Chapter One
by Gorecki
Rated R


Serena couldn't manage to have fun in the college party that Mina had
dragged her into. It was already 10 o'clock and she had drank more
than she usually did in these parties, but she remained passive,
annoyed and bored.

She was standing in the sidelines with Ami right beside her, both
having the misfortune of being victimized by Mina, their party-loving
friend. Mina had dressed to kill, seduction in mind, and her work
and boldness had obviously paid off, seeing that she was in the living
room dancing to the loud music with her boy.

Soon enough, Ami was dragged away from Serena by an obviously
intelligent and inebriated medical student. He was going on about
the latin roots of sex, being medically addressed as coitus, and Ami
was too drunk herself to have her feminine sensibilities offended.

Sighing with annoyance, Serena got a drink from the kitchen counter,
bumping into unknown people along the way. She looked around the huge
condominium unit as she took another sip of margarita, thinking that
the owners of this place had some major clean-up due after this
horrible party.

She put down her margarita, impending headache warning her to sober
up or suffer. She opened the refrigerator, looking beyond the many
bottles of beer and finally finding water. She grinned triumphantly.
An ounce of sanity in the midst of a mental complex.

As if to further her conclusion, she turned around and saw Darien, on
the other end of the kitchen counter being double-teamed by two
females. They were mauling him with their lips and bodies, pressing
breasts and who knows what else into him. She grimaced in displeasure.
What could those women possibly see in him?! Besides the initial good
looks that is, her hormone added.

She immediately turned around looking to find some place to be alone.
If she started analyzing Darien's good looks, she'll probably get a
mental disease before she got a headache. Darien was Darien. He was
not HER boyfriend type. Arch-rival would be more plausible. Though he
was undeniably hot.

She was going to attend to her headache and make sure it does not
strike. At least she now had something to tease Arrogant Mr. Darien
Matheson about! Ha!

She entered the first door on her right, and regretted she did. On the
bed was a couple, a blonde haired man and a brunette, making out
in response to the alcohol, and probably the hormores, raging in their
blood. She was jarred when the man grunted loudly and buried his face
in between the woman's breast, their writhing bodies sensual in their
love play. He was thrusting into her furiously, and Serena was
blushing just as furiously. She couldn't seem to manage to close the
door. Everything seemed like suspended reality. She expected to wake
up sometime soon. It was at that moment, when the man turned to suckle
on the side of the woman's breast, still moving in and out of her that
she recognized the man to be Andrew! She shut the door without another
thought, panting, breathing hard. Dear God. She was never going to see
Andrew in the same light again. She had never thought of him to be a
particularly exciting lay. He looked absolutely dreamy in rapture. Lucky woman.

And then another thought reared itself in her head. Dear Heavens! She
was going to have to abstain from milkshakes and ice cream sundaes for
a while. She groaned inwardly at that, distracted by thoughts of food
to deeply think about the fact that she had witnessed a very private

"Like what you saw sweetheart?" a man beside her whispered, the smell
of alcohol reeking from his breath. He was a brownhaired boy, somewhat
goodlooking, but who knows, maybe she was just drunk. Besides, he was
too damned close for comfort and Serena had to sigh in annoyance. He
was the eighth by tonight to make an move on her. She took the
"impertinent lesbian" approach to brush him off.

"Oh yeah," she replied naughtily, nodding her head repetitively and
slowly for effect. The boy was surprised by her reaction but smiled
again, probably thinking that she was some easy lay. "Did you see the
figure on that woman?" she added, note of disbelief in her voice,
speaking like she was sharing something to one of the boys.

"Hot damn, makes me wanna fuck her, man!" she finished, thumping the
back of her shocked admirer. He was speechless as she moved away,
walking towards other rooms, smiling to herself.

Serena, still desperately looking for a place to have a quiet moment,
skipped the second door and opened the third and last cautiously. The
door bore a venomous warning for any drunken intruder but she didn't
care. She just wanted an escape from hormonal men, overflowing
alcohol, foggy cigarette (and other illegal substances) smoke, and
loud indistinguishable music. IF it was music.

Seeing that no one was behind the door, she entered, thanking the
gods above for giving her this little room to recuperate from the
eternal psychological damage this night has dealt her. She looked
at the black silk sheets on the bed with a grin; a very sensual
statement. The painting on the wall was a copy of Jackson Pollock's
Black & White, and she thought how expensive it must be to acquire a
copy of that. Also how well it suited all the other things in the
room, which was either black, gray, or white. The room was tastefully
done, with a hint of something that was definitely sexual. It figures
that the owner of this unit could afford so much. He or she would be
able to cover repair expenses that the damages would incur until the
wee hours of the morning. And it wasn't even midnight yet.

She sighed contentedly, lying in the bed and enjoying the scent of
newly replaced sheets. The owner must be some sort of a neat freak.
And a female. Only a female could be this neat, she concluded as her
eyes closed to bring her much needed sleep.

Her last conscious thought was on how the sheets faintly and
deliciously bore the sweet scent of vanilla and musk.


Darien hid in the balcony of his room, carrying a bottle of cold beer
as he surveyed the blinking lights of the city below. It would have
been romantic if he were out in the balcony with someone else, but he
was alone. And it was lonely instead.

He had been molested, and nearly raped by wild women tonight, most of
whom would probably not remember what they tried to do to him. And
he'd be the only one embarrassed when he saw them again. Or if they
did remember, they would pretend they did not have a recollection of
anything only to embarass him more.

Provided he had slept with a fair share of women, but he just wasn't
the type to take advantage of people who do not have complete control
of their facilities. He preferred them conscious and aware, no
questions of their willingness to bed with him. Loud and wild was on
his list well as other qualities.

As much as he wanted to complain to Andrew about this party, the
damnable man had disappeared sometime in the night, and he could
only surmise that he was getting some already. That man always did
move in for the kill surprisingly fast. Darien simply shook his head
and smiled. Andrew, Andrew, Andrew. You owe me big time.

After a while, he decided to go back and enjoy the party. Probably
annoy the Meatballheaded one who he saw lounging in one of the
corners of the living room with Ami. Hopefully that would rejuvenate
his mood. She always did.

She was such a spirited child. A spitfire. He almost thought she was
some sort of man-hater, seeing that she did not fall into the usual
entrapment of physical appeal. He definitely had tons of that, yet
she still hadn't mauled him like the rest of the women around.

He beat himself upside down for that thought. She was but a child,
and she was unaware of things as it pertains to the workings of
sexually liberated creatures such as himself. He was being a
psychotic pervert thinking of her in that light.

He sighed audibly about to turn the knob of his door to head outside,
and then, surprises of surprises, turned to see a slumbering figure
on his bed. Her long blonde hair reflected the faint moonlight
streaming through his glass balcony door, looking radiant in his
silken black sheets. She had the blanket upto her waist, or rather,
the curve of her ass, since she was facing the bed, her hands under
the pillow cradling her head. She looked undeniably beautiful, the
curve of her back and the skin exposed by her frail spagetti strap
and the wisps of her hair teasing him unmercifully. It was his
Meatballheaded one. With her meatballs coming undone.

Hesitating, he stopped midmotion, then stepped out, going towards the
kitchen, managing to prevent and deflect flailing bodies grinding to
the music and grinding against him. He grabbed the last remaining
water container from the refrigerator. Everything else was alcohol.
Returning to his room, he locked his door, an impudent smile finding
its place on his face. This nasty night just made a turn for the

As he was placing the plastic container by his bedside table, the
dividing wall gave out a loud thud, then a forceful grunt of a man.
Then the laughter of a female who was probably too giddy to realize
the hazards of making out with one of his friends.

Serena reacted to the noise, waking from her sleep and rubbing her
eyes awake. Darien had to smile at the adorable sight she made.

"Dieu...que tu es grand..." a soft voice came from the wall. Moaning,
sighing and groaning as accompaniments.

Darien would have blushed if he could, for he understood what the
woman meant, and exactly what she was describing.

Serena whipped her head around to the wall, understanding dawning on
her. Those people, whoever they were, were having sex. Lots of it.
She blushed becomingly, listening intently despite her effort to shut
their voices out. Initially she thought it to be just a dream; why on
earth would she be hearing a woman describing a certain body part as
huge, and in French too! But she couldn't tune out their voices, they
were too damned loud.

Darien watched the spark of knowledge in Serena's eyes, surprise and
understanding clear on her face. Maybe Meatball Head wasn't as
innocent as he assumed her to be?

The girl's whimpers rose to a fevered pitch, until there was another
thud, and a desperate voice. "Non....."

"Tu es trop grand! Non! Doucement..." The man gave a loud grunt just
as the woman screamed in passion. "Told!
Just a little more, babe." Darien recognized the girl's voice as
Ashley, the french exchange student, while he identified the male as

Looking at Serena, he chuckled at the discomfort he noticed the girl
was experiencing. "Enjoying the side show, Meatball head?"

Whipping her head around, she finally realized that she wasn't the
only one in the room. She looked at him, fire in her eyes, hiding
her embarassment. "I'm sure you're enjoying it more than I am, you
pervert! What the hell are you doing here?" she asked, albeit rudely.

"Why, MH, I am absolutely offended," he mocked, clutching both hands
protectively over his heart. "Is that suspicion I detect?"

The man groaned, his motions easy to assume due to the noise he was
making. "Come on babe, open wider for me...take me in..." The woman
was merely whimpering, her words repeating. "Doucement, sil te plait.

Serena blushed at the mumbled phrases, hating the fact that she
couldn't prevent it, or that she even undestood it. A sparkle of
devilment moved into her lapis lazuli eyes. Darien had a hard-on
which wasn't so easy to hide, and she was aware of what was trigerring
the reaction.

"Sil te plait...un peu plus dur!" The heavy breathing was
gaining tempo.

"Are things getting harder, CJ?" she said slyly, her voice sultry
and her movement graceful as she stood up from the bed, the silk
sheets, trailing her and dropping to the ground near the bed as she
approached him.

She looked like a modernized Grecian goddess.

Darien watched as she came closer, laughter glinting in her eyes as
she recognized the state he was in. He studied her in fascination as
she reached over the water bottle and gulped some down from the same
opening he had used to drink. He wondered if she tasted him in that
bottle, and was curious to whether she liked how he tasted.

"Not particularly." The answer was unconvincing, as it was vague. He
wondered if he was answering her inquiry or his own thoughts.

Noticing Darien's disorientation, Serena looked towards him, eyebrow
raised in question, as she caught him staring at her in an odd way.

Grunt. "God, baby." Another grunt. "You're so hot...So tight"

A female voice in reply. "Ahhh...ahhh...j'aime...j'aime beaucoup..."

Shaking the dizziness of arousal from his head, he reached for the
water container, taking it away from Serena's grasp, and walked to
the balcony, giving her the choice if she wanted to follow him, or
leave the room. God, he didn't need this tonight.

"Can't take the pressure, huh?" Serena joked from behind him. He was
glad she chose to keep him company. Now, if he could only get his
dick under control, then he could flirt...correction...argue more or
less sensibly.

He gulped down an impressive amount of water, still not looking at
her. He tasted her sweet flavor from the bottle. "Something like
that," he replied, honestly.

"So what are you doing here?" she asked again, moving towards the
railing, closer to him, taking in the sight. "Beautiful." she sighed
in wonder, her eyes reflecting the lights of the city.

"This is my room, odango. I should be asking you what you're doing
here given that I put a rabid dog warning by my door." He leaned
closer to her, their arms side by side on the railing. He was
grinning that annoying grin he always wore around her.

"How honest of you," Serena noted, confirming that he indeed was a
distasteful character for her.

"Thanks," he turned to her, watching as she closed her eyes as if
trying to absorb her surroundings. "But I gotta disappont you. I don't
bite. Not unless you want me to." He was feeling too naughty for

Serena laughed sarcastically at that, opening her eyes to focus her
gaze on him. "Not what I saw a while ago." She gave him a mysterious
glance, her eyes teasing as she looked him straight in the eye. She
stole the water bottle from him and took a drink, before she turned
to the city again, enjoying the soft night breeze.

Darien thought she just begged to be kissed giving him that look.
But he also didn't know what she was talking about, and he told her

"I saw you mooching and getting intimate with two of your girlfriends
a while ago. They're a rabid crew, might I comment."

"Aha! Someone's jealous!" he teased, his tone almost singsong,
enjoying the red creeping into her cheeks as she exploded on him

"Am not, you conceited asshole!" she burst. Then she mellowed, by
some force of discipline, keeping her calm. "I was just pointing
out the fact that you can't seem to get any half-decent girl to
like you." she added, challenging.

"If you're supposed to be the standard for decent, well, thank
heavens above for small blessings!" he responded smartly, chuckling at
her words, not really meaning what he said. He wanted to brag about
his previous conquests, but he also knew this was just a game between
him and Serena. A distraction from the attraction that was simmering
below the surface. And he hoped to harness that...soon.

"Thank God for small blessings indeed!" she agreed, laughing along
with him, and mock shivering in fear at the thought of falling for a
lune like Darien.

There was a series of loud banging noises on the door, Andrew calling
for Darien to answer the door. "Catfight, dude. You don't wanna miss

He looked at Serena inquiringly, inviting her to come out with him,
but she declined, opting to stay hidden in the balcony from the weird
people and from Andrew who unwittingly shared a very private secret
with her.

Darien stepped out of the room, closing the door behind him, following
the noise. He was more concerned with his furniture and the reputation
of those women, more than he was interested in amazonian warfare. He's
slept with both women who were on the living room floor pulling each
other's hair out and he stepped in pulling one away from the other
just as Valerie snuck her hands around and grabbed his groin
possessively. "He's mine!" The crowd hooted wildly around him,
encouraging the blatant display of psychotic behavior.

Oh. Will the madness never end?!

He worked hard trying to pull the woman's fingers away from his still
bothered area, careful not to hurt himself where he's most sensitive.
He wondered to himself why he couldn't attract any half-decent women.
Score one for Ms. Meatballs.

The party people groaned, disappointed when he pulled the black-haired
girl from the ongoing catfight. "Come on, Alice! Sober up. I'm
bringing you to the bathroom so you can fix your self."

He left the woman there after she had puked her guts out and sworn
that she could take care of herself. He highly doubted it, but he
risked it anyway, wanting to go back to his room and talk to Serena
some more. Somehow, she managed to be the only reasonable person he
could talk to tonight. Also, she was the only female within his radar
who actually (pretended to) publicly detest his guts and his ego. And
it piqued him, amused him, challenged him to try to befriend her.
Provided they were already friends, but it was a shaky kind of
relationship. One where the other didn't know where the other stood.
Or if one had any rights on the other.

Opening the door to his room, he went straight to the balcony. She
was gone.


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