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A/N: This is my twisted take on the episode "Sick Daze". In that episode, Brock is sick, and Ash & Misty have to take care of everything until Brock is feeling better. This is how I think it could've been changed to an AAMR. I also give backgrounds to Ash and Misty. By the way, the ages in this story are: Brock is 18 and Ash & Misty are 16.

Sick Daze Lead to Romance

It was another ordinary day for Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu. They were on their way to Olivine City, using the same transportation they always used.walking. You'd think that this group of trainers & pokèmon would've found another way to get from one place to another by now. Brock was the one who suggested a shortcut to use. When our quartet got halfway through the shortcut, they were greeted by a sign that read, "Road closed due to construction." They had to walk all the way back to the main road, which added an extra day to their travels. This was all the time Brock's body needed to decide that it needed to take a break.

He passed out on the trail, ahead of Ash and Misty.

"Whoa! Brock are you alright?" said Ash, who had almost walked on top of him. Brock would've answered if he hadn't of passed out. "He's got a fever, Ash." "I guess that explains why he passed out. He should've said if he wasn't feeling well. What do we do now?" "Why don't we send Golbat and Noctowl to find a place for us to stay?" suggested Misty. "Good idea Misty. Pikachu can you tell which Pokèball is Golbat's?" "Pika (this one)." Ash let Noctowl and Golbat out and explained their situation to them. The flying Pokèmon took off to find a place for their friends.

It didn't take long for Golbat to sense a place nearby; it turned out to be a cabin, two miles from where the group currently was. Bulbasaur and Chikorita took the job of carrying Brock to the cabin. When they reached the cabin, Misty walked in and set up the bed for Brock. Bulbasaur and Chikorita came in and put Brock on the bed and pulled up the covers. Pineco and Golbat were told to watch Brock while everybody else stayed outside to get some things done.

Ash and Misty were sitting outside of the cabin, thinking about what they had to do while Brock was sick. Misty got out a notepad and a pen so they could make a list of what needed to be done while they were staying here. "Okay, Ash, what do we need to do?" "First I think we should let out all of the Pokèmon and let them know what's going on." "Okay." Five minutes later, all the Pokèmon were out and were listening to what Ash was saying. Misty had her notepad out with a list of things to do. She had written the list while Ash was telling the Pokèmon why they were at this cabin. She was amazed at how he could handle a variety of Pokèmon, and all at the same time without them trying to kill him. It was no wonder she loved him. But she would never tell him; the only one who knew was Togepi, who was convinced that Ash and Misty were its parents. Misty often thought it would be nice if that were true.

Meanwhile, Ash was finishing with explanations. All of the Pokèmon understood what was going on and were willing to help out. "Okay, is everybody ready for their assignments?" All of the Pokèmon nodded. "Mist, do you have a list for us?" 'I love it when he calls me that,' "Yea. Here it is: 1. Set up camp. 2. Get some firewood. 3. Find fruit. 4. Do laundry. 5. Get the Pokèmon cleaned up and fed. 6. Get some medicine for Brock."

"Wow.we have a lot to do, don't we?" said Ash. "It sure seems that way, doesn't it?" "I'm sure we can do it all, Mist. It's not a whole lot when everybody has something to do. Plus we can do stuff in shifts." "It's nice to see you thinking for once, Ash," said Misty, who was trying not to laugh, but failing miserably. "Good one, Misty." While she was laughing on the ground, Ash came up from behind her and grabbed her by the waist. He picked her up and was about to throw her in the lake, when Team Rocket decided to show up. 'Geez they always come at the worst times,' thought Ash. He loved Misty, but was never going to show it. He liked having her in his arms and wished he could hold her forever. Misty had the same thoughts running in her head too.

"Meowth-That's right!" By the time Team Rocket had finally finished their motto, everybody but Brock were playing Poker. "Why aren't you all paying attention!?" announced Jesse. "Because we already know what's going to happen to you three," said Ash. "Really? What?" asked James.

What a stupid question to ask.

"Everybody-ATTACK!!" yelled Misty. All of the Pokèmon attacked with whatever attack was their specialty. Ash then said, "Pikachu-you know what to do." "Pikachuuuuuuuu!!!!" "TEAM ROCKET'S BLASTING OFF AGAIN!!!!" "Well that takes care of them as usual," said Misty. "Man Pikachu.was that just a Thunder shock?" asked Ash amazed. "Pika (yep)!" it said proudly. "Wow," said Misty also amazed. All of the Pokèmon came out of their hiding places also surprised at that Thunder shock attack. Chikorita, of course, was jealous and was about to pounce on Pikachu, when Ash came up behind her and said, "You did a nice job too, Chikorita." Chikorita then gave Ash a kiss. Misty sighed, relieved. "Okay," she said, "let's get to work."

Everybody had something to do. Ash and Misty divided up the jobs. Noctowl was sent with a note and some cash to the nearest pharmacy. The water Pokèmon were given the job of doing laundry, since they would be unable to do much else. The remaining Pokèmon went to retrieve firewood and fruit. Pineco had stayed put to watch over Brock, who was continuously dreaming about pretty girls. That left Ash and Misty to set up camp. Ash was thinking about Misty, wondering how to tell her how he felt. Misty was wondering how to tell Ash she loved him. The Pokèmon all knew there was something going on between them. That's why they all purposely left the two lovebirds alone.

One hour later, everybody had returned to camp. They were watching Ash cook over a large pot. They had never seen Ash cook before, so they were not sure if his food was any good. "Hey Mist.did we do everything on the list?" asked Ash. "Well let's see: 1. Set up camp-check. 2. Get firewood-check. 3. Find fruit-check. 4. Do laundry-check. 5. Get the Pokèmon cleaned up and fed-check. 6. Get some medicine for Brock-we're still waiting for Noctowl."

"It may take him awhile, since we don't know how far the next town is," said Ash. "Ash, are you going to tell us what you're cooking?" "No.it's a surprise. Besides, it's done." Ash dished some out and gave it to Misty. It looked all right to eat. Cautiously, she took a bite and found out it was chicken noodle soup, and very good soup, too. "Ash, this is delicious." "Really? It's just chicken noodle soup." "Yea. It tastes great. Who taught you how to cook?" "Dad did when my mom was pregnant with my little sister." "You never talk about your dad, Ash, and I thought you were an only child." Ash had just finished passing out the food to the Pokèmon when he turned back to Misty. "Because he's dead. So is my little sister. And it's all Team Rocket's fault."

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