a large shadow passed over him. Scotty looked and nearly shat himself as he saw a large, blue, flying tiger, coming at him teeth and clawed bared, preparing to make Scotty into a meal. Scotty quickly reached into his pouch for a weapon and cheered in glee as he pulled one out.

Only for it to be a useless dagger.

Scotty sighed as the tiger prepared to dive-bomb him.

No matter what, being a prinny sucked donkey ass.

At Fairy Tail:

"Erza, are you okay?"

"Oh, sure Mira. Why do you ask?"

"Because you been carving marks into the bar for the last three days."

Erza looked down to see that she had been using a dagger to carve times, dates, and pictures of Natsu into the bar. She looked at her friend/rival who was currently cleaning a mug as she tended to her fellow guild members. Like everyone else, she had grown over the years, still as competitive and combative as ever, but she began to display a more nurturing side when the old guild maid retired and Mirajane stepped to take her place.

Mirajane also managed to dress a bit more conservative than her old attire, while still flaunting her body. She wore a pair of leather pants that seemed to be painted on, enforced with magical seals to allow Mirajane to maintain her mobility in a fight, which led into a pair of black, heeled, boots. She wore a black corset with tints of purple, along with a pair of fingerless, mid-arm, length gloves. The one constant from her old wardrobe was her purple bow she kept in her hair, keeping her hair in a ponytail.

Mirajane smiled as she motioned for her sister to tend to the bar for a bit, "Don't worry Erza. I am sure that Natsu is okay and will be walking through that door any minute now."


Everyone duck for cover as the wall beside the door blow in, sending debris flying everywhere.

"Hi everyone, I'm back!"


After Natsu settled down into the guild, reuniting with his friends and providing them with tales of his adventures, the guild fell back into its normal routine.

"Wow Natsu, I can't believe you saw dragons!"

"Or frost giants!"

"I can't believe you were a stripper!"

Natsu blushed, "Well Mirajane that was kinda only a one time thing!"

"Not if I have any say so."

"Mirajane!" scowled Erza as she glared at her rival.

"Oh come on, Erza! I want to see Natsu do a bump and grind routine. Look at him, he's gorgeous!"

"Mirajane! I'm warning you!"

"Erza! Naked Natsu! Think about it, your birthday is coming up in a few months! We could get him to pop out of a cake half naked!"

"…He could do that? I mean, no, it is immoral!" yelled Erza, before glancing at Natsu, her face turning red in embarrassment.

"Well how about this," asked Mirajane, "Natsu you must be really strong, how about a match between you and I and whoever wins has to do what the winner wants?"

Natsu grinned, "Sure, but I also want to fight Erza as well."

"Me?" asked Erza.

"Yeah, you and Mirajane are the strongest mages in the guild since Laxus and Mystogan aren't here right now, and it would give me a chance to see how my training stands against you two!"

Mirajane grinned wickedly, "Come on Erza, help me tag team Natsu!"

"But in the guild, that would be so vulgar; the girl's dorm isn't too far away. I mean, yes, let us both fight Natsu in a spar, not have a threesome with him. No threesomes, no, none! No sex with Natsu or Mirajane…or both at the same time!"

Yeah, Erza may have been reading a few too many smut novels.

"… Anyway, how about it Natsu? You versus Erza and I, the loser has to do whatever the winner wants."

Natsu grinned as he stood from table, "You're on and after I beat you two, Master Makarov, you're next!"


"Natsu's gonna challenge the master. THAT'S TOO MANLY FOR ME TO COMPREHEND!"

Makarov laughed over his drink, "Are you sure Natsu? I may be old, but I still have plenty of fight in me."

"You bet old man. I want to fight you after I beat Erza and Mirajane!"

Makarov rubbed his chin, "Okay then. If you beat Erza and Mirajane, I will fight you!"

"Yes, I'm all fired up!"

"Hey, you are not the only one who been training, Natsu!" called Mirajane, "its look like I am going to have to show you your place by kicking your butt across the guild!"

Natsu smiled at the challenge, "Well, bring it on ladies!"

Once every got outside, Makarov sent the opponent to opposite sides of the field.

"Okay, today, we will have a spar between Erza and Mirajane versus Natsu. All magic is available and both parties agree to follow the terms of the winner, right?"

Both sides nodded.

"Good, after I leave the field, the battle may begin."

Makarov quickly left the field, and Erza and Mirajane began their transformations. Erza quickly channeled her magic, and requiped into her Flame Empress Armor.

Mirajane smiled as her magic flared around, "Satan Soul: Vepar!" she called as her magic exploded covering her body as her body changed. Her clothes melted off her body, living her clad in a green two piece bikini. Bright green scales covered her hands and feet, covering the sides of her torso and face. A pair of fins grew from the sides of her ankles, and a single fin grew from her forearms. Mirajane hairs escaped from its ponytail, and grew longer flowing down to the back of her calves. As her transformation finished, Mirajane eyes changes to a light blue, and her magic stretched across the entire field before materializing into water that pooled at the combatants feet.

Natsu couldn't help the grin that spread across his face, unclasping his cloak and tossing it to the wind, "This is gonna be good! Okay then, come at me!"

Not needed to be told twice, Erza dashed across the field, faster than the human eye could comprehend, before appearing in front of Natsu; bring her sword down to leave a gash across his chest.

"What the-" thought Erza, as her attacked was stopped by Natsu.

Or to be more specific, Natsu's finger.

His blackened finger.

"Oh, let me explain, this is my Busoshoku: Koka, an ability I learned with Gildarts. It takes my willpower and turns it into a near, invulnerable, defense."

Erza smirked, "That is a neat trick, but can you keep up with my speed." She challenged as she unleashed a barrage of sword strikes and stabs at Natsu.

Natsu remained calm as he used his finger to block Erza's attack, until instead of a sword strike, Erza lashed out with a kick at Natsu's arm, not enough to hurt him, but instead using it as a board to flip into the air.

Before Natsu could question Erza strategy, he was hit in the chest by a ball of water, knocking him back. Erza seeing an opening flipped toward a tree, and pushed off it to attack Natsu again. Mirajane joined her, using her takeover's ability for high speed travel across surfaces of water to skate across the field to get behind Natsu, readying a punch to knock the dragon slayer into the future.

As sword and fist sailed through the air at their target, Natsu turned to face Mirajane, raising his knee to block her punch and his hardened finger to block Erza's sword. Using the halted momentum of the two women to his advantage, Natsu dropped to the ground, spinning, lashing out with his leg to knock Mirajane off her feet. He continued his attack lashing his legs out to kick Erza in the head, causing her to stumble back, and kicking Mirajane in the stomach, before flipping back on to his feet. Before Erza and Mirajane could gain their balance, Natsu crossed his arms over his chest, collecting his ki.

"HA!" yelled Natsu, pushing his arm out to the side, unleashing his ki in a concentrated blast of sound, sending Erza and Mirajane flying across the field. The two women caught themselves before they hit the forest line, and braced themselves for the next attack.

Natsu rubbed his shoulders, rubbing a kink out, and grinned, "Wow, you two work well together! At least, compared to how you two used to act when we were younger."

Erza couldn't help but smile at the compliment, "Not bad yourself, Natsu, but I hope you are ready because Mirajane and I are just getting started." as she requiped into her Lightning Empress Armor.

"Erza is right, Natsu, Erza and I have been working together over the past few years. We have a lot of strategies on how to work together to overcome our opponents. I hope you didn't throw away your old performing outfit, because I am going to want a VIP lap dance and massage after this is finished." said Mirajane, as the water across the field began to stir.

Natsu smiled, "This is going to be great. It looks like I can let loose a bit in this fight." as his fist reignited in flames and a strong aura covered his person.

With the three ready, the battle continued.


Ultear sighed as she held an ice pack to her cheek. It was still inflamed from Natsu's punch all those days ago. Along with the failure of her mission, she decided to postpone her mission report to Lord Hades and instead head straight back to the magic council. While she may not be able to pose a physical threat to the dragon-slayer, she had allies in the magic council who would love to hear about a certain battle on Galuna Island.

As she watched the waves splash against the boat from the deck, she took out her orb and focused her magic on connecting to her target.

The orb flashed brightly twice before a face appeared on the screen. Ultear smiled as a little girl with pink, pigtails, grinned happily on the screen.

"Hi Mommy, I miss you!"

"I miss you too, Meredy." cooed Ultear to her three year old daughter.

Back in Maikai:

Morrigan woke groggily, taking note of the fact that she was naked in the middle of her throne room. Her body ached in pain, the good and the bad, she noted.

"Hmm, maybe that dragon-slayer may be someone I should keep my eye on." said Morrigan, as she rose from the ground, stretching her wonderful body back and forth, using her magic to instantly dress her in her standard outfit.

She then noticed a mark on the back of her left hand, similar to the mark on the shoulder of the man she fought. Hers was dark red, with a light orange 'N' in the middle.

"Oh yes, I will definitely keep my eye on him."

In Skyrim:

Miltilda smiled as she easily severed the head of an orc with a battle-axe, sending the head flying through the air.

Nodding at her kill, she turned to Aela who removed her dagger from an orc's stomach, letting its organ fall to the ground.

"So, now that we are done with that. Now what?"

"Well, we haven't seen Natsu in a while. How about we go hunt him down?"

Miltilda blushed, remembering the pink haired lad who joined them on their quest for a few years.

"I don't know, I mean, it's been so long, and-"

Aela laughed as she punched Miltilda in the shoulder, "Oh dear, it seems as if Miltilda Silverfang, the great warrior of Skyrim, has a crush!"

Miltilda scowled, "So do you!"

"Duh, that why I want to find him and see how he is doing, maybe he has an adventure he could use our help on."

Miltilda thought about the idea for a second and smiled, "Well then, let's go to Magnolia!"

The SSB Mansion:

Samus groaned as she listened to Peach and Zelda gossip between each other. While she respected them as fighter, they were still gossip queens.

"Yeah, I heard Mario was pissed because Rosalina became interested in another man!"

"Oh, do tell!"

"Yes, I think his name was Clives or Gil something."

Samus had to stop herself from slamming her head into a wall; things were so much more interesting when Natsu was around. That little fire-breather enjoyed causing havoc and mayhem during his training with Captain Falcon, giving the Master Hand migraine after migraine. She couldn't help but giggled as she recalled how excited he would be whenever he had a match, still happy whether he won or lost.

"Oh my, is Samus giggling?" asked Peach.

Samus froze, unknowingly drawing the two attentions.

"Maybe she is thinking about a certain pink-haired fighter?" asked Zelda.

"Or how said fighter never realized that Samus was a girl?" laughed Peach.

The two laughed as Samus groaned in embarrassment. Still remembering how the fire-breather always called her 'guy' and 'dude', never realizing that she was a woman! Well, no more! She was going to hunt down Natsu and show him that she was a woman! But first, she was going to deal with those gossiping harpies.

Zelda and Peach never noticed the tell-tell twinkle of Samus's cannon arm.

In the town of Dublith

Izumi Curtis nodded as she listened to the person on the phone.

"That's it? Fine but you owe me Mustang."

Hanging the phone up, Izumi looked to her husband, "Pack up dear, we have a mission."

"Mission! Yes!"

Izumi smiled as her sixteen year old daughter burst through the front door. She wore an outfit similar to Izumi's, a white coat with a blue shirt underneath, a pair of black capris, and a pair of black sandals. Her blue hair was tied into a pony tail hanging over her shoulder. Following behind her was a small, white, cat that walked on two legs.

"So, what's the mission, Mom?"

"Well, Wendy, apparently there has been a strange outbreak of yeti attacks north of here. The military has been trying to deal with it, but they can't find the resources to continue to fund the units out there-"

"So he asked us to help out, but mom, you hate the military."

"I do, but your brothers are out there trying to deal with the problem and according to Mustang, they are going to need help."

Wendy grinned as she went to help her father pack, "Nice, we are going to kick yeti butt!"

Izumi smiled at her daughter's enthusiasm, remembering how Grandeeney brought Wendy into the Curtis's lives when she was three. Sig and Izumi quickly accepted her as their own, raising her with Ed and Alponso, teaching them the laws of alchemy and in Wendy's case, control of her magic.

"Pack quickly, you two. We are going to stop at a local guild to meet up with the rest of the team. Mustang said he put in a request to get some mages to help up us."

"Really? From where?" asked Sig, as he carried a pile of bags on one shoulder and his giggling daughter and her exceed on the other.

"Some guild called Fairy Tail."

Wendy smiled, "Nice! Now I can show my skills against other mages. Just wait until they meet Wendy Marvel-Curtis, the Sky-Carving Alchemist!" she cheered, as a light gust blow through the room, green lines crossed back and forth across her hands in seconds, creating perfect, alchemy, circles.

Near the coast of Magnolia:

"Young lady!" cried the old mayor of a port town, struggling to keep pace with the woman walking in front of him, as the winds of the thunderstorm picked up, "When we asked for help, we expected Fairy Tail to send a team of mages, not just one!"

The woman said nothing, as she continued her stride to the ocean. She wore a thigh length coat with a hood that hid her face from view. Underneath the coat, she wore a black shirt that clung to her large breast, leaving her mid-riff bare and showing a black Fairy Tail guild mark on the side of her toned stomach. She wore a pair of hip hugger jeans and a pair of boots to complete her outfit. The most unique thing about her out was the two belts she wore, one going through the belt loops of her jeans, and the other hanging diagonally off the curves of her hip. Attached to both belts was a leather case.

As the woman continued her path to the ocean, many of the town folks ran to higher ground, the oceans moving violently and the storm grew worse. Anyone who was had left to leave watch in horror as a large, crustacean, claw, easily dwarfing the largest building rose from the ocean, before smashing into a pier, destroying it.

Yet, the woman did not stop, continuing her journey until she came to the edge of a pier. Sensing a challenger, the oceans split open as a monster part octopus, part crustacean rose from the ocean, towering over the woman. The beast roared as it tentacles whipped wildly back and forth, eager to grab the woman and tear her to bits for challenging it.

The woman scoffed at the display before opening the cases on her waist and pulling out two cards.

"Frozen Land!" the woman called as the cards in her hand glowed, before she tossed them into the ocean. The moment they touched the water, ice quickly grew from the point of contact spreading for miles outwards, trapping the beast.

With a swipe of her hand, the woman's magic returned the cards to her hand, quickly returning them to their sheath as the beast roared in fury of its entrapment, beating furiously on the ice to no avail.

The monster sealed in place, the woman began her next strategy. Pulling out four more cards, she fueled each one with her magic.

Cana held up a card and channeled her magic into it, "Fight, here my call, and follow my command!" she called, as the card shined brightly before unleashing a beam of light onto the frozen ocean. The light died down to reveal a young woman. She had cropped shoulder length pale hair, piercing sky blue eyes and two long odangos. She wears a blue leotard with white trimmings and a red triangle on her chest, long tail fins, long finger-less gloves with high, wide finned cuffs on the tops, and white guards on the back of the hands, and a pair of blue and white thigh-length boots.

The woman impatiently tapped her boots on the ground, itching for her mistress to give her the command to fight her opponent.

The woman continued her channeling as she tossed her three other cards into the air, "By the power of the sky and lightning, imbue my card with the ability to strike down my foes with the power of Zeus!"

The middle card shined brightly as it transformed into a European rapier. It companion cards glowed as wind coursed around one and lightning surged across the other. The cards attached themselves into the sword, absorbed into the steel. Wind and lightning roared furiously around the blade, imbuing it with the power of the sky.

"Fight, now grab the Sword and begin your attack!"

Fight nodded, leaping into the air and taking hold of the sword, the wind and lightning continuing from the sword to course around her body, before dashing through the air to her opponent. The beast roared as it brought down one of it claws to crush the girl.

The girl simply smirked as she vanished in thin air. The beast than roared in agony as it arm fell at the shoulder, barely catching the blur before it lost its sight. Blinded and disabled, the beast roared as it tried furiously to strike it attack, failing with each swing of its arm or tentacles.

The mayor could only watch in amazement as the beast was cut down, tentacles, muscles, and flesh being cleaved from its body by a being that was too fast to follow with the human eye.

Fight smiled as she thoroughly thrashed her opponent before dashing towards the beast head and using it to jump high into the sky. As she entered the clouds of the storm, she spun her sword, collecting the lightning from the sky, before allowing herself to fall her body coated by lightning, giving her the appearance of a lightning bolt to those watching. In one swing of her sword, she easily cleaved straight down the middle of the monster, colliding with the ground unleash an explosion of electricity, eradicating the remains of her opponent and destroying the ice in the ocean.

Fight nodded to herself as the storm cloud cleared, allowing the sun to shine upon the village. She lightly bounced off the water to return to the pier, before standing in front of her master. She fell to a knee before her and raised her sword, silently thanking her mistress for the opportunity to battle. With that, she and her swords reverted into their card form before returning to their mistress hand.

"Hmph!" the woman couldn't help but scoff, "You listen to me now, but I know you enjoyed kicking my ass when I tried to get you to follow my orders."

"My word! Young lady, you did it! You destroyed the beast that has been attacking us for months. Please, accept my apology for doubting your abilities!" cried the mayor as he and many of the other town people bowed before the woman.

"No no, none of that! I am just a simple mage that was asked to help, that's all!"

"Well, please allow us to hold a celebration for your victory along with your payment! Please, tell us, what is your name?"

The woman nodded as she pulled back the hood of her coat, revealing long, brown, hair and a beautiful face.

"My name is Cana Alberona, S-class mage of Fairy Tail."

Well, this is the end of this chapter and I have to tell you all, I had a blast writing this and I hope you all enjoyed it. For everyone information, I went ahead and upped Wendy's age for this story, and yeah, Cana is going to be a badass and is going to cause Natsu a lot of trouble when they finally meet. Anyway, I have been a blast on inspiration for new Fairy Tail fan fiction. One of the one I really like is this idea:

He's too Sexy!

Bascially, after getting beat by Natsu, Erza sucker punch him when he tries to help her up. She ends up hitting him so hard; he becomes bishounen, attracting the attention of the women of Magnolia and the envy of the men.

Here's a few scene:

Mirajane gasped as she slipped on a spilled drink on the floor, feeling the world fall around her as the food she carried went up in the air, and her body bracing for the embarrassing impact with the floor.

Before she could hit the ground, an arm wrapped around her waist, halting her fall, while another hand reached out and caught the tray carrying the food.


"Are you okay, Mira-chan?"

"Natsu, you saved me?"

"No no, I was just merely helping a woman in need, I hope you don't find my methods too forward though, for a lowly man such as myself has no right to lay a hand on a goddess such as yourself unless in the direst of situations."

Mirajane blushed at Natsu words as he helped her to her feet. Mirajane blushed harder as she noticed Natsu's new clothes. Instead of usual vest and pants, Natsu now wore a pink dress shirt under a black vest, with a pair of black gloves. He wore a pair of nice dress pants with a silver chain attached to the belt loop and a pair of pink dress shoes. His hair seemed calmer than usual still having it usual spikiness, but it seemed softer.

"Mira-chan, you're turning red, please allow me to check your temperature." and with that Natsu pulled off his gloves.

But instead of using his hand, he instead bit the tip of one and slowly pulled it off.

"Dear Kami." Mirajane thought, "That is sooo hot!" nearly melting one the spot as Natsu placed his hand on her forehead.

"Hmm, this is not working well enough, let me try something else!" and with that, Natsu gently cupped Mirajane cheeks and placed his forehead gently against hers.

Mirajane knew the moment that Natsu breath touched her lips, she instantly creamed her panties.

"Oh dear, Mira-chan, you are burning up! Please, use me as your vassal to satisfy your every need as you go about today," said Natsu, completely missing the hidden meaning of his words.

"Can I have your babies?" whispered Mirajane, struggling to pull herself together.

"Oh dear, you must be delirious! Please, allow my unworthy being to carry you back to your home so that you may rest!" and with that Natsu scooped Mirajane up, bridal style and carried her to her home, completely missing the glares the female gave Mirajane for being so lucky, and the glares the guys gave him for being so damn bishounen.

Minerva sighed as she read through her Sorcerer's Weekly magazine. Today was a boring day in Sabretooth, her own collection of bishounen men growing more boring to her everyday.

"I need something new, someone powerful, sexy, and beautiful!" she thought, "But where could I find someone like that?" as she turned the page.

And her jaw dropped.

Minerva giggled perversely, blood dripping from her news, and she gazed heavily at Sorcerer's Weekly newest male model.

"His pink hair, his abs, he is sooo sexy!" giggled Minerva drooling over the nearly naked form of Natsu Dragneel. "I must have him!"

"Oh Minerva-chan! Rouge and I are here to rub oils on ourselves for our- I mean your enjoyment!" called Sting, as he entered his mistress room, carrying a jar of oil in one hand with Rouge behind him.

Minerva scoffed, "Be gone you two, I no longer require you to be a part of my collection, I have found the perfect specimen!"

"What, you-you are dumping us?!" cried Sting

"Of course! I have found the perfect bishounen in all of Fiore and he will be mine!" declared Minerva, pushing the two dragon slayers aside as she made plan to go to Magnolia and catch her man.

"Damn it!" yelled Laxus as he was surrounded by the disgruntle guys of Fairy Tail, "We have to do something about Natsu."

"Yeah!" agreed Gray, "He is just too damn sexy. The women of the guild are falling over him and that damn spread he did for Sorcerer's Weekly isn't helping."

"Hey, he is not that sexy… is he?" asked Bickslow.

Everyone looked around uncomfortably before Max spoke up, "Look, no homo, but …yeah he's pretty damn sexy."

"No homo," began Elfman, "but I would find it to be pretty manly if I could wrestle with Natsu naked."

"No homo," said Laxus, "But if Natsu was to pin me against the wall and do stuff to me…I wouldn't fight it."

"No homo, " said Freed, "But Natsu could be me over this bar right now and use me in whatever manner he like until I look like that old nerf football Laxus keeps in his closet."

"Wait a second," said Laxus, "Dear Kami, don't you all see what he is doing? Natsu is so sexy; his sexiness is implanting gay thoughts in our head!"

Everyone gasped in horror as they realized what happen.

"I know what we should do!" said Bickslow, "We should capture Natsu and beat him off. We should each take turn beating him off and then we'll beat each other off. It would be an old fashion, guild, member beat off!"


The men looked towards the door to see the Titainia of Fairy Tail, Erza Scarlet, standing in the open door way.

"Natsu has gotten too sexy," she began, as she walked into the crowd of men, "I can't allow this to continue as those damn whore just want him for his looks. If you all pledge to follow me, we can destroy this bishounen Natsu."

"Oh yeah," challenged Laxus, "And what to do you get out of it, if I am correct, you turned Natsu into that bishounen bastard in the first place?"

Erza glared at Laxus, "Simple. I want Natsu to myself. Also, just because you say no homo before making a gay statement, it's still gay is you pop a boner."

Laxus and the other men quickly crossed their legs.

Now, I want to stress that this story will have no actually yaoi relationships, but some of it will be implied. Anyway, I could use someone to bounce power level and battle standing in the anime universe with. There will be characters from other animes who will make an appearance and in order to make sure they are a challenge of the right level, I want to make sure I can portray them justly. For instance, Nitro from Toriko will be making an appearance around the end of the story and I am scratching my head to see how much of a threat he could pose.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this.

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