A/N: Hello fellow earthlings! I am back! First semester of college is over and I gotta say...it was life changing. I fell in love and am now in the pit of misery because he is leaving to a much nicer college. Of course, I did not tell him goodbye! As a hopeless romantic I did not allow him to say goodbye either! Well time will hopefully heal this heart. I thought writing would make me feel better so let's get to it!


The energized light of the sun made its way into a pitch black room and ran across the face of a sleeping Arthur. The depressed man opened his eyes and groaned. There was no way he was getting up today. It had been a week since he dumped Francis. He should be on cloud nine, but instead he sunk into the pit of despair. The French man had fooled him into believing that he was the only one in his heart. He held him many times and fully trusted the man to love him back, yet the only person in the blond's heart was no other then Matthew.

Arthur remembered when he first laid eyes upon the gorgeous man. Matthew had just started at the company. He was young and innocent, the Britain envied him for having such ideals. The jealously increased ten fold when a built blond man with a goatee wrapped his bulky arms around the small man's waist and planted a sweet kiss on his pink cheek. Who was this man? Arthur believed him to be an angel. No normal mortal could be so beautiful. Watching the two blonds smile so happily made the blood boil under his skin. He had never been loved and really wanted to know how the emotion would feel. Yes, he had fucked almost every male in the company, but he never knew the feeling of passion and intensity that true lovemaking held. He believed that this man could bring him into a new world, yet there was one little bump in the road, Matthew.

A smile creeped upon his face as within his mind a plan began to forge. Over the next week he observed the activity of the thin blond man. He managed to figure out his schedule and even learned alittle bit of information on his admirer. Arthur had overheard Matthew telling Alfred that Francis spent lots of free time at the local bookstore, reading mystery novels. A sudden love of books grew in the blond's chest.

The next day when he left work, he decided to take a different route home. He trudged in the freezing wind of the fall until he came upon a little bookshop. The building gave off a relaxing atmosphere as he opened the door. The air smelled a bit musty and stale. He glanced around. Very few people stood around the shelves as they kept their noses planted in the book. Arthur tiptoed down a couple of rows of shelves. He heart pounding at the idea of seeing his angel. When he turned down the next aisle he jumped a bit. The blond in all his beauty stood before him. He was reading a novel that Arthur had never heard of. Feeling a bit confident the blond stepped out and reached for a book near him, yet the other didn't seem phased. He brought the book up to his nose and pretended to read all the while watching the French man. He spent awhile doing this until he was coldly interrupted.

"Is there something on my face?" The bearded man tilted his head up to face the other.

Panic began to fill the young man's face. "Uh no why do you ask?"

A knowing smirk formed on Francis's face. "You were staring at me."

Arthur was certain that his face was as red as a tomato. "I wasn't staring at you. I was reading."

The blond's grin grew bigger. "You have been reading the same page for almost fifteen minutes now."

The smaller man turned up his nose. "You seem full of yourself."

He rose his eyebrows in amusement. "You would be too if you were this beautiful." The young man blushed wildly and flicked the man off. Yes, he was hot, if he kept his mouth shut he was an angel. The sad thing is all capable humans speak. "Wait a minute don't I know you?"

Arthur calmed a bit and answered the man's question. "Yes I work with your boyfriend Matthew."

Francis's eyes widened a bit. "Oh you do. I don't think we have met. My name is Francis and your name is?" He held out his hand.

The blond took it. "Arthur"

"Arthur let's become good friends." His smile held so many promises that he couldn't keep.


A couple of months had past and Arthur continued to meet Francis at the bookstore. He even began to read mystery novels just to discuss them with his crush. The two sat at one of the tables that was located just outside the store. The couple were in a heated conversation about the latest book when Francis chuckled. "What are you laughing about?" A tint of pink flushed Arthur's cheeks.

A smirk grew on the blond's face. "Your eyes light up when we talk about something you care about. You even relax a bit. It's quite cute."

Arthur became panicky. "YOU PERV! I AM NOT CUTE!" Although the statement embarrassed him, he enjoyed the compliment, but there was no way he was letting the bearded man know that. "WHY DON'T YOU GO BACK HOME TO YOUR LITTLE BOYFRIEND IF YOU WANT SOMEONE TO FUCK!" He slapped his hand over his mouth. Why did he say all of that? Matthew wasn't even brought up and Francis was just poking fun. Perhaps the young man was frustrated at the fact that the blond was nice to him. He didn't like him like that, yet the kind gestures from the man had he heart believing otherwise and it made him sick.

Francis stared back at the blond with shocked eyes. "Arthur..."

Panic settled in and the young man's fight or flight came into play and the flight won. He bolted up from his seated and turned to leave, but an arm gripped him. "LET ME GO!"

"Arthur listen."




Without much of a warning, the bearded man gripped the small man's chin and pressed his lips to the other's. Arthur was shocked, but that didn't stop him from kissing back. The two became passionate and intense. The small man felt woozy. Never in his life had he felt so wonderful. When the two pulled back, he gently asked. "Is that what loves feels like?"

Francis gazed at him with saddened eyes. "I am afraid that is."


Arthur sprung up from his bed as he woke from his dream. Why did he remember that? Just when he began to forget his pain, his dreams never failed to remind him. He sluggishly got up from his bed and made his way to the shower. Over the long months of his sweet affair he shared many moments in this shower with Francis. Most of them consisting of lovemaking. He began to wonder why he didn't seen it before? In the beginning Francis would gaze lovingly into his green eyes, yet when the honeymoon was over, the bearded would space out, probably thinking about Matthew.

Matthew, he was a innocent and excited young man. Arthur envied such ideals. He envied him. Whenever the blond reached such happiness those beautiful, yet evil fingers would snatch his treasures away. He wanted Francis, and he couldn't have him. Why, because in the way of the finish line stood Matthew and Arthur couldn't finish the race in second place.

A/N: There you go! I know I know, I ended on such a cliffhanger, yet I wanted to remind you guys that there is still problems at home. I will be working on Thicker than Blood next. I hoped you enjoyed that.