Sorry this has taken so long y'all. I started school and haven't had much time, but here you go, Chapter 9.

And the TARDIS did exactly that, she always took them where they needed to go regardless of whether The Doctor and River wanted to be there or not, but someone – planet – always needed him and he couldn't refuse the need to help anyone, though as the past four months had gone on and the bigger River was getting The Doctor was less and less willing to help anyone, though River was determined as ever to make sure that anyone that needed him, or his help, got it.

"River," The Doctor was pacing angrily around the console, waving his fingers and hands around every which way, "you are not going this time. Absolutely out of the question!"

"Nonsense Sweetie," she smiled at him, "of course I'm coming."

"You're not."

"Like hell," crossing her arms she continued, "I'm coming."

"River," his arms were briefly crossed before they began flailing again, "I am absolutely against this."

"Aw, that's precious," she looked over to Mia who was smiling, she knew her mother always got her way no matter how hard or long her father would fight it, "he thinks I'm not coming."

"You're not River, you are – are – are – are absolutely not coming."

Walking over by The Doctor as she stroked his face, "you're precious."

"I don't like it when you call me 'precious' or anything not, manly, like that."

"Guess it's a good thing you're not a man then," she smiled and Mia laughed.

"River!" He was getting frustrated now.

River was about to win and she knew it. His arguments were always weak, but they did come from the heart and so she'd never begrudge him that, and it did mean a lot to her that he cared that much. He still wasn't comfortable with saying 'I love you', but he was trying to show it more and River had to admit that he at least was good at doing that.

Yes, she was getting bigger, and that fact was obvious so there was no point in arguing it, and yes she had to admit there would probably come a time where she would have to stop or at least slow down. But that was not now.

Mia hopped down from her seat and rushed over to her father where she stopped in his paceway…well that's what he called it.

"Mia," hands on his hips, "you know better than that." He gently held the top part of her head and moved her to his right.

"Momma's coming," she said matter-of-factly.

"Of course she is," he sighed, turned around and slammed his hands on the console. "But," he stopped and faced River, "if something happens to you, don't come crying to me." He shook his head ostentatiously, "because, this – this – this – this whole thing is your idea. River. This is all your idea, and I've been against it from the start," he was flailing and pacing yet again, "so, so, don't you blame me if anything happens to you." The Doctor froze, "um, no," he faced River, "new plan."

River raised her eyes and looked incredulously at her husband. "Oh?"

"Yes, yes River. New plan."

"Well out with it Sweetie, we don't have all day," River attempted to cross her arms and rested them atop her growing belly.

"I'm taking you to your parents."

"Excuse me?" Her arms dropped to her sides and she stared at him.

"If anything ever happened to you River," he sighed, "Melody Pond. Your mother would never forgive me. And I can't have Amy mad at me. I can't have Amelia Pond mad at me River. And Rory the Roman…um, River he may not seem intimidating to you, and in fact he's really not, but he can be tough River."

"Roman, Sweetie."

"Yes, but River," he stopped just in front of her, "point is, your parents would never forgive me if something ever happened to you."

"You are not taking me to my parents."

"Yes, yes River, I most certainly am."

Suddenly the TARDIS came to a (somewhat) brutal stop. It was all River could do to keep herself from falling over. Both The Doctor and Mia had immediately rushed over to her.

"See River, not going."

"Like hell." Standing up and shoving The Doctor back she walked over to the scanner. "Diatrees…really?"

"What?" Exasperated The Doctor came over to her and looked at the scanner alongside River. "No, can't be."

"So it would seem, my love."

"But – but – but why?"

"As if I know," River's hands flew up in the air. "More importantly, why are we here, Doctor?"

"I don't know," he scratched his face contemplatively, "can't be good, that's for certain."

"But –" River began before stopping.

"We haven't been her since –" he nodded his head in Mia's direction.

This is where they had almost lost Mia, and it had not been a pleasant experience for either of them. They both agreed there was no more stress on their marriage ever, than there was when they thought they had lost her. Of course they both thought Kovarian might have gotten to her, before realizing that Kovarian would probably never try again based on Amy's threat…but they never knew and that's what scared them the most.

"What can she want us to do with the Tree People?" The Doctor spoke ripping River from her train of thought.

"Darling, if I knew I would have told you."

"Ugh!" The Doctor exclaimed as he punched a chair. "Why can't she ever just tell me what we're supposed to be doing?"

"Sweetie, calm down, let's just go have ourselves a look and see what's out there."

"We?" He crossed his arms and looked at her, "who is 'we'?"

"You, me and Mia, of course."

"River you are not going."

"Don't you dare tell me that again!" She stormed over to the doors and wretched them open and hurried outside. She hated it when he got like this. She was pregnant she wasn't invalided…though she admitted that if she was she'd still do some of the stuff that she did now…well not now now, being pregnant kind of changed things a little.


"Um…" Mia looked in the direction of her mother who had made her way out of the TARDIS. "Momma?"


It was all in her tone.

The Doctor rushed forward pulling Mia out the doors directly behind him. So as to not let anyone else know she was there. To his left, to his right, and in front of them were the Diatrees. Quite ugly creatures. They had the height and mass of oak trees, and the relentlessness of a Dalek. This was a species you did not want to piss off. Ever. And that is exactly what The Doctor and River had done the last time they were here.

"Doctor," spoke the largest Driatree at the front of the group. "So good of you to come."

"Well," he looked at River and then back to the TARDIS, "um, why is it good of me to come?"

"Did you not get our distress calls?"

The Doctor turned to the TARDIS and mumbled under his breath, "no more paint jobs for you for a month."

"You did get our distress calls, did you not?"

The Doctor looked to River who was staring back at him. Neither knew what to say, but they both knew intrinsically that they had to say something. They hadn't heard the distress calls, but the TARDIS must have.

"What distress would yo – are you under?"

"We knew you would care," a younger Diatree just a few feet to their left spoke up.

"Oh?" River faced the younger one.

"I'm Diandrew."

"Hello Diandrew," River said hesitantly. The Time Family was not sure what they should do or what they should say, but this community was powerful enough that two could easily crush the TARDIS and leave them stranded her for an unforeseeable amount of time, so it would just be better to help them in whatever way they possibly could, though neither had any idea about what could be done, said, or how exactly they could help these creatures.

"We've noticed the woman is with child," a what seemed to be like a female of their species spoke to River directly. "We had been informed that you already had a child…"

"Perhaps we had been mistaken," the first Diatree to speak spoke again.

"I doubt it," the female scoffed. "I'm Diandrea." She stepped forward to the original speaker. "This is my root sharer. Diandy, and you've already met our son, Diandrew."

"Hello," The Doctor and River said timidly.

"I'm –"

"Professor River Song –" Diandy began.

"Melody Pond, I think you'll find to be more correct," Diandrea nodded toward her.

"Um," River wasn't sure how they knew all this information, in fact it scared her a great deal more than she was willing to admit. "Melody Pond is my given name, but I do go by River Song."

"Unless she's naughty," The Doctor smiled, "then her mother calls her Melody. It's great!"

River turned and stared at her husband. "Have something to say Sweetie?"

"Not. At. All."


"Um, Doctor…" Diandy spoke, "we made a distress call for a reason."

"Right." The Doctor spun to face them directly. "What seems to be causing all this trouble?"

"Another Time Lord, sir."


"We only wish," Diandrea.

"How could you possibly, be having problems with a Time Lord?" The Doctor could not grab ahold of the idea that they were having issues with a Time Lord when he knew for a fact that he was the only one of his kind left, well, besides River and Mia there were no other Time Lords, part or whole.

"If only we knew for sure."

The Diatrees took a collective sigh.

River and The Doctor exchanged a glance. Before River shook her head. She was an archeologist, she herself knew there was no other Time Lord in exestience. Every account she had ever heard of time being altered, was when The Doctor himself did it.

"But, um…" The Doctor paused before continuing, "I know there are no more Time Lords. I killed them all."

"As is the cause for our distress Doctor," Diandrea nodded, "for we do indeed have a Time Lord here with us. Locked in a cell."

"You've captured a Time Lord?" The Doctor did not like that sound of that. As if he wasn't worried enough as it was.

"We shall bring her to you," Diandy waved a couple of Diatrees away.

"It is a cause of great concern for us Doctor," Diandrea nodded, "we know why you responded the way you did previously, and we have elected to forgive that momentary infraction as we as guardians to our rootlings would understand.

The next few moments passed by slowly.

The next thing any of them heard was…

"Hello dad."