~One month later~

'Here we are, back where we started! And it's only been twenty-four hours; not long enough for us to have been missed.'

Honestly, the Doctor had meant to fix that hearing issue, but stuff happened, and she got busy; and frankly, she rather loved this little setup she had with Misha.

"WAHAHA~!" Misha clapped her hands together brightly, bouncing towards the door with the Doctor trailing behind her.

'This has been the most amazing time!' she gushed as they entered the school gates. 'Can we do this again?'

'As often as you like,' the Doctor promised as they entered the foyer. She was about to add something, when a slimy, massive someone grabbed her from behind.

Misha squealed as the same was done to her. "What's going on? Let me go!" she demanded, kicking and squirming.

"What should we do with 'em?" asked a gruff voice. Misha looked down at the arms around locked her to see that they weren't arms at all. In fact, they looked more like green goo than arms.


"Take 'em to the 'igh Priestess," the other decided. "She'll know what t' do with 'em."

Misha and the Doctor found themselves helpless as they were dragged through the familiar-looking halls, until they were brought to the door of what Misha was sure was some kind of tea room. Sitting on a beanbag out front was none other than Hanako, with her face buried in her book. She jumped as the two aliens clinging onto Misha and the Doctor approached.

"We request an audience with the 'igh Priestess," the one holding Misha announced.

Hanako nodded, before addressing the captive girls. "Y-you w-will speak only whe-when spoken to, and afford the High Pr-Priestess all the respect she deserves, o-or you will be executed on the spot." And with those (somehow, not as frightening as they were meant to be) words, Hanako pushed the door open.

The tea room had been done up in red silk, flowers, gentle music and a great big throne in the middle of the room. And on that throne sat an almost ethereal, peaceful-looking blonde, with a vague look in her blue eyes.

Oh, the Doctor knew that blonde well. It was the same blonde who'd been reduced to fighting petty battles with her over the Student Council, because she had no other means to fight. She was the same blonde who was so adored among the school, known for being such a sweetheart; but, oh, that couldn't be any further from the truth. Lilly Satou, they called her. Did they think she was as sweet as the flower for which she was named now?

"What's going on, Hanako, dear?" the Master asked, bringing a cup of tea to her lips. After a long minute of silence, she returned the cup to her saucer with a sigh. "It's that deaf bitch, isn't it?"