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The Cost of Love is High

Chapter 1

Matthew was a quiet individual. The kind of person who would be easily scarred, but made no attempt at letting you know that. Many people would warn him those kind of qualities would be the death of him, but Matthew refused to believe that. Like many he tried to make his negative characteristics sound positive. Never in his life though did Matthew predict that he would change from a humble and passive person to aggressive and emotional storm. This was all thanks to one man.

"Did you hear about Arthur? He's having an affair with a man!" A couple of women next to Matthew's cubicle were gossiping.

"What really?! I didn't know he was gay, but he does have a very girly face." The woman known as Debbie giggled. She was kind, yet like most women, she couldn't resist any good gossip.

Matthew was familiar with the man that they were talking about. Arthur was very beautiful. With emerald green eyes, sun golden hair, and fair skin, anybody who got their hands on him were considered to be lucky. That being said many people were lucky. It was no secret that Arthur got around. In fact he boasted about the many people who he had in his bed. On top of that his personality left much to be desired. His eyes always had a certain superior look. When Matthew dared to take a glance Arthur would glare back and intimidate him with just his eyes.

The blond was so consumed in eavesdropping on the conversation next door that when his phone rang, his heart just about exploded. Fumbling with the device he answered. "Hello?"

A deep french accent responded. "Hello Mathieu, it's me."

It was Francis, Matthews first (and hopefully last) boyfriend. "Oh hi sweetie!" He would never understand what about Francis caused him to get all gushy. Nor could he comprehend how his boyfriend found him attractive. Matthew considered himself not good looking. He had sandy blond hair with a stray curl that he could never control, violet blue eyes that were covered with thin glasses, and pale skin that did him no justice. Being comfortable was more important than looking great, so Matthew mostly wore hoodies and worn out jeans.

Francis sighed and continued. "I have to work late, Lovino messed up the documents so I have to clean it up."

"Oh...well dinner will be in the microwave." That was unusual. He never worked late before, but the thought wasn't pressed too much.

"Ok then bye." Before the blond could say I love you, the french man had hung up the phone. It hurt the thin man sitting at the desk. Francis always showed Matthew plenty of love, but today he had merely brushed him off. A figure walked past Matthew's cubicle. A sudden scent of smoke and fruity perfume flooded his nostrils, but the blond was too far into his own thoughts to notice that the same figure was watching him with a pleasured evil grin on his face.


As the day carried on Matthew had forgot his little conversation with Francis. It was only when he got home was he reminded. Usually the french man got off work before Matthew. He would already have dinner ready and would be laid out on the couch reading the latest mystery novel. As soon as the smaller man dragged himself through the door, the french man would shower him with little nothings and kisses.

Tonight was different. Matthew, feeling lazy cooked an easy taco salad. After he ate he took a shower and got ready for bed. The blond waited for Francis to get home. Looking at the clock next to the bed he took note that it was 2:00 am. Finally giving up he turned over to sleep. A door closing downstairs prevented Matthew from drifting off. The bedroom door opened to reveal a soaked Francis. The rain outside had absorbed in his shoulder length hair and beard.

Matthew took in the man before him without ever hinting to his boyfriend that he was awake. Francis had dirty blond shoulder length hair that connected to his beard, ocean blue eyes that at the moment held a dazed look, and beautifully broad shoulders. The blond was certain that he was blessed by the gods.

The french man trudged over to the bed as he shedded the business clothes. The bed dipped as Francis settled in never once noticing that Matthew was watching him. He waited until Francis shoulders relaxed to wrap his arms around the gorgeous body. His closed eyes snapping wide as a scent of smoke and some sort of fruity perfume filled his nose. His boyfriend didn't smoke. Realization crawled over him. Francis was cheating. Heartbroken, Matthew tightened his grip on the french man and bit his own lip to mute the whimpers as he sobbed. He then realized that he had lost the man he loved.


Gilbert panted as the woman on top of him rolled over. He had just finished his appointment with one of his "clients". She was a business woman with no time for relationships and a regular for Gilbert. "Do you believe in true love." the man swallowed as he noticed the woman was speaking to him.

"What's this? You hate pillow talk."

She laughed turning her sweat shined face to him. "I know, I just have a lot on my mind. So do you?"

The man stared at the ceiling as he answered her. "I love everybody that's my job."

The woman hit his shoulder. "I meant one person."

Gilbert ignored the question and in return gave her one. "What's got you talking like this?"

The woman genuinely smiled. "This will be my last time here. I hate to admit it, but I fell for a man at my work."

Gilbert was just about to answer her when his younger yet more mature brother, Ludwig opened the door. "Gilbert it's time for your next appointment."

The woman got up from the bed and begin to put on her clothes. "Bye Gilbert, Good luck."
Gilbert didn't say anything as she left. Ludwig noticed his brother's dazed look. "What's wrong?"

The older man laughed and responded. "My life should be exciting. I have sex all day, yet I'm bored of that. Well, you gotta make money. Send in the next client. Ludwig opened the door and left just as another woman entered. Gilbert plastered on a fake seductive smiled and began his work.

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