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Summary: A story that I have thrown Mark Callaway into. Sorry but he is my favorite. Most likely it's not very good but had to get it out of my head. If you R/R and like maybe I will add more. I am changing history here sorry. It is starting when Mark is about 19 or so and has just signed with Vince McMahon a few months shy of a year ago along with Glen who is a year younger. Mark has been on the road since signing and hasn't seen a girl he loved once and who loved him. Oh and yes I changed Glens last name to fit the story. ~ Inside these marks are the poem that I used ~

Rating : G or Maybe PG but might change if I write more.

Remember Me


* Mark is in the locker room getting ready for his match against his brother Glen. Glen sticks his head in to the room to see if Mark is about read to go. Mark looks up and smiles at Glen who comes on into the room. *

So are you ready yet big brother or aren't you coming out tonight so that I can kick your ass?

You know Glen I'm going to have to teach you all about a lesson in respect.

Oh really you can try big brother. But then I may have to teach you that I maybe younger but you are smaller then me.

Yeah by what about 2 inches?

* Mark stands up from tying his boot and both boys grin at each other. *

Come on bro lets go show them what the Calloway brothers are made of.

Ok Mark but I wish that they would stop putting us against each other.

Yeah me too. But think of it this way Glen they can't do that forever. I mean one day he will see that as brothers we're a force of destruction.

* Both brothers laugh and put their arms around each other's shoulders. As they head out of the door Glen stops and looks at Mark. *

Hey big bro you know that I will always be there for you right?

* Mark looks at Glen and as a feeling of doom over comes him. With tears in his eyes he shakes his head yes. *

Yeah I know little bro and the same goes for me. Even if our story line says were not the closes we all ways will be right?

Right. And I know that we always will be.

* Mark punches Glen softly in the stomach and then they both go out the door. *

** The ring announcer announces the match between Mean Mark and Giant Glen. The match goes on for about fifteen minutes with Mean Mark finally winning it after putting Giant Glen into a dragon sleeper. After the match both boys head back to the locker room to get changed so that they can head to the hotel. Tomorrow's show is one town over so that mean tonight they will be staying in a hotel and not on the road.

Just as they reach their locker room Vince stops them. **

Mark, Glen.


* Both men say this in unison. *

Mark could you come with me to my office.

* Mark gets a look of doom on his face. He knows it's not good news and is quickly trying to figure out what he did. Vince doesn't miss the look. As they turn away to walk to Vince's office Glen stares after them. Glen calls out to Mark. *

Hey bro if you need me I'm here.

*Vince sudden turns around and looks at Glen. He just realized for the first time that what Linda has been telling him about the love between these brothers is true. She is always trying to tell him that either one of these two would give their lives for the other. He thinks this is one of those times when Mark is going to need Glen to lean on. *

Glen why don't you come to my office with Mark too.

* Mark gives his brother a smile because he knows that whatever he did he can figure out a way to fix it as long as Glen is there. *

Sure thing Vince.

* Both young men follow him to his office. They enter the office with Vince. Already inside is Linda who is holding a crying baby in her arms. Sitting in a chair across from her is woman who looks familiar to both Mark and Glen. Though neither one was quite sure who she was, as they know that they have never met her before. When she sees them she gets ups and walks over to Mark. She slaps him in the face before anyone knows what is happening. Mark is stunned at getting slapped by this stranger and just stands there staring at her. Glen steps in between the woman and Mark trying to protect Mark from her. The woman has tears running down her face she grabs Mark hand from down at his side and shoves a long white envelope into his hands. She then runs out the door and down the hall straight out of the building. Mark looks around the room and then looks at the letter in his hand. Written in a handwriting that is very familiar to him is his name. He opens it and removes a letter that has in the same handwriting as the envelope when he opens it and starts to read. *

~ Remember Me? ~

Jayne? Because Mark I Remember you and always have. Thought it seems like it's been years since you joined the WWF. I know it has just been a little over nine months.

* Mark smiles a bit. *

~ Remember me the fun we had,

The kicks we got out of being bad. ~

And at other times it's like it was just days ago that we were together. Remember the time we went to the mall and got thrown out for singing Christmas carols in July. Or the number of times you; Glen or I started another food fight in the cafeteria where some poor cheerleader ended up with food in her hair before a pep rally.

* At this reference Mark laughs. *

~ Remember the times we split the cookie,

Remember the time played hooky. ~

It seems as if yesterday we were sitting under our oak tree in the park and were feeding each other saleno butter cookies that we put on our fingers like rings. Even though we should have been in class learning the proper way to dissect verbs.

* There is a look of remembrance in Marks eyes. *

~ Remember the party we throw for Glen,

We danced all-night and stayed till Dawn. ~

I know that it wasn't that long ago that we were throwing that surprise party for Glen sixteenth birthday. The one were he drank too much and professed his love for Anna in front of her quarterback boy friend. And we all laughed and then danced while watching the sun coming up in the sky to warm us.

* There is a look of longing in Marks eyes now. *

~ Remember the summer sunshine day,

We went horseback riding and necked in the hay. ~

It feels like just months ago when we went out to my Uncle James farm and you taught me how to ride a horse. And then while we were feeding them you pulled me down for our first kiss right there in the hay as the horses ate around us. Your lips were as soft as the mane of the horses we rode.

* At this make starts to blush softly. *

~ Remember the time we went all the way,

I'll never forget I had to pay. ~

I'll always remember the first time that you took me. As I look into your eyes and I would swear that I seen all the way to your soul. You were gentle, loving, caring and my best friend in the world.

* Mark has a total look of love in his eyes. *

~ Today I'm in the hospital fighting the pain,

I'm keeping the baby it needs a name. ~

I know that I should have tried to contact you sooner but then when you left you said that you would call. I can't give up our child like my mom did me or like your and Glens parents did you.

* Marks eyes are showing a look of total shock. *

~ The doctor came in a few moments ago,

He said there was trouble he did not know. ~

The doctors are running around like mad and seem to be worried about something. This is scaring me some so I will remember those calming green eyes of yours. And the gentle touch of your hand on my face.

* There is a look of concern in Marks eyes as he continues to read the letter. *

~ I just found out he was telling a lie,

The nurse just told me I'm going to die. ~

They say that due to some trouble with the deliver I will be leaving our daughter shortly after she is born though I don't want to leave her so. I wanted so much to give her what we never had. The understanding and the love of a parent. Especially the LOVE!

* A look of total and complete dread comes over Mark who has turned pale and is slowly starting to sink to the floor as he finish reading the letter. *

~ One more thing before I die,

I love you darling take care goodbye. ~

Mark I know that I never showed it in the right way but I did NO DO LOVE YOU. That is why when you wanted to go and join the WWF to become a wrestler I didn't stop you. I couldn't tell you about our up coming child for fear that you would someday hate us. And deep in my heart I do know that you loved me too. Because if you hadn't how could we have had this beautiful little creature that God has let me now hold not only in my stomach but also in my arms. I wish you nothing but the best in life and in your wrestling. I know that someday you will be a legend. The hospital has called my Aunt Lena who has promised me that she would bring our little Starlite to you so that you could hold her. I hope that you will love and protect her, as she is the last there is of me. But either way I know that you will do what you think is best for her.

Signed I'll see you someday many years from now,

Love you always,

Jayne Nina Armstrong

P.S. Goodbye Mark and I will always love you and Starlite. I will be watching over you and if you need me I am there. Please kiss Starlite everyday for me.

* Mark sinks down to the floor bring his legs up into his chest as tears run freely from his eyes. He drops the letter and behind it another paper and a picture falls to the ground. Glen picks all of them up and after reading the letter looks at the other paper. It is the birth certificate of Starlite Jayne Callaway. Mother: Jayne Nina Armstrong and Father: Marcus Lucas Callaway. He then looks at the picture of Marks girl friend as she is holding their daughter for the first and last time in her life. Glen walks over and looks at the crying baby in Linda's arms. He reaches down and softly runs his finger down the baby cheek. He then takes the baby from her. He walks over to where Mark is sitting on the floor. Glen sits down on the floor next to Mark. Glen then places the crying baby in Marks arms and then draws the two of them into his arms. *

Starlite Jayne Callaway this is your father and I'm your Uncle.

* Mark hugs her in closely knowing in his heart that he will do what ever it takes to keep her safe. And with his brothers help he knows that they will make it as a family. She snug's into her fathers arm and is silent within moments she is asleep. *

Author Notes: I redid this because of many errors in grammar and spelling. This was something that has been running around my head for awhile. If you think I should continue on please let me know. If someone knows who wrote the poem please let me know as a friend gave it to me when I was twelve and in love for the first time (His name was Wayne). Please Read and Review, as this is only my second attempt to post something.

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