She wakes in his bed, in his room. From here she can see sunlight streaming through the open window, the thin drapes moving in the morning breeze.

She can't see Paris right now - the drapes are in the way and besides she's not wearing her glasses - but she can hear it. Different sounding car horns toot and unfamiliar sirens wail in the distance. The narrow streets magnify the sound of passing mopeds, sending the engine noise echoing up between the walls of the building to interrupt her rest.

She turns and sees Oliver lying on his side watching her.

"Morning," she says.

"Morning," he smiles.

She moves across the sheets, wriggling closer to him.

He grins and leans forward to kiss her.

"I have to admit," she says when he pulls back. "I never thought this would happen."

"Why not?"

"Because you're you," she says simply, "and I'm me. This isn't something that happens to people like me."

"Paris?" He asks and she can tell he's not getting it.

"No," she says, waving a hand between them, "this."

"I wasn't expecting this either," he says, "but I'm not complaining."

"Now," she teases, "I remember several complaints last week."

Oliver scowls and she lays a kiss on the back of his hand. Then his wrist. Then the skin of his forearm.

"Last week I had a reason to complain," he grumbles, almost pouting.

She lifts herself up to kiss his lips because there are few things more adorable than a naked grumpy Oliver Queen bathed in morning sunshine.

He wraps his arms around her and rolls them backwards, so she's pulled up on top of him. She moves with him, kisses him, touches him.

She can feel the beginnings of deeper feelings inside her - she knew she was gone the second he kissed her in the park, and now lying in his arms she can't deny it.

But she won't give voice to them just yet.

They have time.

Oliver pulls back, staring up at her.

"You really are beautiful," he says.

"Look who's talking," she says with a grin.

And he looks almost bashful.

She leans down to kiss him, revelling in the sight of him, naked and happy.

Because you have to enjoy a view like that.